Is this the first Audi that's actually fun?

Is this the first Audi that's actually fun?

>non-pigfat engine over front axle
>fat tires in the front, skinny tires in the back
>AWD that isn't front biased at all times

It's the only car they make that doesn't understeer like a pig and can powerslide when you give it throttle.

Well, the Audi Coupe Quattro was fun, so no.

An R8 is probably fun in the kind of way a supercar is fun, maybe an RS6 Avant too

Besides that, it might be, but it might just be a four door TT. The last audi I drove was a 2016 or so S4 and even at it's near limit it just wasn't very fun.

They're all pretty serious cars, technically quick but I'd take a comparable BMW over most of them when it comes to new cars.

Anyone would take a BMW over a VAG product desu...however, if I didn't have to pick either one, like I had a third option...I'd take it like a rat out of a viaduct...

I'm thinking about buying a B5 S4. Should I? Is it not fun?

Porsche is VAG, and even new GTIs are still plenty fun.

An Audi just isn't very good fun for the money.

It depends on what you like.

If rallying or drifting is fun to you, it won't be very fun. If actually going fast on a track is fun to you, it won't be very fun.

If having something reasonably comfortable and quick for gassing away from stoplights and making a mountain road 'enjoyable' if not as fast as possible.

Having driven a Passat W8 and a B5 S4, they felt to both be just about as fun to me.

I would take something lighter with a better power to weight ratio myself. I think AWD is only fun if it's massively overpowered or rally-ready... think Impreza or Evo. The S4 really needs tuning to be as fun as either of those two.

just the opinion of a guy who likes lightweight slow cars more than fast heavy ones

That's what everyone says about them. They're super technical, advanced, well built, serious cars, but don't have a hint of fun built into them. They're also very nose heavy and get understeery near the limit. If you care about straight-line performance, quality, and comfort, not a bad choice. Don't expect to be giggling or carving up backroads though.

>no manual option

People who drive manual don't buy Audi. They get Porsche/Lotus/BMW/Ford. If Audi made a manual model, less than 50 people would buy it, and everyone cheering about its existence on Jalopnik would stick to buying used manual shitboxes for cheap 5k instead of supporting manufacturers.

>AWD that isn't front biased at all times
it's Haldex so you're wrong

Total maintenance whores, those cars. Make sure the previous owners took care of it and have a few thousand laying around at any point, just in case.
Turbos like to blow at around 100k, much sooner if it's running even slightly higher boost, and replacing them requires you to pull the engine.

They can be made to go stupidly fast in a straight line though.

>can powerslide when you give it throttle
12yo fag spotted

>If Audi made a manual model, less than 50 people would buy it
yeah sure faggot

>thinking the busriders on Veeky Forums will understand what you just said
my lad, the only thing they'll get from your whole post is
>quick for gassing away from stoplights
that's literally all that matters to these retards. exactly like children, most people here only understand this:
>fast in a straight line 0-60? must be a good car
>awd is the best
that's it, not even memeing.
>what is power to weight
>what is different types of layouts; RR FF RF MRF etc
>what benefits and downsides do RWD FWD and AWD have
>what is the purpose of said car, is it speed? is it comfort? is it fast on a straight? is it good in corners? is it light? is it heavy? and so on
all of these things are lost on the typical n/o/rmie faggot who benchraces all day long

Well I'm the guy he's replying to. I currently drive an E30 325is, and I'm looking at selling it and getting something more refined. I'm looking for a comfy cruiser that I can still have fun in, but the next day put all my friends in it and go on a road trip.
I don't really know what you're talking about or how it's relevant to what he said. By "is it not fun" I meant does it feel numb, is the gearbox bad feeling, is the throttle response bad, shit like that. I don't know how I made you so fucking mad by just asking about the car.

>non-pigfat engine over front axle
>fat tires in the front, skinny tires in the back
>AWD that isn't front biased at all times

first of all, pretty sure the new rs3 has identical tires all around. they certainly dont look any different in the pic you posted.

second of all if it had non-fwd-biased awd why would you want that?

third of all most audis have a longitudinally-mounted engine with torsen awd which is rwd-biased. the a/s/rs3 have the transverse motors which are haldex and are actually some of the only awd cars audi even sells which aren't full-time rwd-biased. so if that's part of your criteria for a fun car then that would actually put this car behind most other audis.

fourth of all the entire engine is still in front of the front axle. what do you mean by non-pigfat? i dont know how much the 2.5l i5 weighs, but i can pick up a 2.0 i4 EA888 gen 2 motor with my bare hands and i doubt this is any lighter.

anyway if i could have any audi motor itd probably be this one. its just too bad everything else around it is lame. id toss it in a 6-speed manual b8.5 s4 personally.

>id toss it in a 6-speed manual b8.5 s4 personally.
Probably won't fit behind the radiator, the same problem people run into when trying to swap one of the old straight fives into a B5.

>AWD that isn't front biased at all times
But its a haldex system

very possible, ive never taken measurements of either. theres a good amount of space though in front of the radiator on the b8s so im sure itd be a pain in the ass but i dont see any reason why you couldnt move it forward maybe 3 inches. and that's even without removing the crash bar or a/c condenser.

Nothing you said is true.

The only positive aspect of the Audi Jetta is they're also selling a touring car.
And that is using the lighter 2.0 engine.

>does it feel numb
I mean, compared to an E30, very much so. it drives like a passat, not that that's a bad thing.

>gearbox bad feeling
The manual gearboxes are notoriously bad.

>throttle response bad
It's decent, not with too bad turbo lag, but not with massive immediate power.

I would say just move to an E46, or 5-Series.