Be me at Pick N Pull

>be me at Pick N Pull
>see this in my donor truck
>it's only $20

*vigorous fedora tipping intensifies*

Careful with those used turbos OP, they're ticking timebombs

I'm honestly more worried about it being off an Australian version of my truck (as featured in the pic). I'm concerned that I'll end up having to turn the bolts upside down to get them out, then use an adapter and a koala wrench to get it installed.

that's an alternator

ur moms a alternator

being this new

lol whatever retard

But all seriousness, it's so purdy. I'm gonna give it a forever home.

your ass?

Nice water pump

I mean yeah it's a dumb tattoo and yeah a lot of people are retarded. But can we not stop and actually appreciate the alternator for what it is. It's a fucking remarkable little device.

the alternator-motors that they put on cars with start-stop systems are actually really cool. They work both ways.

For real though. I read a little about them when I was trying to troubleshoot the charging system on my E30. Robert Bosch was an actual genius.

my friend once bought 6 bad alternators in a row from a pick n pull lmao

>remanufactured alternator
>being excited about it


just be careful installing them. their bolts, much like their toilets, are actually reversed so they actually say 'lefty tighty, righty loosey'

It's not even a Denso

I have the opposite feel. I put a new alternator in my truck, only for the truck to get totaled 2 months later. So if anyone needs a close to new alternator, I'm your guy.

I still owe them a core fee.

Speaking of Pick N Pull, I once sold a turbo for about 40 bucks because the guy wouldn't stop complaining about how he was quoted sale price and he ended up getting what he wanted. It was a big turbo from an old Ford diesel too.

I still get pissed off whenever I think about that guy.


>I'm gonna need 4 of the big ones by tonight