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Phone poster part deux, slightly less retarded edition:

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First for paint flaking off into the gastank

>phone poster

My entire neighborhood is IP banned, dick.

>My entire neighborhood is IP banned, dick.
Half my mobile phone ISP IPs are banned.
Most for CP and they don't believe me anymore.

Old Honda best Honda.


How can I rig my bike so that it electrocutes thieves to death???

1 cylinder, 2 cylinder, 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder or V twin?

V4, pleb.

copypasta 'cause I',m slow

alright, I call "reputable" the brands that control their own manufacturing, rather than just have a contract manufacturer in China put their name on something and send it over. So that would be NOT be distributor house brands, some brand only sold in a particular chain shop... A few years ago BMW had to recall a helmet because it was made by some outfit somewhere, and BMW is not in the helmet manufacturing business, they are in the accessories sales business, what do they know about helmets?

And of course avoid stuff named "outlaw", "leather up", or anything else that markets itself as being the least helmet you can buy. Bell, HJC, Shoe, Arai, Shark, there's others, those guys just make helmets. That's what you want to look for. If the helmet says "TMS" on the outside and "Zhejiang Bio industry & trade co LTD" on the label on the inside... Just say no.

All of them, except that single thumpers remind me of cuntbags with loud cans on dirt bikes.


yea saw it , pretty much seeing HJC arai and shoe so , most likely will get one of those , seeing a lot of sharks so guess that will be one posibilitie aswell

>happy joyful rider
>chair is not amused

Just relationship things

You could have a hidden switch that routes the high-voltage-to-sparkplug to the handlebar.

Traveling in Vietnam I had the ignition barrel go to shit on a shitty bike, so I put a wire by the handlebar so I could ground it out to stop it. Worked fine until one day it POURED raining and I started getting that through my hands. Fucking SUCKED.

>2 cylinder [...] or 2 cylinder

Flat twin is eldergod tier


Met up with my riding buddy and he was in joggers, convers, tank top and put a mohawk on his helmet. I don't think I can rid with him any more.

>Tfw no 30000 rpm V8 between my legs.

What is the best supermoto conversion kit for a CRF450?


thumpers sound great, but I also hate the fags that take out the baffles

>go out of town to deliver a paper
>wear no gear because it's like 100 degrees and humid and the weather forecast says no rain for several hours
>sweating my balls off once i get downtown because traffic sucks
>deliver the shit and start heading home
>severe storm out of nowhere pelts me hard with rain for the last 5 miles
>rain stops as soon as I get home

>ugly bitch
>on top of my favorite bike
this is why I reeeeeeee

Florida problems. Is the buttcrack of a state going to sink into the sea anytime soon?

survived my first incident today
>on a dual carriage way with an island down the middle
>approaching red lights filter my way to the front
>goes green just as I get to the front
>shoot off and watch a cager try to U turn and fuck it right up
they got stuck fully blocking the outside lane and with their arse in the inside
>move into the inside and slow down a bit as I process the scene
>too close to stop I see the white light of death
>see my gap between them and the island closing
>drop a gear and scream through at redline

probably the best feeling I've had on a bike so far.

Can confirm. Got my girlfriend on the back for first time yesterday.
-"I don't like the corners"
-"(40 MPH) Too fast."


after they heard you shoot through they were probable thinking
>damn motorcyclists always swerving and speeding through traffic endangering everyone

How can I rig Veeky Forums to kill you to death?

Cleaned up baiku butt

>Having your girlfriend ride pillion instead of on her own bike.

This is where you're doing it wrong.

>tfw you lay out your route to go get lunch over some twisties and your 9 minute drive turns into 30 minutes each way and no time to eat

This is acceptable.

not florida tbqh

>Too hot to ride during the day.
>Have to be up too early to take advantage of the cool midnight hours.
>Even in the evening, the garage is a sweatbox and makes working on the baikus miserable.
>Have to wait until the end of the month to ride North out of the heat.


>having a gf

You can start by sending me nudes. I'm sure I can figure something out from that.

Same applies to boyfriends, user.

aim to wake up early and ride before work

not gay. just no gf

What I use, but I live in a desert, not a swamp.

At least you don't have to ride in rain a few degrees above freezing for four months a year, regularly interrupted by weeks of actual freezing.

the people I left at the lights probably said that but I think the Uer just shat them self. They had no clue I was there till I was past them pretty much.

>Too hot to ride during the day.
What are you? Some ATGATT fag?

He's absolutely right tho.
Had a bf ride on the back one time.
Never again.
Only plus was he was death grip against me, and I liked that.

I'm actually pretty stoked to ride 9 months of rain-not-snow. I always thought the "riding season" was a ploy to sell storage units.

Buy a real jacket. Y'all are pussies.

81' CSR 650 as first bike. Ye/no?

I'd have to get up around 5 or so, or even just a little earlier to be able to take advantage of the lower temperatures. It's definitely an option, but I'm not sure I'm that dedicated.

