What is the highest gear you've reached on your standard manual stick shift transmission? For me...

What is the highest gear you've reached on your standard manual stick shift transmission? For me, I entered the fourth gear for the first time the other day. I have a friend who claims he shifted into the fifth gear on his Toyota Echo 5 speed.

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Because I can drive on the glorious AUTOBAHN, I were in the sixth gear the other day

sounds like you don't know how to drive manual OP

18th user

I was in a friend's car the other day and he entered 6th gear. It was scary. I barely have the balls to shift into 4th gear, LET ALONE 5th gear. He's a complete madman.

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you can shift to fifth gear at 50km/h, not a big deal

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>going past 1st gear

Literally this. One time I hit the third gear in a car with over 200 horsepower TO THE FRONT WHEELS and I almost hit Mach 1

Manual transmissions do more harm than good. Id never wear a manual.

Agree. My brother bought a manual transmission car once, and now he's in jail serving 10 years.

I took apart an Eaton 13 speed in my diesel truck class, fuckers are heavy, dirty and pretty difficult to remove bearings without pulverizing the shit out of them. Many hours of smashed fingers and misplaced spur gears getting it back together

Last time I talked with your brother he told it were 25 years

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Jelly. What year is that? Looks 80's but I've never been in an m3 so fuck knows.


I've been to 6th but I'm also a madman riding a motorcycle

What was the verdict on this person from this GTA photo shoot? Girl or guy?

I knew a guy who once shifted into 12th


>needing anything more than 3rd gear to reach highway speeds

I would never shift into 4, that's too high. I assume 5 and 6 are just for show like the numbers on the tach after the redline.

>getting fingerprints on your clean windows

Don't they teach you eco-driving in USA?

I.e change to a higher gear when you reached the speed you want to keep rpm low and fuel consumption down.

It was 15 years ago

Why do people let him sit or stand on cars?

>Not using 6th around town.

Tfw 0-45mph in first gear yet only 110mph top speed

>fourth gear

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>want to go faster
>shift into lower gear
>want to go faster
>shift into higher gear
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>6 speed manual

And to think Americans say we can't own dangerous tools

I got into 5th gear earlier today, everything around me started blurring and flickering. Can people really be trusted with this kind of speed?

I'm a tank driver, my vehicle has 8 gears

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I drove the entire way home in fifth gear today. Get good scrub.

Don't most luxury modern cars have 8 speed now?

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Tfw 50 HP bike
Tfw live in top gear

Yes, but it's not just luxury cars. Also, some cars are now even starting to have 10 speed transmissions. I think it's both Ford and GM that do it right now, maybe a few others aswell

I've maxed out 20th on my bicycle.

Lexus have that in a few cars as well.

I reached top gear on Dave

Sounds like you like burning gas OP.
5th Gear in my 89 Corolla, every time on the highway

I allow it

Obvious bait but I drive a civic so if I'm not in overdrive gear I'm in vtec on the highway.

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>tfw my ten speed high-lo motorcycle transmission suddenly seems inadequate

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