Bobbers are the only cool cruiser bikes

>Bobbers are the only cool cruiser bikes

Who are you quoting?

No one... My bad, force of habit. I'll not quoting anyone, just saying

It depends but that one you posted is pretty nice looking.

Here's another

Dang it Bobby

I just don't understand the appeal of big saddlebags, huge fairings, speakers on your bike, etc. I like bobbers because they're simple, classy and have a personality

I saw a group of 6 riders on the interstate the other day with old school choppers/bobbers (I don't understand the difference) that were modified to look period correct. Every single one of them looked like they could have been on the set of Easy Rider.
Not the boomer tier, Harley Davidson logo, screamin' eagle, Stars and Stripes, fake 1%er bullshit you usually see.
One guy had the military green duffel bag strapped to the sissy bar and another guy had metal jerry cans in place of the saddlebags. Was a really fucking cool experience.

Basically bobbers don't have major frame modifications, while choppers do. They often extend the frame or add take to make the bike sit higher in the front or have the front wheel sit out farther than factory. "Bobber" comes from the bobbed rear fender which is usually cut in half and ends right at the top of the rear wheel. And they usually don't have a front fender either. Both are simplistic barebones bikes, with anything excess removed from the bike.


Whitewalls are rad

Jokes on you, there are no cool cruiser bikes.

You´re bullshitting me again

>dissing whitewhalls

Jap cruisers ("UJMs") are the only cool cruiser bikes.

>I4 engines that actually make smooth power instead of muh butt dyno grumbly torks
>engineering not compromised for aesthetics
>comfort not compromised for performance
>performance, comfort, and looks all top notch anyways

A shame they had to go full faggot and make us choose between harley clones, racebikes, and bastard UJMs with alien headlights, dumb engine configurations like I3s, and more cafe-racer riding positions.

Implying you can't cruise on a softtail

>cool cruiser bikes

bobbers are usually simply stripped of useless parts and have some replaced with other stock parts (like a springer fork replaced for a Duo Glide one) with maybe a few performance upgrades like good carbs and a magneto.
They're simpler and are the most '50s out of custom bikes you can see
choppers are more heavily modified in every way, usually.
jap cruisers are the next god tier with bobbers/mild choppers, but I agree on the latter part.
Especially ealry Kawa Zs.


If you don't ride a dual-sport why even bother with bikes.

Nip cruisers are pretty ok

Nobody I know who does any actual riding has them.
Only parking lot riders have that garbage