Why is drag racing so popular in America? It literally takes zero skills to drive in a straight line

Why is drag racing so popular in America? It literally takes zero skills to drive in a straight line

>Says the guy who's never done it.

I guess Americans must have a gambling addiction then

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Unfortunately there are actually people that think like this

>tuning a car to be as fast as possible requires no skill


>buy fast car
>enter drag racing
>floor the gas pedal

Muh skills

>it's an user doesn't understand bracket racing or being shoved back in your seat thread

It's an "everyone can do it" thing. Americans hate being told they can't do something, so conversely they love things everyone can do.

Very few, if any, actual drag racers do this. The only people who do this are mid life crisis guys who buy a Corvette or Camaro and just happen to take it to the strip a few times. Actual drag racing hobbyists do not do this, and there's a lot of skill that goes into what they do.

true, everyone can do it
just like everyone can play soccer, its not hard at all to run around in a field and kick a ball around

Except soccer requires skill and the average soccer match last over an hour unlike drag racing which requires no skills and its over in 6sec

Compared to all other forms of legitimate racing (not conefagging) drag racing takes the least amount of skill and preparation.

have you seen our roads?

use google maps in the mid west, tell me what you find

that is completely false lol

I honestly hate drag racing but in the higher levels of the sport, the amount of work and skill that goes into engineering and building those cars is impressive. If you want a fast time there is a lot more that goes into the build than sticky tires and high hp.

I'm not sure whether or not I disagree with that, but I certainly disagree with OP's claim that it takes no skill and his implication that the only factor in drag racing is the driving bit.
Slightly less related, drag racing is my favorite form of racing because it's incredibly American, it's a great spectacle to watch, and world champion drag cars are absolutely insane machines. It's just a cool sport to me. Cool cars, cool heritage, very accessible.
I don't expect non-Americans to like it but if you're an American that doesn't like drag racing you should neck yourself desu senpai

I dont like drag racing but its not about driver skill, its about who can build the best fucking car

These are yuropean roads

>at high levels a lot of work and skill goes into it
>high levels
So nascar, indy series, formula racing, gt races, le mans, are all easier and take less work?

I also disagree with people like OP that think they can handle land speed record cars and that sort of thing, and know what to do with the power

These are American roads


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I was responding to his response to me.

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Americans love pissing contests and all drag racing is is a matter of who can spend more money than the next guy to go faster. Skill means nothing, money is everything

Still not my fault or problem. Stay mad

>yuro education
Do you really think we learn about American roads?

>Skill means nothing
Absolutely wrong. You need total control of the throttle. If you're a millimeter off, you're spinning your tires or 3 cars behind

you should fucking know the geography of the country

That's still only 1 pedal user.

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Because american car culture has always been based around cars that are land barges

classic european manufacturers sold small cabriolets and sedans with shit like bmw's e30 m3

i'm not saying britsh cars were very good, they were mostly unfinished pieces of shit because the workers were dumbasses and always went on strike, but compare these cars to your average american land barge of the time

it annoys me that sedans will never be this small again because GM and VAG re-popularized the landaircraftcarrier

60psi boosted engine blows on first run. Remove, rebuild and replace entire engine in 25minutes, still needs to make that 1500+hp for the next round.
>no skill required

>Toyota corolla owner