ITT: Red Flags

>this car has never been vaped in

>Adult driven.
>Highway miles only
>Lady owned.

>Car has a tow bar

>old lady owned and driven

>selling it for my neighbor

>never double clutched in

>Did all the work myself

>'only used for short journeys'
>expensive to maintain car but owner lives in a shithole
>'X price when new!'

>just needs X, I have the part but no time to put it in :^)

>woman owned
>pics show interior is trashed
>no mention of anything mechanical

> wife is forcing him to sell
> talks tough
If you were a man, you wouldn't be selling

> entire ad is in spanish and misspells name of the car

has a castle nut

Kek, i love this one

>car has been undercoated to restore it to its natural beauty

>a/c just needs to be recharged

>reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight

these are all picture related
>photo's of every angle and part of the car, close up, no overall view
>photo's of the interior, front and back, but no side on shots
>every photo is super artistic and photoshopped and looks more like an instagram advert than a car advert

how hard is it to just take a simple photo of the car from every 4 angles, a few interior shots and any problem areas. cunts.

>car is in great condition
>the car won't start in cold weather
>leaks oil
>won't go in reverse
>needs a new battery
>but other than that it's a 9/10

>minor rust, lift kit built not bought

>"i have put $17,000 into this car in the last two years"
>selling for $10,000

Fuck you.

Fucking faggot.

>call owner
>ask about when the clutch or timing belt has last been changed
>its good its ok no need change
>ok cool i'll come by at x time alright
>never show up

At least their semi realistic. I see so many sellers trying to add almost 3-4k to the value of the car because they put mods on it.

> photos are snapchat screenshots

>nigger hands in pic

Instantly a no for me, the car is usually behind maintenance and the chimp probably hiding an issue

Or worse yet completely unaware of the issue.

Hey, "wife forces sale ads are a great way to get some pretty decent 2 seater shitbox for a decent price"

>mfw i realise my corolla was probably bought under these circumstances

Lady owned is just code word for plenty of scratches and dings.

>highway miles only

I would rather a car have a lot of highway miles than a decent amount of city. Theres no way to prove it of course, but if the person lives say 40 minutes from the nearest town theres probably a good chance its true.

>no photos of interior
>4 previous owners (ALL LADY DRIVERS!!)
>needs a bit of maintenance but great ride!


my mother should have died like 12 times by now

[spoiler]no (you) for you[/spoiler]