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>2000 Solara

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>How do I join the montage?
See pic related.

Picked up a JDM OEM cup holder for the Starlet yesterday. It was pretty dirty, but a bit of cleaning and then relubricating with silicon has it looking and working good as new.

That's pretty cool. How much?

Did it smell like Japanese cigarettes?


>that pic
Ok I'm gonna use my supra to the gym right now. It's also raining might do a skid

w-whats wrong with the pic....???

i bought the cressida.

does anyone know if the 86' front end of a mark ii will fit the cressida (same year)?

any cool accessories i should get for it?

grats dude, throw some pics up when you can.

I had a '90 before I fucked it up drifting, it was a fun car. I personally like how they look with coils if thats u

yeah im definitely going to lower it, im looking for a lip right now.

ill upload pics once its more presentable, the car is in great shape but the paint is brown and faded.

>looking at montage
>realize thers only one tacoma
Tg needs to up it's taco game

I liked it so much that I wanted to take a pic of my yota in a parking garage. I did do a couple skidz and I listened to my bov with WOT bursts in the parking garage it sounded awesome, recording it on camera can't compare unless it's not moving with the car (wind noise). Too bad there were too many people parked so I had to go to a corner all the way up at the top. I can only post it if the thread reaches beyond page 7.

Yes it should
Throw some new wheels on it

Don't get me started on the other models with only one car. Heck, there isn't even a Camry on there

Lol. I'm just salty because I have a tacoma and I'm too lazy to do the requirements


Yes 0_0

post it

do you know if most gx71 parts fit on this car? they seem very similar, id like to do a headlight and grille swap if its possible

They share the same chassis (Cressida, chaser, mark II). The lights, grill, bumper, hood, all bolts on. The fenders in the Cressida are wider though so there will be a gap at the corner unless you modify it.

Only if that reaches beyond page 7


bump so that guy cant post his bov

Thanks, it was £30 for the whole centre console section.

The ashtray is actually immaculate, I don't think it's ever been smoked in.

Why would I post my bov?

>showed my ginger friend who only likes muscle cars a video of a supra going fast as fuck boi in gran turismo 6
>claims he has always loved the supra after the video
>always used to shit on me for liking jap cars
>told me today he would sell his truck and buy one

Are you sure? I'd love to get the front end of the mark ii hardtop on my cressida. But I don't want to buy the parts and find out it doesn't fit...

ive been bumping dead threads so he posts a vid

>convinced by a video game
He sounds like a beta.
I didn't like c6 corvettes until I drove one.



thanks :D
it was born to fly

>page 8

My waiting may have paid off as I just saw this when I checked Craigslist today. Only problem is I don't know shit about working on cars and the seller doesn't provide much information. But I still figured I'd give it a shot. I think I'm willing to gamble $500-1000 ($500 base price + towing and whatever parts I may need for repairs) on the chance to own my very own meme car.

100% bet its not a 4age and its some shit engine

I thought of that but it has the GT-S Twin Cam sticker on the door. I'd be fucking pissed if I drove there just to find out that was added by the owner though. That's why I'd ask for more pictures before I even bothered to go look.

Do you have another car?

if you can get a pic of the engine you'll know straight away cuz the 85 engine is completely different

Unfortunately driving parent's second car atm. My job might get me a company car for work soon but that's not the same since I wouldn't be able to (or want to) drive it outside of work.

Yeah I'm gonna email the seller now but it's 8:40pm so I don't expect a reply tonight.

Get your own dd first mayne

OP of this post here, I fucked up
>email seller to ask questions and for pics
>asked him if the FWD on the listing was a typo (never heard of an AE86 having anything but RWD)
>he says it's FWD for sure
>whatever, maybe he's wrong
>making a spreadsheet for information to see how much this will cost me
>looking at the pics but something seems off
>can clearly see the 4A-GE, so everything in the engine bay seems to be in order
>I've never seen an AE86 with a spoiler like that though and the car looks slimmer than I thought
>think to myself "fuck me this isn't the wrong car is it?"
>search "1988 Toyota Corolla"
>still hoping this is wrong, details don't seem right
>scroll down to North America
>see the same car
>go to the AE86 wiki page
>ended production in 1987
>this car is 1988
oh well, at least I didn't spend my money

>page 8

You passed up an AE92 GTS just because it's fwd? lol you're a moron, AE92's are fun cars

It won't run and I'd have to pay at least $350 (according to the website I looked at at least) to get it transported to my house (I live about an hour from Syracuse). It isn't worth the hassle imo.

>page 8

You almost got itsuki'd

Picked up this little guy a while ago, previous owner rebuilt everything then ran it out of oil 5k miles into a new motor. Good deal for me and I'm just about ready to get another new motor put it in. Came with these Buddy Club wheels that seem to have been painted. Info on their website is limited so I can't tell if it's the fancy forged or cheaper cast ones. Any wheel guys know?

Better picture

take wheel off and inspect more? take a guess from the weight and random rear printings. would suck if those were replicas with real caps lol

Little after I took this picture my timing belt snapped. Just fuck my shit up.

Do you know the wheel model at least?

I should check mine

Will do when it's up and running, had a light behind there but saw nithing
Nope their web page has the same photo for two different wheels and I've looked around on a few forums with no luck. If it's the cast ones I don't mind they are still around 15 pounds each

Do I?
>1985 Toyota corolla, manual trans, 260k miles

Is there much aftermarket support for these? Its either this or a 3rd gen prelude so I can do an H22 swap with it.

