Make and Model of your car

>Make and Model of your car
>How often do you change your oil
>What type of oil do you use?

05 dodge dakota
valvoline synthetic max life

>'07 328xi
>8k miles max
>Synthetic, OEM most of the time.

Navistar International 3300
Who knows
Idk who changes the oil


2013 vw polo
80k kms
every 8k kms
dealer does everything

>all these k/m cucks

Hyundai Accent
3,500 miles

I am relieved to have a cheap car after 3 years with an expensive to own Mercedes


03 1.8t

Vw specific motul


>2005 Pontiac GTO
>Every 3-4k Miles
>Mobil 5w30 Synthetic

>2008 BMW 335I
>Every 3-4k Miles
>Mobil 0w40 Synthetic

>1989 Toyota Camry
>I don't change it I just add more.
>Whatever is left over from other two
>1989 camry runs full synthetic at cost of never being changed

Gto squad

2002 F 350 powerstroke
5000 miles
15-40 Dino

01 Saab 9-3
250,000 miles
Rotella t6
Every 5000 miles

2012 mazda 3 skyactiv
7500 miles
mazda brand with extra moly stuff

97 honda prelude
126K km
5000km / 6mo whichever comes first
motul 300v 10w40

>Ferd Fiesta ST
>already changed twice (mostly to get rid of semi-synth and break-in oil)
>currently on Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-20

Had an extremely low NOACK and TEOST rating, hopefully that means less carbon deposits.

2015 FiST
37k miles
Every 7k
whatever the dealer puts in

>2001 Saturn SC2 Coupe
>I've yet to change the oil (119300)
Please help!

>I don't change it I just add more
Iktf user. I had a VW that leaked like a sieve, just topped it up every now and then.

97 chevy k1500
Mobil 1 synthetic

>90 Volvo 340
>Once a year
>5W-40 Fullsyn

2001 Ford Mustang
28,000 miles
Every 3,000 miles
Synthetic oil always

2003 GS430
147k miles
every 3k
valvoline maxlife synthetic 5w30

>falling for the changing your oil jew

I just let it burn off and then add more. Its ok as longas you use a good filter. My truck has 215k miles on it and runs fine.

2013 Mustang GT
67,xxx miles.
5k mile oil change intervals
Redline 5W20 full synthetic.

1998 Subaru Forester Limited (2.0L non-turbo)

Just hit 90,000km's, genuine km's (serviced by a Subaru dealer with proof since 1998) bought it at 84,000km's a month ago, changed oil at 87, going to change at 91, then get it changed at its major service at 94

Aiming to change the Oil every 3-4 thousand km's, its a fairly low kilometre car for its age, a rarity i would say so i want to take care of it

Pic related, oh and i use 5W 30 Full Synthetic Castrol Edge (its winter in Australia)

2002 Accord
142000 mi
5k mi
whatever the shop puts in

Toyota Corolla 1993 Hatchback 3 doors
Total 15w40

2011 Nissan 370z (boosted)
22,361 miles
Mobil 1 0w-40 every 3500 miles

05 Lexus IS300
87,500 miles
every 3k miles
Mobil 1 full synthetic or full synthetic high mileage

>2005 Yamaha fz6
>I've only had it for 2000 miles so I haven't changed the oil yet but I'll do it soon
>Yamalube for the memes

>2001 Acura cl 3.2
>108k miles
>Every 4000 miles
>Don't Care, the dealership does it for like 25 bucks

>1965 ferd F-250
>No idea t b h f a m
>Every 3000 miles
>Whatever is the cheapest 10w-30 I can find

>2016 camaro ss
>every 5k(calls for every 10k as the car takes 10Q(dry sump)
> Royal purple Full synthetic

>05 Mazda RX8
>Oil change every 3k
Still on the original engine. Rotary meme is false.

1996 maxima
Every 3 months since I drive mostly in the city and rack of miles slow.
Valvoline synthetic blend 5w-30 cuz i work for valvoline and its free

2003 Lexus IS300
234,000 miles
5,000 miles with Mobil 1 HW Full Synthetic

Geez, 3k miles? you can still get 2k more miles out of that oil.

2016 Honda Hrv
500 miles
Generally a bit before the manufactures recommendation...I'm quite a ways away now with 80 percent oil life.

