I am starting a business where I do tours of the ghetto in a retired loomis armored truck

I am starting a business where I do tours of the ghetto in a retired loomis armored truck.

I came up with this idea after seeing some black guy wear a hidden cam around different parts of the ghetto on youtube and get a lot of subscribers and subsequently made some ad-sense and donation money. I talked to the guy and he is making a good living off doing this. So i stole his idea and tweaked it into a better idea

I live in Walled Lake, MI so I'm going to do tours of Detroit and Chicago.

I plan on just applying for a license with the city and just saying I'm doing tours of the city. Nothing about armored trucks, and driving though the ghetto after dark.

The Loomis trucks are all armored to HPR (7.62x39). So that should cover gunshots

But what about riots and possibly gang members/blacks chasing it?

I need some good legal ideas to protect the passengers from car jacking/rape/robbery/murder.

I was thinking a smoke screen of burning trans fluid, But how do I do it?

Any other ideas?

I still have not yet chosen a truck

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If anyone is interested here is the youtube channel I got this idea from.


dude why

Dude money.

People like seeing crazy shit, Just not being in danger.

A lot of people have never even been to bad parts of Detroit and have lived in It's suburbs all their lives

fair enough, have a bump user

honestly you're over-estimating how dangerous it is there.
Gang members don't really care about random people who aren't gang affiliated. You'll be totally safe in your car, they wont chase it.
Last year I did a focus study on gang violence in the Chicago slums and I (an affluent white dude) was walking around the streets there by my self the whole time and nothing happened to me, the worst was I got called a cracker but for the most part the people there are super friendly.

Where in Detroit is so terrifying you need an armoured car?!? I'm a witeboi who used to live in Windsor, and I'd walk/drive/take the bus around Detroit and no place ever seemed like a no-go; what I presume were really bad neighbourhoods 20 years ago are flattened and empty today.

No I'm not.

I live an hour from Detroit and work in Southfield. I know exactly how dangerous it is. An I never go to work or even drive though Detroit without my CPL card and a handgun.

If you don't know what the ghetto is like, Don't pretend you do.

If your ever curious about what It's really like, Turn on the Chicago or Detroit police scanner any time of the day or night.

no you fucking retard I lived in Cicero for half a year and I wrote a dissertation on the issue of gang violence the area. I've had countless interviews with gang members, murders, the worst of the worst, I know the situation better than you do.
You have to understand that the overwhelming majority of crimes and killings are gang related, and most of the violence is contained between the gangs. Gang members don't give a shit about random white people walking around in their hood, because they know they mean no trouble. They aren't gonna shank a white dude just because he's white. Of course muggings happen to outsiders but muggings happen everywhere, but if you're just walking around the street in daylight I guarantee nothing is going to happen.

...although I'm not saying your business won't work. I travel a lot (all over Africa, Asia, and Latin America) and have never been mugged or harassed anywhere, including the most supposedly dangerous parts of dangerous cities, but in these places there are often 'community tours' which are essentially ghetto tours for white people to gawk at the locals under the watch of a guide/guard.

Now the big difference from what you're suggesting is that's a walking tour, and what you're proposing is basically a safari. Really, I think what you'd want to make this work is not an armoured truck, but someone respected in the ghetto to act as a community guide, and to give it a positive spin. You'd want to include some do-gooder aspect like a visit to a community project you're finding, and a stop for local food somewhere. The safari you're proposing would be hounded out as comically racist the first time you tried it, and I doubt you'd find any customers aside from some gun nuts looking for an excuse to gun down niggers.

>The safari you're proposing would be hounded out as comically racist the first time you tried it

This was the first thing to cross my mind.

However, It's not my neighborhood people want to do armed tours though, Is it?

Detroit is the way it is because of niggers, If I'm racist because that is the blatant truth. Then I'm racist and I don't give a shit.

Have you seen pictures of Detroit when white actually lived there? Now you can't even give a fucking mansion away for 10 dollars.

