Nismo? More like Nisno

Nismo? More like Nisno.

Nismo versions of cars are depressingly similar to the existing top trim levels of each respective car, just with slightly more power tuned out of the engine, a nicer exhaust sound and Nismo styling. You don't get any racing pedigree, yet it still comes with a stupid price tag.

A Nismo badge used to mean a professionally-tuned street rocket with all of Nissan's Motorsports division race parts fitted. They were very rare cars, showcasing Nissan's Motorsports technologies.

> all the shitbox makers trying to step into the civic/ Mazda3/ golf/ focus territory of """ fun to drive""" survived by making """ sporty""" trims
> still get shit reviews because they just slapped lipstick on a pig
I just don't understand



>NISMO Micra

why did i not know about this takeaway delivering race machine?!

Fucking dope.
But I didn't know about these. I'd imagine they're the 80s/90s equivalents of today's Nismos?

Because it's shit

they are dealer fit(?) options rather than standalone models




HI guise, dont mind me, Im just sitting here being non-existent.

What's Autech doing these days?

that was horrendus

Isn't nisno what Iketani's polo shirt says?


weren't almost all R34s nismo?

Or something like they made fewer R34 GTRs that weren't a nismo version

Last two cars they did were minivans I think

In the animu yeah.


I'm going to buy that shirt because that's fucking sweet

If their goal was to avoid possible copyright infringement or lawsuits, would this even fly in court?

They never did get sued, so it must of worked in someway.

I mean in first stage the Trueno was labeled as a Tureno before they got permission to use the actual badge. Japan is a bit more lax with it as far as I know.

Probably because they knew it would help sell cars. I mean seriously how many people here bought a car or got into them because of Initial D?

They see it as an advertising opportunity that will work. Like Dodge in every single movie ever

>Nismo? More like Nisno

What the fuck did they do wrong? Holy shit.

If i recall correctly, the new Sentra Nismo is nothing more than the regular Sentra with some outer cosmetic differences. Pretty much that alone inflated its MSRP

I think all they do now is handicap accessible vehicles.
Maybe 10 years ago or so they still were selling some leftover S15's new.
>tfw I remember being a kid in Japan when the Autech S14 was new
>don't understand anything about cars but tell my dad he should get one
>they had a white one in one of the dealerships we went to
>instead he bought a Delica Star Wagon


Regular Sentra with same laggy engine and tune as the SR trim, and zero chassis/suspension upgrades. They compensate by just throwing autocross tires on it for mechanical grip.

Have you looked at the actual Nismo sports resetting packages? That's literally the same thing.

The S Tune and R tune packages are massively expensive because it universally involves tearing down the engine and building it up again. The stuff you're asking for would easily double the price of the car.

why does this thing even exist
who fucking buys them
I've never seen one on the road

Im still waiting for a Nismo Leaf

What's wrong? Isn't sentra nismo/vspec have different engine and always faster ? I don't remembered it but I'm sure is 2.5 litre engine used on nissan rogue for nismo/vspec.

Sporty compacts are catching on, especially turbo ones.

Who doesnt love a nice daily that also has a bit of sportiness behind it?

That nismo model is way overpriced, you should be able to get one for 15k in year or 2.

Theres sport models for lots of compacts, VW Jetta Sport (a GLI with 1.8 instead of 2.0), etc...

I do think it does look slightly ridiculous, youll likely get boy racers trying to race you in that thing.

With a decent tune it could probably hold its own against a fiesta ST.

>with a decent tune, it could hold it's own against a Fiesta ST

But not a Fiesta ST with a decent tune

Handicap thing makes some sense, they were doing body conversions for awhile, they did the Varietta for instance.

That thing's cute.

I dont think so, depends on how much boost that nismo can deliver vs the fiesta. Engine sizes are the same.

It would be close either way depending on the tunes,

Its more expensive than a civic si with NONE of the extra performance. Its a piece of shit

>it would be close either way

I seriously doubt it.

>DHM GTX500r Kit

>turbo UPGRADE

One of these things is not like the other....

We were not talking about hardware mods, simply plug n play tunes....


It's not just about power. The FiST is 300lbs lighter, has torque vectoring, and spools faster if reviews about how laggy the Nismo is are any indication. The ST is the king of autocross and 2WD rally at the moment.

Thats fair but dont quote some BS top of the line turbo system kit thats like $5 installed.

Try to keep it fair, we are comparing stock to stock with a plug n play tune.

Im sure the fiesta ST is better BUT I do think in a straight line they would be fairly equal if both had good tunes.


VW is making GTI Polo and GTI Up!
Shit's lulz

Why didn't they just give this a facelift? The new sentra would get absolutely obliterated by this while costing more

They did a similar thing with Dagumi's shoes and other brands, they're supposed to be Nike trainers but they put an 'N' on it instead of the swoosh. Later on in the series there's also references to various aftermarket brands such as HKS and Blitz, both are mispelled. HKS is NKS, etc

the concept looks ugly af. i would have liked to see a finished product :(

>they just slapped lipstick on a pig

nissan has done something similar 20 years ago with sr20det being an option for primera