Never thought I'd like a bimmer, but fuck this thing is beautiful

Never thought I'd like a bimmer, but fuck this thing is beautiful.

Achievable dreamcar thread?

it's not beautiful in any ways imho
I do admire its performance though, it's a physics-defying SUV
and yeah i've driven one

SUV with smaller space in rear to make a sloped roofline.

Just get a 6 series.

Ugly AF.

Humm this car!

Not OP VUS garbage but definetly better.

>hurr durr muh big muscly looking car with mean eyes
Compensating for something user ?

>look, he likes a well designed car from a german premium brand, which also has a shitton of power and daily driver capabilities
>he has small benis XDDDD


>aggressive cars look shit desu
>muh cuteness
fuck off faggot. aggressive looking cars look good as fuck

>ugly creased crossover

I do not agree.

This one is fine, the one in the OP looks retarded though imo


>this thing is beautiful.

You have bad taste, are a fucking faggot and a moron. This monstruosity is everything that's wrong with cars today.

I keyed one of those the other day

> Beauty is subjective
>Lets shit on eachother anyways
Veeky Forums summed up in 2 sentences

If you like it OP, go get it. Don't let these people trashtalk you into something else.

It's gonna be low 10s in few years because no one wants to pay for the upkeep costs.

In this case it's more than beauty. This shit is a statement. "I am better than you, get out of my way. I am very intimidating with this big angry face but also a gigantic faggot because i wanted a SUV to intimidate people but didn't want any practicality or offroad capabilities".

You don't buy this because you like it. You drive it because you are an insufferable piece of shit. I never met or seen a person driving a X4 or X6 (any BMW X really) that wasn't a complete cunt.

No, I don't wanna see these abominations at every corner please. That would seriously ruin my mood

Every time I see one of these I get angry because of how fucking hideous these things are.

It's just sad to see how far BMW has fallen. Same company that put out the E46 and E39. Then there's this piece of shit. Seriously disgusting.


fukin hell thats ugly
THIS however

Jesus fuck that's ugly, like is it trying to be a crossover or a sedan?

pic related

he said achievable

That is? Are you lower class or something?

>Starting at 4,600lbs
Fucking LOL

You're completely right. Why would someone interested in driving and performance get an overpowered crossover when a real SUV or a real performance car be so much more capable at doing what either class of vehicle can do? These x models are for fans


I feel he urge to LS swap this thing.

>this thing is beautiful.
You need your fucking eyes checked.
That thing is fucking retarded looking

Striking yes.
Beautiful, no.



that is the ugliest piece of sandnigger-inspired shit I've ever seen

I could afford the car, but definitely not the maintenance if it's anything like older lotuses

Ugliest SUV on the road next to that hideous q56

This is a much more accurate assessment of the pictured vehicle.


Imagine that you thin down the waistline and you'll probably end up with a nice looking 2-door BMW hatchback.

A bit like this?

[audible vomitus]
get your taste checked dude

funny story, the x1 is just a lifted 1 series and it's actually rather decent
>no way to get stick shift
>no way to get the 35 in a rwd format, only awd

If you want an aggressive looking car get one that does it well, see Bimmers are for tryhards that want to appear rich but in reality come off as having really shit taste because any village idiot drives a bimmer pretending he's rich.

isn't this literally just a sedan with giant wheels

X6 seems to either be pure love or hate, nothing in between.

It really looks like a bloated M2, its sense of styling is bold, but its just too much. I mean, I can understand what BMW is trying to do, but do people really find this good looking? Probably not "good looking" but menacing/aggressive.

Either way, my achievable dream car is a McLaren 570s.

what's with the negro wheels

>muscle cars
>looking good
and you're claiming bimmer owners have shit taste holy shit.

That mustang looks good but the challenger looks like shit

Honestly don't care who drives bmw and for what reason. I love driving mine, it's really fun and comfortable at the same time. Honestly if you live in a big city bmw/merc/audi are fairly standard and nobody who drives them thinks they're rich.

Horribly ugly but not as bad as the Merc equivalent. Disgusting

not bad, lost points bc of the car but not bad

>Honestly if you live in a big city bmw/merc/audi are fairly standard and nobody who drives them thinks they're rich.
Agreed, have a friend who's dad chose to buy a BMW for him as his first car.

He thinks it's a tad bit unrealible, but he appreciates it. He still prefers to ride in my Montero Sport most of the time since his has tons of electrical problems.

He's daddy's money wealthy but he isn't a douche.


Yeah the newer ones have electrical gremlins here and there and everything is turbo'd no more NA.

I think the six cylinder models are excellent, almost all of the complaints I hear are from people with v8 or v10 models