Suzuki Samurai

I want to buy my wife one of these little shit to take the kids to school and get the groceries.
Of course, she can't fucking drive.
How bad an idea is it, Veeky Forums?

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>2 seater
>kidS, so at least 2 + wife
remind her to put a net over the open trunk when she puts your kids and/or groceries in there

well, wrong pic, but I meant to post a 4 seater obviously.
also the kids would love pic related amirite?

shit, forgot pic
(remember kids, drinking beer is bad)

Depends on the tastes of your kids.

Also, if your wife can't drive then I would place her in a Volvo and paint it in a noticable but nice color.

Only if you don't care if your wife and kids die and you have a big insurance policy on them.

Give them something safer.

Buy a samaruai if you can find it for a weekend car

>posting on Veeky Forums
>having a wife and kids

Raised driving position and 4WD is not safe enough?

It's an old car that was known to easily flip over. No airbags, no ABS, no mommy-safe features. It's a great 4x4 but not a great family car.

Those things are complete death traps on public roads.

>It's an old car that was known to easily flip over... rigged tests by Consumer Reports.

what about a Dacia Duster then?

Was about to recommend an old suburban then you notified me that you're europoor

Get an American car if you don't want your wife and children to die in a violent explosion

Then just fucking buy it and shut the fuck up.

Op here
wasn't me
I'm just looking for a cheap/somewhat safe/kind of fun mommymobile
4WD if possible

*and small
the wife is really small

As somebody who's looking for a Tracker, I can safely say I'd never buy something like this for my children. The entire car is a crumple zone.


Buy one, lower it, swap in the 13b (been done enough that there are write-ups), give it some slick tires and make sure you've paid up on your life insurance.

I've seen one like that used as a sand rail, probably safer than what I described on the street

It's a horrifically bad idea. Get her something that won't kill her when she brushes gently against a lamp post. Get a subaru or a volvo.

horrific idea. do it
t. former samurai owner

>chopping up a hard top to fit muh oversized tires.

People are so fucking retarded.

Suzuki Samarai is for retards and nu-males. A first gen vitara is better in all aspects that matter.

>Yfw I didn't chop shit
I bought and sold it for 500$, shit didn't even have a floor when I got it

this, the vitara is stronger, safer and you can get a 4 door version

Thread theme:

I'm really tired of this safety arms race bullshit like everybody should drive the heaviest armored car they can manage to get for the sake of 'safety' while being a terrible annoyance for the world at large
i'm back to /n/

>Implying American cars aren't the butt of the joke when it comes to violent explosions

Vitara driver here.

I wish I had a samurai/jimny

>making your wife to drive a ratty little shitbox tonka toy because you like it

nigga this thing is like two feet long and unsafe as hell

That's the dumbest idea ever. These cars are not for
1. woman
2. kids
3. being stock
4. being driven on pavement

t. jimny owner

>Suzuki's own expert witnesses testified the automaker was aware of 213 deaths and 8,200 injuries involving Suzuki Samurai rollovers


So what? How dumb should one be to not understand handling of short narrow vehicle with high center of gravity and fucking leaf springs? I mean would you blame mother nature if you fell of a horse because you don't know how to ride a horse?


In case you haven't noticed, most people are fucking retards who refuse to think anything through, and then blame everyone but themselves when they fuck up.

What about the modern vitaras and grand vitaras? Are they all unibody now?

>"American" car
Pick one

Dacia Duster or Suzuki Vitara? Also considering a Nissa Qashqai

Is the samurai less safe than a jeep of the same year?

They're both on-the-road death traps.

>no airbags
>no roll cage
>build like a brick
>horrible to turn

>How dumb should one be to not understand handling of short narrow vehicle with high center of gravity and fucking leaf springs?
Now that I think about it, dumb like my wife...

I find the Nissan Qashqai kind of gay.
Also the Duster is slowly growing on me.
I mean, look at this shit:

Would a 'racechip' completly fuck up everything, or what?
Anyway, I want the hydraulic winch

lmao. duster to a mudster? cute.

aren't these things unibody, though? but i mean, so is the vitara and qashaqi

>nissan post 2008
yeah, youre right... what was i thinking!?

Dacia is a Nissan.

*and Renault

You tell me

Tracker/Sidekick is better as a DD. And it can do light offloading.

Vitara/Santana in Europe, right?

Not sure. It has a lot of names around the globe (Vitara, Escudo, Sunrunner, etc.) Manufactured from 1988 to 1998.

>It has a lot of names around the globe
Always a good sign.

My friends dad lifted his and put 35s on it for that extra deathtrap feel. I'll see if I find a picture of it

Trucks don't have to have the same safety standard as other vehicles because they are considered "work" vehicles even though 75% are not used for that.

>implying badge engineering has anything to do with the quality of a vehicle