Were any of you young and naive idiots who got themselves in the same situation as Itsuki when buying your first car?

Were any of you young and naive idiots who got themselves in the same situation as Itsuki when buying your first car?

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Similar situation, yeah.
Bought a 280Z because I wanted a 240Z.
Probably worst decision of my life. I didn't know anything and the dude ripped me off bad. Thousands of dollars spent fixing hundreds of problems and I rarely ever got to actually enjoy it.
When I sold it, I got less than half of what I initially even paid for the car.
I still l9ve Z cars and since having actually gotten my head on straight, I've also owned a 280ZX, a 240Z, another 280ZX, two Z31's back to back, and a Z33.
Next car will either be a Z32 just to try something new, or another Z31 or S130 280ZX.


I miss that car though

Nope, I did two months of research before making any decision.


Bought an Integra LS thinking that all Integras had VTEC

Needless to say I was disappointed

>I've also owned a 280ZX, a 240Z, another 280ZX, two Z31's back to back, and a Z33.
Jesus christ you're like the seasonal waifu scumbags on /a/

Only having one "waifu" is cool though, right?

Those I mentioned are just Z cars.
In total, I've had probably 15 or so cars.

>two Z31s

I want to ask. I see a 1988 Shrio 300ZX on CL for 6500, and I think it's quite low for a vehicle so limited. Can you redline me on the Z31s? I read that the 1987-1989 model years are the more desirable ones, so would the Shiro be one of them? I know Z31s are rather heavy (3100 pounds) and kinda underpowered (around 205HP with turbo), but should I go for it?

>Bought a 280Z because I wanted a 240Z
besides the obvious difference in engine, what made the 280z a nightmare compared to a 240z?

I'll admit, I hadn't heard of the Shiro edition until just now. I did some reading and if the car seems solid, I'd suggest buying it.
My first Z31 was a 1988 2+2 turbo one, and my second was a 1984 non turbo coupe.
The first gave me no big problems and I kept it mostly all stock (save for minor shit like fuel pump and dizzy and AFM.
I even went through the trouble of getting a stock radio and stock wheels and flipped it.
My second I gutted and put coilovers, sway bars, and some torq thrust wheels on it, then later rebuilt the VG30E to near factory specs (had the block bored .020" over).
I had to rebuild because the timing belt broke and valves got bent.
Other than that issue, which would have been preventable under regular maintenance, I personally stand by the VG30 engine's reliability. There's also a huge amount of aftermarket for the engine and you can build them to put out 500+hp with turbo magi.
As for the power, of course you can always want more, but for what it was, I had no issue with it. The looks and handling alone made up for it, especially with my second which was less powerful but handled even better.
The Bosch Jet-Tronic Fuel Injection was my major problem. Dealing with (at the time) 30 year old electronics was a huge pain in the ass. Also, since this was in California, it was illegal for me to convert it to the more simpler (at least in terms of wiring) Weber carburetors I bought. The 280Z's are also heavier because crash safety, although by removing bumpers and changing out the doors for 240Z doors, you lose most of the extra.

Eheh. . .

Recently, actually.
I bought the Civic I have now for 2 reasons: it had a good floor and decent rockers, and the guy said it was an Si. I wasn't really looking for an Si, but the better engine seemed really cool. It wasn't until after I bought it I found out it was just the V-TEC dust cover, which I swapped out with a friend in disgust.
Looking back, having no Si badging should've been a dead giveaway.

I have a sacrilegious idea I wanna perform to the car. It's hard to find a good Z31 it seems, and the Shiro is one of the only ones for sale. What makes Shiros special is that they were all white, and a bit different from normal Z31s in suspension. I'm not much a fan of the white color, and after seeing this pic, I think the car was meant to be this color. Instead of stripping off the factory paint, I was thinking about having it wrapped to this color, and I imagine it'd also have a second job of protecting the original paint.

Didn't even realize my Si had fucked up paint because it was dusty or that the intake was incomplete. Also the bumper was held on with zipties and I didn't notice that until it came off when my dad tapped our curb.
Not sure which gen you were looking at but if it doesn't have a 6 speed transmission, it's not an Si. It's also the dead giveaway with the RSX Type S

What did Itsuki do?

He bought an AE85 instead of an AE86 because he was too much of a retard to look under the hood

If you live in a high heat/constant sunlight area (desert for example), plastidip can really fuck your shit up becauase it'll get baked on and it won't peel off easily (so you'll have to sand it off, which can fuck up the paint). The car I currently own is plagued by this because the previous owner thought he'd apply designs with plastidip and I want to remove them.
I don't know too much about wrap/plastidip (aside from my firsthand experience I explained above). Are you able to put a layer of clearcoat over it, or does it always come out with that matte look?
Also, the one you posted is really nice.

bought a V6 mustang

daily drove for a year, hated it, sold for $500 less than what I bought it for and got a GT

pic related is the last known picture of my old V6, guy I sold it to wrecked it


Is the Toyota AE86 a meme? Or is it truly that great?

