Ran off on a prostitute last night

>ran off on a prostitute last night
>still new to driving manual
>since I'm in a hurry running, jump in my car
>try to start it
>forget to push in clutch
>pull down parking brake
>car is on a slight hill
>starts rolling forward
>start panicking about this time
>hurry up, put it in reverse
>work the clutch pedal and some decent revs
>finally reverse out of the parking spot
>she just came out of the door and is running towards me
>pull off
>started to think I almost turned into a dead end and was gonna have to turn around and go back her way and meet her pimp
>luckily made it back home after 1,000 messages she sent

pic related. all on dash cam

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webm it

Cool role-playing OP, next time pm so I can join.

Truth be told I never planned to run but before I left, I saw a dude in the back room. That's when I got nervous and just ran out the door. Even though he never made a sound, it still spooked me. He was in the other room listening to everything and that's just kinda gay.

And to think I was playing with those big titties while her faggot boyfriend was in the other room. Pic related is when I pulled up and she walked out.

No roleplaying here. I'll continue to post screen shots.

Here is where I was leaving and turned my lights off so she couldn't get my license plate. This was a dark little small alleyway so that was kind of dangerous. I also thought I was driving up to a dead end and was gonna have to turn around. I would've been fucked if then. Luckily though made a right and was on the main streets in this quiet little neighborhood by myself at nearly 2 AM.

Wait so you were doing a prostitute, and when you were leaving after doing your thing the pimp/bf came around?

So you just sperged out and ran for it?

Or was it one of those shady businesses where they where lure you in, then kill you and sell your organs?

>So you just sperged out and ran for it?

he left without paying you retard

Thanks for the bump user. I thought this thread would be more popular. But oh well.

>playing with those big titties
>I ran out
You ejacked first, right?

If you don't nut you don't pay

Based on that picture I can't imagine she costed very much.

>forget to push in clutch
>pull down parking brake
>car is on a slight hill
>starts rolling forward

are we just going to ignore this?

So he's facing downhill and starts it in neutral and it rolls a little bit

>forget to push in clutch
Then we have to assume he has a faulty or disabled neutral safety switch. I've bypassed the neutral safety switch on all my manual vehicles. During the winter time I just want to open the door, verify it's in neutral, and start the car. I'll then proceed to turn the heated seats on and grab my brush to clean the car.

He's building bad habits, but nothing really sticks out to me.

>bad habits
going to a hookers incall location is a bad habit

i assumed the "forget to push in clutch" meant that he was in gear to start with.
better than having a hooker and her pimp know where he lives

Of course I came, in her mouth actually. I left before I ever gave her the money. When she went into the back room to get a phone charger or something, that's when I saw the guy standing back there and I hurried out the front door. I was already reversing out when she came outside.

Also I thought starting it in neutral is good and leaving it in gear while parked is good. Am I wrong?

That's how you're supposed to do it, I personally do 1st gear if the front end of my vehicle is facing up the incline, if the front end of my vehicle is facing down an incline I'll put it in reverse. Don't think it matters too much though

>>luckily made it back home after 1,000 messages she sent
>not using a burner phone

Is he supposed to invite the hooker to his parent's house?

The torque your engine puts out is more torque than trying to roll down a hill. Any gear will hold it.

Kek, you better get an HIV test user.

post webm pls

Cost you dumb fuck.

You need to webm this shit

thanks, I wasn't sure about that

I'm going to sleep OP.

I better see the fucking webm posted in this thread in the morning

Screenshot messages and post em


Or at least upload it somehow


Here's a small part of the hundred texts she sent me. She said the money was for her phone bill but that's bullshit. Her pimp probably needed the money for drugs and was gonna beat her up since she didn't get any money to support his habit

Either way gay as fuck for him to be in the other room listening to me throat fucking her

op's manual autism is kinda triggering me

>Go to hooker
>Can bolt and she won't be able to find you because she's stupid or else she wouldn't be a hooker

>Hooker comes to you
>Hooker and her degenerate friends and her pimp now know where you live, how nice your house is, what kind of security and how much expensive shit you have

What do you mean

>forget to push in clutch
>pull down parking brake
>car is on a slight hill
>starts rolling forward

He probably means bringing a girl to your hotel. Outcall. Or picking up a street walker and driving her back to your "notel". I only ever do outcall for the upscale girls who have confirmed reviews otherwise I could be telling a tranny to come knock on my hotel door.