I honestly could care less what outlook the media or liberals think. It is how it is because of who lives there, Not because of me driving though it.

do you honestly believe black people go around chasing and shooting at armored cars at night time? or really anyone in the usa at all? you do know movies arnt reality right?

t. wrote a dissertation on this

lol again...Never been to the ghetto huh?

Just this March I stuck a handgun in a crackheads face for opening my drivers side door when I was getting gas on greenfield road.

Again..Try and see what the ghetto is really like and not just in your feeble mind that thinks nothing bad ever happens or will ever happen.

But seriously who would want to take this mean-spirited and totally unnecessarily awkward and limiting your?

The kind of white person who wants to experience the ghetto is likely a kind-hearted liberal, not some paranoid arch-conservative who'd want to do it in a tank to look down on the locals.

Straight truth. Your idea is terrible, even if there's probably a market for community tours done totally differently by a person whose the opposite of you.

I'll do it anyway.

An when you get gunned down at a stop light during a robbery I guess your family would have hoped you weren't so god damn stupid and naive. Enjoy


>but, but muggings happen everywhere
Obvious idiot

>implying muggings don't happen everywhere


>someone respected in the ghetto to guide
>include a visit to a community project
>stop for local food somewhere
Interacting with niggers.

Besides all the other reasons this idea is terrible, the one way to actually make it likely you'll be shot at driving down the street is with all the extremely negative press you'll get from this. Someone would have to WANT to be in danger to take this tour; maybe there's a market for that, but it's not people who want to be in an armoured car because it's safe, but with thrill seekers that like the idea of daring gangbangers to shoot at them.

They don't lol.

God damn you are narrow minded man lol

I live in a 97% white city, with the remainder being Indians and a few Asians.

Muggings never happen there. I leave my garage door open half the week

If I did that on literally any street in Detroit 3/4 of my shit would be stolen the first week.

So it's basically a nigger shark cage. I honestly can't see your idea taking off. Ghettos are usually more depressing than entertaining.

Recreational divers pay big dollars to occupy a shark cage.

>I came up with this idea after seeing some black guy wear a hidden cam around different parts of the ghetto on youtube and get a lot of subscribers and subsequently made some ad-sense and donation money.

Whats his youtube?


>I talked to the guy and he is making a good living off doing this. So i stole his idea and tweaked it into a better idea

Ah yes typical white man stealing the black mans hustle

These sorts of tours are big business. In South Africa, and particularly johanassburg, there are dozens. I assume Rio and Nairobi also have lots of these tours, and it may work in Detroit (if it's not already being done) because of its similar reputation for danger (of course in reality even the worst places in the US are massively safer than the worst of the third world).

You are the biggest idiot I've ever seen.

The only way you're idea would work is if you took 's advice. If you're just a jaded racist spouting "m-muh niggers" you shouldn't be leading people on a slum safari.
Also you shouldn't be calling other people narrow minded considering you probably grew up your entire life in a sheltered white suburb.
Muggings happen in every urban environment and that's a fact.

Because that's the only way you can see sharks up close. If you want to see a nigger up close all you have to do is walk into a KFC.

I didn't know Veeky Forums was full of so many liberal SJW's.

Must be the summer.

I'm going to do it anyway because I'm not afraid of someone calling me racist because niggers ruined Detroit.

Go back to beating off to boipucci and Miata fanboys dressed as girls.

>black people go around chasing and shooting at armored cars at night time
OP should hire some tbqhwyf
that would be LARPing at its finest desu

>particularly johanassburg
You are claiming that the tourists get out and interact with the ghouls?

Be sure to post your website when you get started so we can let BLM and /pol/front know about it. The media shitstorm might even get you a few bookings, but I think more likely the city shits you down on some pretext before you get rolling, not to mention the lines of protesters that will be blocking your route at every turn.

I didn't do one of these tours (I've walked around the townships getting plastered at shebeens at night no problem many times), but iirc the way they're advertised they're walking tours and you visit community projects (a sewing circle or whatever) and eat at a local restaurant and drink at the local bar (all massively marked up I assume). People must do these tours since they're heavily advertised.

I defiantly will.

I honestly am kinda looking forward to the liberal shitstorm and death threats my business will create in a weird way.