The one dagoomi drives isn't stock. It's a good platform but essentially a glorified Corolla

I drove a modified JDM AE86 with a 4AGE Blacktop 20v w/ ITBs. It was my first time driving the AE86, and my expectations were pretty low because "meme car".

It was amazing to drive, it made a fantastic sound from the ITBs and it handled like a dream. It felt like the car was just made for me.

Remember though, the keyword here is "modified", the stock ae86 probably drives like shit, but I believe you can polish that shit into the diamond I drove.

>link below is car I test drove, it's fucking $16k and it's been sitting in their shop for months. But this car is GOAT for me.

Paid $3500 for a Honda Del Sol with the 1.6 SOHC non-VTEC shit engine

190k miles on it

Learned the next day from friends that $4000 would have bought a GSR swapped one.

Now it's impossible to find one for less than $5000 that isn't destroyed by mexicans or nigs

>modified JDM AE86 with a 4AGE Blacktop 20v w/ ITBs
>It was amazing to drive, it made a fantastic sound from the ITBs and it handled like a dream. It felt like the car was just made for me.

Well, I now know what I'll use my money on next year

own one, on the road to dailying it, by far the most fun car I've ever driven (driven a homie's aventador, ae86 is more fun) and good looking too.
Meme car is a good car.

I got lucky, bought a 1991 Miata, knowing it was a 1.6, but I had no idea about the shortnose crank situation. My car is long nose thank fuck, but that's the closest I bought to buying an ACTUAL shitbox.

So we all agree that Frs is GOAT

Sure, why not. Never driven one, I only have an ae86 but the concept and price point seem good, as well as the styling.

Nah. Ive driven a BRZ. Tourqe dip, shitty gear shifter, uncomfortable steering feels.

Now, a 2jz BRZ/86, that is truely GOAT.

Upsets the balance of the car. Too much power in my opinion, fast is not the objective of the ae/gt86.

Get over yourself, not everything needs to be RAW DRIVING EXPERIENCE AND FOOT TO THE FLOOR FOR FUN.
A 350hp, single turbo 2j would be infinitly more fun than a stock one, just due to the fact you can have more speed when you want.

Also no shit a 2j doesnt belong in an AE86, that car isnt uncomfortably heavy for it's HP #.

The EP3 was the last Si with a five speed, the type r had six speed and LSD but Si wouldn't get those until after that generation.

Just saying what I prefer mate, no need to get triggered on what others find enjoyable. Though, that basically sums up this board.

Or at the VIN

Fuggg, never noticed I itsuki'd my first car. Cobalt SS with the 2.4 n/a version with vvt, essentially GM's version of the k24. Forever stuck explaining to anyone who asked "nice car, is it the turbo or supercharger?" that the n/a version was made in between. Still wish I had it ;_;

I knew very little at the time and got a 96 200sx just cause it sounded similar to 240sx, which was one of the few cars I was aware of. Turns out it was just the coupe model of the Sentra. Had to put her down last week.

I mean Keiichi Tsuchiya drives one so it can't be that bad

how the fuck do you spend 'thousands of dollars fixing hundreds of problems'? I bought the shittest most clapped out unmaintained r32 and i just fixed everything with ebay parts and it still runs strong after 2 years. Why dont you just fix the broken things right the first time?

>upsets the balance
tips fedoro

who gives a shit unless you're drifting? And if you are drifting you'll learn to control that shit after a while anyway

>not knowing what balance is
It's almost like you're a busrider. Oh wait, you are.

Nope I know how to vin check.
But I sure as hell Iketani'd the shit out of my first car.

Because there are no "eBay parts" for those cars. You're very limited when you need something.
You either buy some piece some asshole hoarded up before the Nissan stopped making it for his "I know what I got" tier price, or
You spend a ton of money buying another Z car that had been wrecked and cannibalizing it to fix the one you have, or
You travel far and wide to find these rare specimens in junkyards 100's of miles away with a rented UHaul because your daily is too small to fit stuff in, or
You pick up welding equipment, wiring guidebooks, and some sort of eductations and start fabricating stuff yourself if the above 3 options weren't cutting it.
Ask me how I know.

still paying it off. Feels bad man, Didnt give a shit about cars till the second I realized I got screwed. Now im on O everyday and love everything about them.

best way to learn honestly br/o/

It was a 2005 galant. I was just happy it didnt sound like shit and was all black. Fuck did I feel cool test driving it. A couple months later it now has the worst clear coat damage I have ever seen lol. Besides that it runs great but I def got screwed on the price. I really want a shitbox now.

It was the EM-2.

I've been reading a little into it, and all of our trims were bumped down compared to the US.

Your Si hatch is our SiR hatch
Your top-trim coupe is our Si, and so on.

Speaking of the new 2017 Yellow BRZ. My Brother just bought one of these things and I expect it to get wrapped around a tree at some point because he's literally crashed every car he's owned. Like ten different ones.

hows his insurance, is it high?

Sort of. I bought a Mazda 6 that turned out to have a lot of problems to fix later on, and for about the same price I could have bought a comparable Speed6 with a few more miles on it. This was before I really got into cars. Kicking myself for not getting the Speed6 now.