Subtlety is key lol

>he's still texting her


You're an idiot. That guy being in the other room is just business. He doesn't care about you fucking her or the gay sounds your making. It's just so someone doesn't try to rob or rape her. There are tons of weirdos out there and he's there for her safety. Almost every prostitute you go to has one either in the next room or in the bathroom chilling in the tub.

t. Bouncer and "security" for prostitutes for 3 years. After like the 3rd time you don't even pay attention to the old dude or skinny fag fucking the girl. You just chill on your phone watching youtube until you hear trouble.


That was when she first started texting me. I texted her back a few times just so she doesn't go literal crazy.

Well don't make yourself known then

>t. Bouncer and "security" for prostitutes for 3 years. After like the 3rd time you don't even pay attention to the old dude or skinny fag fucking the girl. You just chill on your phone watching youtube until you hear trouble.

Once I learn how to make webms I'll start posting threads of me picking up girls from the streets. I still haven't learned how to make webm on Mac unless I use an online converter and those cost money and take too much time.

>OP rapes a hooker

Veeky Forums is at it's standard low I see.

Hope you didn't burn your clutch too much in that autismo battle with the road.

You should watch some get away driving movies, maybe it'll help you learn to control that left foot.

was it hard? are you strong? how'd you get started?

>>OP rapes a hooker
No.I had full intention of paying until I saw the dude

webm for retards

It's a good thing you weren't in a Corvette, OP. That shit would have just caught on fire when you tried to gun it and leave. Also a GTR would have been a much faster option.

also also, stop fucking texting her dude

OP please post the raw video. you can mute the audio or whatever though because I imagine you sperged out

Alternatively don't have a hooker at all and wait for marriage like a good christian.

You almost got murdered senpai

>b-b-b-but I didn't mean to rape her

Nice sperging out, OP.

More texts please, that looks fun.

>ran off on a prostitute last night

Yeah. Right.

You are the lowest of all scum. Prostitution is a dangerous job, and you never know when a nutjob like you is going to walk in and rape or kill or whatever. People like you are the exactly why the dude was there in the first place.

You should feel bad, but you won't because you're too dumb to understand.

The day Veeky Forums defended hookers

Post more OP. This thread is becoming golden.

>t. hooker orbiter

Be did not force her to suck his cock she did it willingly on the implied premise of a financial contract.

However under contract law, no contract is legally enforceable if it requires either party to comit a crime.

OP did not pay the prostitute because that would be enforcing an illegal contract. She did not collect any money and thus did not violate prostitution statues.

No laws were broken. Lying about sex and your reasons for it is not illegal. It may be unethical. But tricking women into sexual favors is the worlds oldest sport.

Prostitutes who do it voluntarily are not human beings and deserve death.
OP is still a little bitch. He should have raped the pimp to show dominance.

People like him are a dime a dozen in this industry. Betas to the extreme who take in literal paid whores as wives and girlfriends. They buy the girls cars, places to live, food, etc. and act shocked when the girls continue to sneak around seeing her past clients she liked.

Pic related is a new girl. I don't really feel like seeing her though

I'm gonna put this hoe on dash cam too if anybody is interested.

I don't plan on robbing her or anything. Just quick bj

>OP Rapes again

plz don't stop

should I do it br/o/s? If no interest then I'm not as I don't really feel like dropping $40 and seeing her but if you guys want some screen shots and maybe video I will


>dropping $40
just do what you did last time? I'm interested. I keep thinking about gtting with a hooker myself.

been lonely since I dumped my ex.


Do it OP

Nah I'm not gonna do her like that. This is going to be car so I can't ditch her unless I wanna push the crack whore out physically and I don't wanna do all that. Last time a bitch kicked my fender and spat on my windshield

It's a go

So uh... what are the usual prices for a prostitute?

