Z32 TT or C5 base

So my current summer car is dying.

I can't decide if my next one should be a Z32 TT or a C5 base (Z06 is a bit pricey still and don't like the FRC look)

For price, I put them about equal. Even though I can get a Z32 TT for $5k less than the C5, I expect to put at least that much in to increase the power to 400whp and other maintenance.

So Veeky Forums, what would you pick?
Feel free to suggest other cars in the price range

what's your current car?

I love the 300ZX due to Mid Night but the Corvette.

It'll be a lot easier to work on.

a Z32 NA, bought it super cheap because the exterior is fucked (Huge dents all over one side, like it hit a guard rail fast, but frame is good)

It's been good for 2 years, but previous owners negligence has finally caught up to the engine. blown valve due to a long time vac leak

If I get the Z32 TT, I'd take any of the good parts and transfer them

I'd rather a 350z desu

Drove one in the past, didn't like it as much.
And for that price, I'd just get a Z32 TT and keep it at stock hp.

But good suggestion

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>I'd rather have the objectively worst Z car instead of the objectively best Z car.

He's actually correct, a 350 would be better than both.

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>better than both
cmon now
I could understand some debate over z32 and z33, but the C5? In what way is the 350z better than the C5?

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the v3 nismo 30z is too sexy man

Did you mean boxster? because the 996 is still $24k+

I've seen them go for around $20-21k where I live

sexy indeed, but it's double the price of a normal 350z for a few mods

base C5's are in the steady $15k range now, at least by me

>buy 350z
>get chinese replica bodykit

you can get a used FRS/BRZ for that price

I'd get the C5, you can do way more to the LS1 cheaper.

What does your grinder profile have to do with anything?

>2 years of ownership
>previous owners negligence
>long time vacuum leak

Um okay... get the C5.

the vac leak was fixed right away when I got it, but it's no coincidence that an exhaust valve on that bank blew

>wanting a z32
Have fun doing anything in the engine bay.

>. What you see before you is 275lb
Get a Ford f250 and a gym membership.

I've seen 996 in the teens. Seen turbos as low as 30k. Both were high mileAge but not salvage.

If you get the TT you'll already have a parts car.

Its not a c5

Z32 is an unreliable turd, get the C5.

Z32 TT, but I'm a huge Nissanfag. Z31 tarbo with the digital dash is orgasmic.