07 chebby monte carlo 3.5l v6
every 3k-5k

>'00 328Ci
>Every 3k
>Mobil 1 0w-40 full synthetic

>'01 Civic
>Every 8k
>Whatever's on sale

2004 Mitsu Evo VIII (2.3 Stroker)
110k (11k on Motor)
3k Miles - Was instructed to by the sheet for the break in process that came with my motor
Brad Penn 20w-50


2004 chebby suburban
Mobil 1 5w-30 full synthetic high mileage

buick allure
8000km or a bit over
whatever 5w30 synthetic the shop puts in

2004 Volvo S60R
~3500 miles
Mobil1 5-30

Manual trans and Haldex every 40k

01 holden calais (4 door pontiac gto ls1 + t56 based car) or opel omega b2 for you eurodoods
225k km
As soon as the current stuff burns or leaks out so usually every 2000k or less because wot every day cunt
15-40 usually, been trying a bunch of different stuff, synthetic was useless, semi also useless, normal stuff seems better but ive been using up old diesel oil atm

03 Pontiac Grand Prix
204,000 miles
3-4k miles

2003 mk4 GTI
140,000 miles
3500 miles
pentosin pento high performance II 5w-40

2011 lancer
82k miles changes every 5-7,000 miles
Mobil 1 or castrol full synthetic 0w-20

I always buy the 5 quart jugs and have a few left over for topping up and my friend told me to pour one through when I changed the oil like a flush. It seemed to flush out lots of older oil and I felt it was worthwhile but my friend said it was a waste of oil.

I guess I should clarify, I have a few 5q jugs with .7q in each just sitting around

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NB1 Mazda Miata
Cheapest fully synthetic 0w-40 I can get my hands on

From the back of the bus you ride? No thanks ;)

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Audi TT Mk 1
Every 5K
Castrol Syntec Edge 5W40


05 Chibi Cavalier
67500 (((km)))
Every 5000 km
Castrol GTX

'93 Mazda Miata
2k miles on rebuilt engine, 122k on everything else
Every six months, which ends up about every 2k miles
Red Line 5w-40

It's probably way more than I need to, but its boosted and driven pretty hard. I use the old oil in my Volvo, different tools, or I give it to friends.

Wait, you're supposed to change engine oil?

Also, i try for like 7 thousand miles on synthetic, but i forgot to write the mileage down last time

- 1995 Mazda MX-5 (Miata)
- 226,000 miles (364,000 km)
- First of [ 4,000 miles ] OR [ 6 months ]
- Castrol Synth or Synth blend 5W-30

>16 Accent
>first oil change to get rid of the conventional shit is happening on Fri, every other will be 5000~ miles apart
>leaning towards castrol edge but idk, whatever synth shit that's not loaded with detergents that Walmart has on sale when I go in

09 Honda Civic Ex-L
130,000 km (80,778 miles)
Whenever the car reaches 15% oil life (usually around 7-8k km)
Used to use the Honda conventional oil, as the dealership offered 10 years or 250,000km free oil changes when we bought the car (brand new in 09). But after it hit 100,000km, I switched it to synthetic, as it's starting to get up there in high mileage territory. So now I use Mobil1 fully synthetic 0w-20 oil.

Yep, I ended the free oil change stuff almost 3 years early to do it, though they still don't charge me labour for it. Just gotta pay for the filter and oil (which I take myself), plus whatever else needs service.

How is the HRV? One of my co-workers is looking to buy a small SUV (I recommended a Civic but he wanted it higher for ease of baby seats).

Would you recommend?

>E32 750
>every 5k km

>E38 750
>Every 5k km
>castrol too

>Nissan Bluebird SGX Tarbo
>whenever I feel like it
>whatever I feel like

1990 Miata NA
Every 6 months or so
Usually 5w40

1995 mazda miata
3-4k. lifters tick at 3k, clatter at 4k.
Shell rotella

>2008 Mazdaspeed 3
>90k miles
>4-5.5k miles
>Rotella T6
So glad I started using rotella, synth blend always came out like brown water after all the shearing.

>Make and Model of your car
180k kilometers
>How often do you change your oil
15k kilometers
>What type of oil do you use?
Shell 15 40

I meant Shell 5w40

>>Make and Model of your car
pic semi related
about 70k
>>How often do you change your oil
every year
>>What type of oil do you use?
mix of 5w30 and 10w40

porsche 911
every 10k miles
mobil 1 european formula 0w-40