OP here and I pay $40 for a bj nearly every single time. Though a lot of girls won't do that so you gotta negotiate and maybe see them one time at $60 then start negotiating. You can also fuck them in the same session you paid $40/$60 for if the girl doesn't have a pimp or you are clean.

Anyway folks I'm on my way to see her.

Crack whores are anywhere from $5 to $50
Actual escorts $50+tip and up.

Any time any of these girls don't "feel very good" it means they've been fucking bareback and probably caught something so proceed with caution

desu unless the bitch was super fine or something, I wouldn't have sex with them.

Blowjob exclusive.

>tipping a slut

That's not really a thing in the USA, r-right?

Only at massage parlors bro

It's more of a by the person type of thing. There's one old hag blowjob professional I go to once in awhile, and she likes a tip. But, it doesn't have to be money, it can be weed, or wine, or dinner with the right John.

She offers half hour rates, hour rates, and even overnight rates if you're into cuddling, all at her place.

Interesting, thank you.

I'm still wondering why someone would want to snuggle all night with an old hag, though. Let alone paying for it. Maybe it's a mother complex or some beta shit.

Yeah, I did an hour slot for my first time, and after that I just show up for the half hour slot, smoke a blunt while she blows me, and leave her a nug with the cash.

I think the overnights are a beta, lonely divorced man type of thing.

Overnights would be nice for those of us who like to fuck for hours on end than passout afterwards. No way in hell im bringing a prostitute back to my pad, and if I want to fuck for hours on end than passout the only option is to do an overnight

things that never happened/10

Where are the prices $40 for BJ?

I thought hookers were like $300/hr

>takes an hour to get a BJ

Holy shit I laughed, thanks user

We ever getting video OP?

So this hooker texted you asking for her money back?

>Prostitution is a dangerous job
The pimps OFTEN rob the Johns here. So yes, it is dangerous. It's the perfect crime since the victim cannot go to the police to complain.

>Anyway folks I'm on my way to see her.
OP, You got to stop your whore/prostitute addiction before you get HIV. There are too many stories of people who got HIV from prostitutes.

>Veeky Forums needs to actually pay women to fuck them
I always knew how bad this place was but this kinda put the face to the name so to speak.

Not only that, they need are too cheap to pay, so they run off. That is one step lower.

Worse than that, the hypocrites in this thread don't seem to take the business of prostitution seriously, arguing that prostitutes are somehow of a lower class than they are. This is odd coming from a person who has to pay to have sex.

Threads like these show you that Veeky Forums users really are fucked up. All of a sudden, it is not surprising that these people have to pay to get sex. They see women as animals. No need to pay a hooker, because SHE is a degenerate for selling herself. She doesn't deserve money or protection.

Think about how fucked up you'd have to be to be one of these monsters.

>Veeky Forums

you sound new. most people would generalise only the board rather than the entire fuckin website.

Nothing wrong about being hideously unattractive. I could never get laid even if I tried. I get by fine without sex, but I get that a lot of people don't, considering how much value society places on it.

Nah i've been here for at least 5 years.
And lets be honest, paying for for sex is a Veeky Forums-wide problem.

Are you a female? Why are you defending whores?

You sound like you used to be a hooker

That person is not defending prostitutes as much as she is attacking free speech 4channers in general. The pimp and prostitute issue is just a convenient excuse to spew hatred against free speech. That person apparently expects Veeky Forums to be a politically correct place where free speech is banned just like in many online forums where the mods ban free speech because it is too troublesome due to activists filing lawsuits. The activists would lose, but fighting lawsuits is costly.

This thread is fucking hillarious. Hope you post some webm op


>I'm still wondering why someone would want to snuggle all night with an old hag
The psychologists call that "Contact Comfort". It's a natural feature in many living creatures. While young creatures seek it, older ones under stress may also return to that activity as well.


>And lets be honest, paying for for sex is a Veeky Forums-wide problem.
That's just how it goes. Lots of 4channers have girlfriends who live in the housing provided by the guy and eat the food paid for by the guy. The girl may have her own job and car, but she does not share in the costs with an even split. Because of that, the guy is basically paying for sex in those cases.