How come they can't make luxury cars?

How come they can't make luxury cars?

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They do

Because no matter how good of a car they make, even if it truly outclasses a krautwagon in every way, faggots like you will still shit on it purely because it's American.


pls. Rock hard riding German cars will never come close to this comfort.

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Go have a heart attack drumpftard, lmao



lmao American "luxury" is a joke and pretty much always has been

please don't blow up any childrens concerts, abdul...

they do, its just the american definition of luxury thats fuck up

>crank windows

>Europoors will never, ever experience CORINTHEAN LEATHER

I remember when old Cadillac were mostly old people's cars. Now old people all drive newer KIAs and all the old Cadillacs are found in the ghettos.


How about you actually argue with me instead of calling me fat. Ad hominem just makes you look like an 8 year old.

Try to hide your jealousy next time

yeah so jealous that GM classics has to have a 90s Mercedes as an example of luxury lmao

easily outclasses a modern Cadillac even

Does that turd have 14 way heated and cooled Recaro seats?

nigga even the rear seats are powered ventilated massaging and heated

>Plastic nubs in your seat

>shitty no support bad for trips couches
>crank windows

yeah those things you dont notice ruin a Benz tho

I would guess even Mercedes had a 90s Mercedes idea of luxury since this is what a C63 AMG of similar year to thatCadillac looked like.

>C class

thats not even the luxury model

Why can't (((they))) make cars with swagger?


Hi Grandpa!

What are you on about? This thing has recaros.

are you really going to use that as an insult after you post a tasteless boomer mobile


cool it has German seats

so much for American luxury

oh and I was referring to landbarges since people think theyre luxury somehow

That interior looks pretty par for the course fa m with most manufacturer's at the time having fake plastic wood and stuff.

my point was that the Cadillac had an appropriate interior for its time and class (3/5 series). i guess a better question would be "Why can't america make flagship luxury".

>ha ha I sure got him! Wait till the anime table at lunch hears about this

Pretty much this.
The CTS-V sedan outclassed the M5 in every way but Veeky Forums will still shit on it.

there was a time when we could

More like CORNYche. But actually, old caddys are better and I'm a nip shill.

That boomer mobile would still pull ass if you parked it downtown. The rolls might impress some 90 year old ladies in a old people home. That's if it even runs...

lol no one cares about your white trash trailer park queens


Cadillacs arent real luxury

theyre poor people luxury

Not even half.

The Recaros are a licensed product made in house by GM (not actual Recaros) and are arguably the worst part of the gen 2 CTS.

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>still not providing any real argument to prove your point

Lincoln is good

>take optioned out F150
>slap lincoln badges on it

That looks like absolute garbage

and what car do you drive?

Because nobody would buy them if we did.

Doesn't sound very useful so why bother?


The Germans wish they could make a car this good

and yet it looks like a prestigious British yacht next to a NY trash barge when you have Rolls vs Cadi...

>make cars for 4 years as a cute side project
>don't bother advertising
>dominate all large luxury sedan sales