Rev to 3k

>Rev to 3k
>Dump the clutch

>Rev up to 8k
>Go like BAM BAM BAM
>Drop it in D for max respect

>rev to 1.5k
>slowly release the clutch until the bite point

>hit the plus arrow perfectly at 1700

It's Select D for maximum respect

>in S2000
>set off normally


>slowly let out clutch from a stop
>Car rolls forward because my clutch isnt 20 years old

I prefer to dump my clutch around the 11k mark. Perfect for back flips.

>Drive at 60mph
>slam down clutch to roll into a red light
>rpm drops too low and car shuts down
brb gotta fix some shit

>rev to 3k
>Dump clutch

>rev to 3k
>dump the clutch
>in 3rd gear so it just burns the friction material flat again
>next takeoff is smooth as butter

just miata things

eventually happens

>at stop light
>car in n
>light turns green
>drop it in d and drive away

There is no avoiding this if you're an obsolute beginner.

>drive manuel
>hate it and really suck at it even after 1 year.
I would be faster in a automatic.

No offense you're probably clumsy. I'm not saying everyone and their moms should drive manual but if it's still that bad after a year...

It wouldnt surprise me if i get parkinsons as i grow older.
>work on car
>for no reason arm sperg out and knock over oil bottle.
>try to upright it in a hurry
>squeeze the bottle instead, thus shooting oil everywere.

a automatic would allow me to just relax and drive. or step on the pedal and have the gearbox shift at perfect rpms for me.
but they are expensive repairs.

See a doctor user, that is definitely not normal.

how do automatic cars drivers launch their car? is it even possible ?

>be at stoplight
>Select D for dickery
>push brake to floor
>push throttle to around 3k
>lift foot from brake
>floor accelerator

by driving a tesla

Oh shit that looks gnarly. Makes me want to do a maintenance check-up on my own clutch.

snapped 3 cv joints in my first car being a complete fucking idiot launching it at near redline. Let that be a lesson kids, don't be a moron and think life is like mario kart.

you're dyspraxic
I am too, it's alright most of the time and I never stall but I do struggle with instinctively rev-matching. I've only been driving for a few months though, passed my test in March

Is a 1 gear transmission even technically automatic?

I feel like that's a "tree falls in the forest" question

Brake line locks, or connect e-brake to non-drive wheels only if you're a double nigger and your e-brake is strong enough