*blocks your theft*

*blocks your theft*

Do thiefs really go after shitboxes? As far as i know they steal luxury barges that they can sell in the middle east and eastern europe.

cool im not a nignog

*saws your immobilizer*
H-heh, nothing personal, kid

I bought a steering wheel immobilizer (such as the OP image) the other day for my 1998 Subaru Forester, acts as a good deterent to any cunt that wants to break in for a joy ride, also doubles as a good weapon in instances of road rage if someone tries attacking you. Easily justifiable to have in your car if you are miracioulosly searched by Police (not that thats an issue for me)



I assume most cars and motorbikes are stolen for parts. Joy-riding has mostly been taken care of by electronic interlocks.

depends on what the theif does with the car but usually they go after high volume production vehicles and just chop them and sell the parts to repair shops or online.

*blocks your intentions and confidence thus leaving you to think again about what you're doing and then finally decide it's not worth trying*

>why does your immobilizer have blood on it? Sir, im going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle

Unless I'm missing something here,
>Large vise grips
Wow that was easy.


this is pretty much the best anti-theft method you have if you drive a shitbox

if it isn't a high end model the majority of potential crimes you would suffer are smash and grabs or opportunistic criminals

keep your valuables hidden, and remove your wheel

>Live in America
>All roads are straight
>Deterrent status: Foiled

>Implying battery operated grinders and zip wheels aren't easily accessible

>common cars get stolen more often
wow who knew

that's ok, I'm not an uneducated minority desperate for money

>tfw drive a honda civic with the alarm disabled


*blocks your jamal*

Get a TVR, even if thief will want to steal this plastic toy he will not be able to get it, if he somehow gets in, he wont be able to start and even get out.

>tfw live in a place where niggers are few and know their place
It's a good life of unlocked doors. Hell, I leave my car running when I go grocery shopping so the AC will keep it cool for the eggs and milk.

Tfw I drive a civic and these fucks are likely to take it.