I think it's kinda funny people get offended regular people feel unsafe around niggers.

Should be up and running in less then 6-8 months, By my guesstimate.

I'll keep Veeky Forums updated for the outrage as soon as I get the truck this month.

>not being /pol/ means you're an SJW

lol bro sorry I'm more educated on the subject and I am able to realize that it's not just because they are black.

I'd guess fitting bulletproof windows all around will be really expensive even if you do it yourself, plus I doubt it'll be legal to carry passengers in any case retrofitted with seats. You'll need a commercial drivers license too.

>it's not just because they are black
Then why is every black majority area a complete shithole?

Seems fun tbqh it's like the zoo just watching the chimps behind the glad l lol

It might work when I was in high school some of my friends would come along just to drive around the hood and see the worst parts of detroit. We would do stupid shit too trying to race every chance possible doing handbrake turns on empty streets then speed off when homeless people started watching us.
It always amazed me how obvious the drug dealer/gang houses are. Bunch of half burnt homes on a street then you see one with 2bmws on big rims and a new corvette parked in front

Chicago would be a lot better for this than Detroit since there are actually tourists in Chicago.

>fitting bulletproof windows all around
Comes from the factory that way.

I hope your truck breaks down in the hood and a nigger with an ak pumps you full of lead

Huh? At most don't those armoured cars just have little slits in the back? That'd be garbage for yours.

Because most majority black towns and cities are in the south, where the white politicians would rather spend the funding doing other things than helping the blacks because they all think like you. It's a cycle of poverty dude, there is no escape from the slums.

Also there are tons more majority white shitholes as well. Poverty has nothing to do with race

>Then why is every black majority area a complete shithole?

strong ignorance lol

There are plenty of wealthy black neighborhoods, its just that you don't care about them nor have ever been to them

see: Parts of Houston as well as Atlanta.

these Black Neighborhoods consist of college educated people. Doctors, Lawyers, engineers, etc.

But it doesnt matter that they exist because you have already made up your mind.

on the flip side, yes there are plenty of shitty neighborhoods regardless of skin color but seems like you are only focused on black people for some odd reason

Welcome to Veeky Forums. Over here, we generally type up entire paragraphs, instead of starting every sentence on a new line. Please adapt this style, unless you are writing song lyrics. Thank you.

not an argument

dudeski, this is the worst idea I've seen on this board in a loooong time. no one wants to go on a tour of the ghetto, thats just boring and depressing as fuck. you're gonna drop all that money on a godd damned armored truck? and you most likely aren't even familiar with those areas, so the tour is just gonna be like "so uh...there's a gunstore...and some black people...pretty cool huh?"

I think vast majority of time you'd be perfectly fine only issue would be situations like
your armored car is going to look suspicious especially with viewing panels or something and tourists in it and in his video he relys on people moving out of the way since he is just black dude driving through.

Have you ever driven down there before?
I'm as white as paper and never felt reason to be scared. I take it that is what you are trying to sell?
If anything, the fact that you are in an armored truck will be why people will fuck with you. I would be a bit pissed off if there were people who were such pussies that they needed an armored truck to take a look at my hood.

the worst places are no longer inhabited

>If you don't know what the ghetto is like, Don't pretend you do.
you might want to heed your own advice
Drive around at night down there for a while and re-evaluate your opinions.

your idea is retarded
t. /pol/ack living in Flint

Your arguments only strengthen his model
>Fuck giant armored car crawling through ghetto with floods
>Rich white people clearly visible in back through giant windows
>Regular small arms potshots taken, bounce off
>Occasional mobs form
>I waited until there was a credible threat to my life before I ran them down
>These experiences lead to an expansion of client base and steadily snowballing reputation on both sides of the 1% line
OP just needs to keep his routes secret and rotating so no ambushes get set up. Niggers may not be able to penetrate the armor but if they immobilize the car and set it on fire it could kill the occupants. I'd suggest at least having a very solid 911 system if not keeping an under cover support car in the area with a couple guys in body armor and automatic rifles.


More interesting cars are to be had if you look a little further and might make the tours more interesting.

that low back step sure does a nice job negating all the suspension clearance.