>aftermarket support
If you mean rice no

01 Mr2 has burned through 3 fucking MAF sensors in the last month. It also shattered it's PCV hose recently. it has about 160k miles. I feel like shit keeps going wrong faster than I can attempt to fix it. Any ideas?

kinda, I mean engine swap kits and the like.

heat maybe

So I'm about to go car shopping for the first time in my life tomorrow and it's probably gonna be a Toyota because I need something with 4WD do handle the snow and ice in Ohio.
What the hell do I need to know to not get jewed? Like, how much can those guys come down on the price? Because one thing I was thinking was my friend said he'd be willing to put more money down if they came down on the price some more and that worked.
I've never been on this board before and never worried about it until now because Grandma's nice 2015 Honda Civic is finally getting picked up by my Aunt who needs it for some reason.

anyone ever ride/own a motocompo? please describe your experience in great detail

Wrong bread bro

I was gonna buy a parts car with a new motor anyway, so now the question is do I fix it, or just wait and take the bus. Even my bicycle has a flat tire.

>how much can they come down?
15% is pretty good, but anywhere from 10-20% is normal
don't be afraid to walk away for big deals
and if they say there's no incentives tell them to fuck off
also look for LongPostGuy threads on 4plebs


Been looking at getting a 99 RX 300 and messing with it to make it super comfy for road trips. does anyone have experience with these? pic related.

My soup has a flat tire too haven't used it since Wednesday. Hopefully there's no nail near the sidewall. Btw I asked my bro how the timing belt looked when he did the hg and said it looked brand new.

just wait till it burns through those precats


is that a vizsla

My grandmum has had vizslas for years now. But no, she's a pure mutt and all I know is that she has a little bit of boxer in her.

Fixed the flat with a plug kit. It was in the center and pretty easy to fix. It didn't make any bubbles after spraying it with Windex®so hopefully it's good.

Thanks for bumping. user doesn't have to see the blue supra :^)

nice my mum and stepdad bred them for years but gave up after one two many entitled customers. even went to hungary to buy a stud. One of em threghtoned to sue because we would refund her 8 year old dog that had a birth defect. What do you expect from a fucking purebread.

wat car is that. Never seen the badge.
I assume its a L O N D O N thing

>try to replace coolant temp sensor in LS
>spark plug wire bridge in way
>can't take any more shit apart because I only have a parking space and strata council are niggers when it comes to working on cars

I hate plastic in engine bays.

Don't you have a friend that can let you work in their garage?

does anyone here like 6th gen Celicas?

own an integra but i see them around and they spark my interest

>friend with a garage
>in a city where real estate is top five globally in prices because of foreign investors


I finally got my MR2 roadworthy, and in doing that, I found that my clutch is worn to the point of slipping so now I can't drive my car this week like I thought. The car was fine all night and then it just started skipping and slipping on my way home. I love this thing but it's so stressful

some pics from todays race, cba using gopro allthough shit got HEKTIK. Flew off last time I used it.

beat a stang by 3 secs. musclecucs on suicide watch

How many miles are on the clutch?

Good shit

what are the minimum safety specs for auto x? my car is totally stock and I have a motorcycle helmet

I'm deployed and my dad keeps sending me pictures of my car.

I just wanna drive it again Veeky Forums ;-;

Lexus is300 sportcross or Toyota Altezza Gita depending on which continent you reside.
The badge is pretty much boiracer jay dee em shit but I kinda like it. Looks a little nicer than the "L"

When are you going to be able to drive it again?

funny. My car is in the shop for a clutch job this week but gets out tomorrow. I used a ceramatalic stage 2 Exedy model. I can tell you how it is on mon when i get it back. If you have a turbo a clutch job will either be hard or expensive as there is some turbo piping that must be removed to access the clutch.

whats the name of the badge

"Altezza badge" should net you the same results in an image search

only got time to go out and look at one of these this week. which one?





this last one only cuz its cheap


Third one

The first one, without a doubt.

I have no idea. I'm assuming around 60k because that's how long it's been since the rebuild. It was definitely slipping though, the power would surge when I'd let out the clutch and accelerate.
I bought the stage 1 exedy for mine. Though, I have an AW11. Do you think it'll be less expensive?

much less. You could do it yourself even. Its just the turbo + AW11 that makes it pricey

I have no idea, never done autox. For racetrack its e certified helmet, extinguisher (I forgot mine so I had to borrow one) and towing eye at least in front.

ehhh it sold.

what's the best place to get cheap 5x100 wheels?

Not until November probably.

I do sometimes get to drive a piece of shit dodge Dakota through the desert, but the max speed limit is like 35mph and it's probably the shittiest truck I've ever experienced. I wanna try driving one of the hilux's out here ;-;

Local Craigslist or jewbook or basically used
You can always buy brand new replicas from discount tire direct or tire rack. I prefer the former though.

Saw a guy asking €50,- for that thing. Made my own cup holder by attaching a metal mug to a large magnet with double sided tape. The magnet just stick to the chassic behind the handbrake.

Oh well, I bought a Corolla now anyway.

No turbo, only glorious blacktop 4AGE and C52.

c52s suck for having gears pop out