I need to get something like that, it's planned for the future. Just so much shit to spend money on right now. I live in the desert too, evaporative coolers are pretty effective as long as it isn't monsoon season.

It's too hot outside here to ride for at least 4-5 months out of the year usually in my opinion. On the plus side, the rest of the year offers pretty consistently perfect weather.

Not even, I only consider helmet and gloves absolutely necessary, but when it's over 100 degrees and the sun is beating down there's no escape. In full gear you'll roast like a shwarma kebab, and you'll burn in less than an hour anywhere the sun can touch. Only option is to wear your lightest long sleeve clothing to keep the sun off, but you'll still sweat your balls off. Next week is supposed to reach 117.

New plot: Instead of selling ni-han, save the thousand and make girlfriend try riding alone.
Pray for speedfreak.


Go to your local swap meet. (The one in the ghetto)
Buy Arab pajamas
Ride year round

If Farid and Co can whoolie at 140 under the Iraqi sun, you can survive Arizona.

>ywn hoon around a desert warzone with ur m8s and ur shitbikes

Why even live

>Rip in peace snek

Also, he was only bf for like a month, I aint gonna spend that time and the risk with my bike

I'm out near glamis.
Fuck the heat, I still ride.
Get a little sweat going, then pick up some speed, feels nice.

If you have a set of metric tools, go for it.

If not, plan on buying one.

Not because they're unreliable, but just because old bikes will need little things here and there.

>Don't drive on me

Sound it out. 2.5

Nope, my brain is literal mush, you'd have to spell it out for me.
But no matter. Figure I'll try and take a nap anyway, not that it'll happen, but closing my eyes for a bit should help.


That won't do. It's not nearly ironically redundant enough.

I'm not afraid of maintenance and repair work. Just wondering if it wasn't "too much bike" for a total newbie.

fresh memebike
hows it taste


overweight and underpowered
old bikes are shit
get a modern 650 twin fampai

The swamp cooler only works while it's blowing straight at me, but it's on wheels and easy to steer.

Also, two t-shirts saturated in water under a mesh jacket is surprisingly effective. Over 105 or so I find I have to re-saturate often, though

Show me on the doll where the older bikes touched you

I had the 550, back in the day. Good bike.

memebike huh ?

Your dad on the scoot?

You probably just described why a newbie should get it.
It's a 650, but an old 650.
Will prolly do just what he needs it to.

Tastes like fast and back pain.

Not terribly powerful, and the power is predictable and easy to control. Breaks are Meh, they take a firm grip. The pic looks like recent rubber, and modern bias tires are not as sticky as radials, but light-years better than what I rode around on in the eighties.

It's a little heavy but low and the upright seating position will give you good control.

Nah, old 650 standards like that will be pretty manageable if you don't try to go full retard the first month you're riding. Just respect the machine and don't try to ride beyond your ability. You'll be fine.

The only other thing is make sure you're tall enough and strong enough to move it around easily. Nothing worse than a bike that's just too bulky and heavy for you to properly get out of a parking spot or something.

no my aunt, the woman is my gran pregnant with my dad. Also shortly after taking that photo they crashed.

But Imma gonna guess that your gran did not snuff it, as because you exist.

guess again I'm the ghost of hypothetical grandchildren as a result of scoot related death. It's a very niche haunting profession.

How did your parents react to you getting a motorcycle?

My mum was ok with it because she used to have a scooter but my dad was such a fucking cuck about it.

>tfw no quadruple shocks

Idk why, but I feel like scoots would be more likely to be haunted and spoopy than regular bikes.

opinions on the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto? Any review I've read sings it's praise, but it's fairly expensive and I have no idea how Husqvarna stacks up maintenance wise.

Dad is prez of an MC chapter, so greenlight from the whole family.
Except my grandma, she knows I ride, but we don't bring it up.

>I have no idea how Husqvarna stacks up maintenance wise.

Its not a Husqvarna its a KTM.

Its maintenance is frequent and expensive.

Ask baird

If you look closely it's actually a girder
I has an hinge that changes the rake and air shocks to park it flat on the ground


>pilot ROAD

who cares?

Alright Maverick

New to /dbt/. that one of your regular trips?

Mom was super supportive, gramps was a biker. Dad was buttmad but eventually grew to like my bike, we tinker on it together sometimes.

Ye, he has a 701 IIRC

Post your goal in life.

user from two days ago here.
Got deliver of my1 199 Panigale S,and did the first ride.
Is this the first memegale on /dbt/?

You mean like this one.
It's alright. Real comfy tho.
My goal is an H2R

No, someone who actually knows how to ride and participates in regular track days has one. Along with like a $3,000 carbon fiber helmet.

it scares them and they tried to convince me not to get one, but they didn't get mad or anything. My dad even helps me with my bikes when I need it.


Pretty sure there already memegales here

dad rides so he couldn't say no even if he wanted


I am a simple man with simple tastes.