ITT: we post the our favorite road rage stories

I'll start:
Not gonna greentext cuz fuck you that's why
>be me 18
>just got a mint 2001 mustang with 28k miles on it
>decide that drifting in a suburban neighborhood is a good idea for some reason
>completely stock so can drift but not much
>drift into neighborhood
>white Dad who ironically looked like vin diesel jumps in his white POS Jetta and chases me to the gas station
>pulls up and asks if I like my car
>I say yes
>he says "if you squeal your tires again I'll light it on fire won't even call the cops just light it on fire and walk away"
>pulls away
>10/10 would piss off white dads again

>pic related it's the mustang that caused all that trouble

>jerkoff repeatedly brake checks me
>behind them at red light
>get out of car
>jerkoff takes off through red, almost clipped by cross traffic
>laughed all the way home

Why do I have none of these stories?
I have been driving for 10+ years and riding motorcycles for 3+ years.
The closest I got to one of these would be:
>do a burnout in friend's neighborhood on a tuesday, around 10am in his SR20 S14
>expect it to be dead and nobody around
>see guy in Yaris behind us after the smoke clears
>he's hauling ass after us
>I'm having a fucking meltdown because this was the first time I ever got hektik
>friend is cracking up laughing
>lose assmad Yaris cuck by blowing stop signs and skidding around turns
>go to A&W drive in and nothing happens

>one lane road
>boomer in brand new S class tailgates me and honking
>attempts to pass in opposing lane
>speed up and try to prevent him from passing
>continues following me
>eventually lose him
>see a brand new s class in front of a house the next day
>he lives 2 blocks away from me

>driving to work
>heavy fog
>see sign about lane closure
>there was construction there yesterday
>change lanes
>there was no construction, they just forgot to take down the sign
>end up passing a slow old guy in the turning lane. kind of a dick move, my bad, i couldn't see and the sign said there was no lane and it was closed 12 hours ago
>guy fucking revenge passes me on a solid yellow into an oncoming car that had to swerve into a ditch
>slows down
>*whatever, i'm almost there*
>stop sign
>he doesn't fucking move until i lean on the horn and a cop shows up

seriously what kind of lesson does this retard think he's teaching me endangering only his own and some unrelated sucker's life?

>hauling ass as usual
>some white Knight catches up to me
>slow down
>he trys to brake check me
>see him at stop light
>beat the living shit out of him

This was a couple years ago now I just bradish my pistol to let these faggots know I ain't got time for that

ITT underage b&

If a boomer is able to tail gate you stop driving like a slow faggot

>>driving through snow in my 86, try to take a corner.
>Turn wheel, nothing happens go straight over an embankment and start rolling down a mountain.
>Hit a tree about 10 feet after i start rolling down the mountain and the car stops.
>If I had kept rolling I'd have obviously died.
I miss that car.

>Little brother wheeled to hospital straight from school
>coughing so hard he can barely breathe
>Get phone call from meds, I was on his emergency contact list and the only one who picked up
>Get in car and down empty highway (right before afternoon rush)
>get hektik.jpg and go ~105 in my e30
>Some asshole White Knight in a v6 mustang sees me catching up, cuts in front of me in the fast lane
>forced to brake hard to not die, wheels almost lock
>try to pass
>he blocks
>try again
>He speeds up when I swing around
>downshift hard and go two lanes over and floor him
>Get to hospital a 10 minutes later right as the docs put my brother on some stronk meds
>turns out lil bro had a severe allergic reaction and could have died

so are you allergic too? or just him? thats scary

are you me?

i just got this pristine, and i mean immaculate 1999 ford expedition eddie bauer
this is my first time owning and driving a large vehicle, it feels extremely nice, you are sitting very high above all the cucks in their tiny tin cans. this fucking truck is huge

normally i drive slow as shit because i know how to time the traffic lights here in the valley in los angeles, i keep it at 20-25
when i do this in my car, nobody ever gets frustrated. but everyone behind me now all of a sudden cant fucking stand it when they see this gigantic SUV blocking their cuck tin-can vision of the horizon ahead.
its like they need that carrot dangling infront of them so they can keep spinning their hamster wheel

people just blast their horns and try to do all this stupid shit to get around me, but im like this huge lumbering mass of ford steel they cant do shit about.
white liberal women will even yell at me, its fucking hilarious.

im getting like 19mpg city in this thing, when the average should be like 12.
i never waste throttle on a red light

Sorry to hear about your brother..
I prefer the word Hall Monitor to White Knight.
Any who here's mine.

>be me, a punk ass 18 y/o driving back down to college after a weekend at home.
>driving my hs car; a 2007 mercury montego
>guy starts raging behind me because I pulled into left to avoid going into some semi's trailer
>honking, flashes brights, etc.
>My ass decides it is time to do a full 180 in my seat and flip this asshole off
>dude gets livid, flies into shoulder (4 lane highway with lane sized shoulders)
>Pulls right up to my window, his windows are down, he is cusing and flipping me off and yelling at me to pull the fuck over and get my ass beat
>I am now scared cause i was smol boy.
> keep driving, asshole follows me to my exit, almost all the way to school.
>best part of this all, it was a base model 2012 honda accord.
At least the dude gave up but for a solid hour I thought I was going to get my shit kicked in or shot.

Fuck you.

I go out of my way to avoid big old trucks and SUVs.

Poor people shouldn't be allowed on the road.

Why didnt you fast-travel?


You get avoided because you are probably wearing a wife beater and have no insurance

bro the truck is like factory new inside and out
i drove out far into the redlands to buy this thing

even the cats are like new,
once they warm up, the exhaust literally smells like hot air and pure h20, and nothing else

it has the 4r100 transmission and 2v 5.4 triton v8
both of which are bullet proof

>here in the valley in los angeles
>try to do all this stupid shit to get around me, but im like this huge lumbering mass of ford steel they cant do shit about
>here in the valley
Every major street there is 4-lane.
Cool story though.

Nigga you don't know where I live.
I'm not Mexican like you
I live in whites only ville

>LA valley
>whites only
pick one

>Riding tiny little CBR300
>In the left lane doing a casual 70-75 mph
>Harleycuck in front of me, all the way on the very edge of the left side of the lane, practically in the emergency lane
>He's doing maybe 60 tops
>More than a few cars in the right lane, so can't really go into next lane to go around
>Decide to pass him on as far to the right side of the lane as I can
>Nearly 7 feet between us when I pass, far more than enough room
>Get to exit a ways down
>He fucking followed me and pulled up next to me at the light
>Fucking 70+ year old dude in a bright neon green shirt, safety vest, and a dome helmet with a bluetooth hookup
>Starts screaming at me about how I need to respect him and all riders
>If I ever pass him again he'll beat the shit out of me
>Just kinda stare at him in confusion as to what this old senile man is getting all uppity about
>He then gets more pissed and asks if he wants me to have him beat my ass right there
>Light turns green and I just take off and ignore him
>Never see him again
Like, if I was usually close, or he was in the middle of the lane and I tried that, then fine. But with the distance between us, it was as if we were in separate lanes anyways.

>white Dad
>looked like vin diesel
fucking amerimongrels lmao