This FV432 based limo is/was available to hire on this side of the pond. A live main gun could be a thing but explosive rounds would be naughty.

How do you think they get fat fuck mall cops in and out.

Mine defence was obviously the original idea for the shape.

fucking lel they welded on an extra step for the fatsos



your idea is literally dumb. The city or whoever oversees businesses is going to ask...what kind of vehicle..you know for insurance purposes. You will get denied...because your idea is stupid.

underaged /v/edditor fantasy thread

Tour soundtrack: youtu.be/aktLRiWXfqg

But seriously speaking any armoured vehicle, let alone one with windows and enough passenger seats to be worth it, will be prohibitively expensive.

>arguing over who has more nog experience

why do white people do this

poor white areas still have a lot less crime

>handbrake turns

>Muggings happen in every urban environment

I dropped my wallet on the subway in Tokyo once after a night of drunken debauchery. I got it, and the three hundred dollars inside, and my missing left shoe back the following day from the nearest subway office. After that I realized that as a white person in Japan, I was the nigger, and did my best to be respectful as possible after that. Muggings are almost non-existent there.

1. Buy armored truck
2. Get generic uniform
3. Put cameras everywhere
Put cameras inna back behind glass or through port
4. Rig canvas bank bag on short cable in back
5. Put pop lock on rear door

Now cruise through the ghetto and when people are checking the van pop the back so the door swings.

Move canvas bag around and fill with different things (bricks, cut newspaper, at the front of the box, leaning against the doors). Play around for maximum bait/hilarity like duffle bag of bricks, gold painted block glued to floor, fake bearer bonds printed at home. Duffle full of kfc chicken.

Film it all and make a YouTube channel.

you dont need armored truk because nigs dont have fucking bazookas and bombs. A old car wit bulletproof would be enaugh and you would afford it. This guy from detroid only drives around detroid era and if you would travel whole country what this would get views. On the other hand earning from YT are dropping drastically.

>Lets treat the poor like animals.

Don't like being treated like an animal? Then feed yourself, pay for your own shit, and take care of your neighborhood. Otherwise you are worse that a wild animal because they can feed themselves.

dont get into this unless you can improvise when shit hits the fan and willing to break multiple traffic laws.

as a white person that actually lives in one of the worst neighborhoods in baltimore city i can tell you right now the trick is to get a more normalized car with tinted windows. if you drive anything like a fucking ARMORED truck and they ever find out you are taking rich white ppl on a tour of their shitty lives AND making money off of it you absolutely will be followed and attacked at some point.

most ppl in the hood drive Honda Accords or Nissan Altimas. they also have extreme dark tints to their windows. you see less ppl pulled over for traffic violations and shit like that so its easier to get away with. its also normal for people to run red lights and street race economy class shitbox cars because most cameras present are for surveillance rather than traffic safety

i've done deliveries all over the worst areas - from pizza to under the table sushi. we didnt use car toppers or uniforms. we didnt bring change and everyone ordering knew that and were glad if we even came to their block.

during the day things are pretty chill. most violence is gang and drug related. once it gets dark though... shit turns into the wild west.

people setup improvised road traps to stop random cars and rob them. i'm talking broken glass down tight 1way streets. they will also park cars blocking the road making it look like an uber. if you drive up behind them a 2nd car will pull up behind you.

another common way our inexperienced drivers got robbed was hood rats would steal a car, cause an accident and beat them up and rob them when they got out to exchange info.

the reason we live here and do this kind of work is because the cops ignore us unless they have the helicopter out. we are free to street race and drift in the middle of main roads. red lights are treated as stop signs. people ride around on dirt bikes doing wheelies all day.

But how do they see out?

>once it gets dark though... shit turns into the wild west
and into the Night of the Living Dead. Don't get boxed in. They will break in windows and start reaching in, unlocking doors and dragging your oppressive ass into the street.


Hello /k/

Realistically if there was ever a situation where you needed that ground cleance, they would just keep driving and rip that back step off no fucks given.

Is that BikeLife(tm) stuff real in the hood?