>manual econoboxes
>auto performance cars
>auto econoboxes
>manual performance cars

Who was in the wrong here?

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>auto everything

Well I prefer my econobox to be manual so my commute is more fun and I have something to do in traffic

I also prefer my z to be manual so I can stay off boost easier and bang gears on the touge

Both are wrong I guess

I think the people driving in traffic are wrong because it will always suck.

That said, who cares? a clutch pedal doesn't make your dick bigger. also probably america gets it right, if you are going to have to work a clutch, better yet it be on a performance car.

>most Europeans get manual econoboxes because it's all they can afford
>rich Europeans care more about showing off their wealth to the lower classes than having fun, prefer the superior numbers of autos so they can brag about how "superior" and "refined" their taste is

>Americans buy auto econoboxes because they can afford it
>Americans get manual performance cars so they can enjoy the act of driving


I believe GT3/GTLM spec Vipers and Vettes also have autos. there are some exceptions such as the Camaro being given an auto and the auto being slightly slower than the manual. ?shitty auto?

Honda would have never improved the NSX as much as they did without that beautiful Auto.

>performance cars

lol, that is a good meme OP

>>auto econoboxes

All GT race cars use sequential manuals.

Also the NSX is shit and has somehow managed to sell worse than the Viper, despite being more easily accessible to plebs.

Pretty sure most cheaper cars in North America still have a manual as the base option, even if most don't go for it. Really it's just the European sports cars where a manual isn't available anymore.

>improved the NSX
>took the name of a relatively light and beautiful driver's car and plastered it on a pigfat awful sounding lump which happens to be the most hideous and overstyled japanese car on the market
Have you heard these things on the track? They sound so bad you'll wish you were watching formula E

>what is miata

>what is miata
in Japan? a car sold mainly with automatic like everything else. A greater proportion of cars sold in Japan are automatics than in the United States.

Initial D lied to me?


I usually disagree with you but until America can put a car in the top 10 at Nurburgring, American performance cars cannot compete. They did have the Viper ACR, which was amazing, but it is now discontinued. Which is a damn shame, it still holds the #7 spot. I have no idea what American manufacturers are going to build to try surpass it. The Corvette platform is a fucking mess right now.

>manual qnd automatic performance econobox

>>took the name of a relatively light and beautiful driver's car
Made it faster with better fuel economy and less boomer (removed grandpa transmission)

>which happens to be the most hideous and overstyled japanese car on the market
There's that new Toyota crossover who's name i forgot and the new Prius and of course the Civic Type R with large fake vents.
>Have you heard these things on the track?
Sounds pretty good to me especially from the inside which is where you will be most present anyway if you owned one. its not the best sounding V6 but far FAR from the worst.

I like the sound and if i owned one i wouldn't mind listening to that during a hard drive. it can also be very quiet when you want it to be which is also great. you get your sound of a ICE and the quietness of an EV.

The thread was just a low quality b8?

American sports cars don't lose much from being manual vs Euro cars. Most Euro cars have smaller turbo engines and need fast automatics to stay in the power band and hold boost. American sports cars prefer big NA/supercharged engines which have really wide power bands and long gearing. Taking an extra 0.2 seconds to shift is almost gained back in weight savings.

He literally just put his petal to the floor and held the wheel.. how is that fun?

>this is unironically what burgercucks believe
>this drumpftard genuinely thinks he's slushbox is an expensive luxury feature


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>Yuropoors are so poor that they can't even afford a 1000$ option.

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Why did you bump this garbage thread, and with such an abhorrent post at that?

Kys americuck

>1k option on a 10k car
>not choosing options that are actually useful/ luxury for that money

auto isn't seen as "upgrade" here except it's 8+ gears with paddle shifter

>"rich Europeans care more about showing off their wealth to the lower classes than having fun"

I haven't seen any rich guy having more fun at showing off their money to the poor than the GOP and the top 2% in your country user. They just keep getting taxbreaks and "donations" which get broadcasted internationally. Really, who is showing off their wealth here?

It's just another shit post in a shit tier thread, you don't need to respond. Definitely don't respond without using sage.

What? The new NSX wasn't in initial D

Track: Lightweight > heavyweight, driver choose gears > doesn't. So performance spec manual (includes automatic clutches) > performance spec auto > standard manual > standard auto. More often than not, richfags in high end cars think they're the best because they compare themselves to poorfag drift missiles with standard manuals instead of proper racecars, that are NOT production because there is ZERO market for a lightweight single seater with a sequential gearbox.

Drag: Auto > all.

>not production

you can buy a race spec transmission aftermarket anyways

production is irrelevant unless you're racing in an actual series that says you have to race a production car