What does Veeky Forums think about paddle shifters? Gimmick?

What does Veeky Forums think about paddle shifters? Gimmick?

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It's for the normies who want to feel like racingdrivers before it gets too tiresome for them after 2 minutes and they switch back to autotragic mode

It doesn't feel like you're doing anything.

Pretty useful to have.

Really dependant on the transmission though. Has to be a fast transmission and has to hold gears, otherwise it is pointless .

no, considering Formula 1 adopted them
I still prefer the feel of a traditional manual, but to each his own I guess
they're definitely faster

>they're definitely faster
depends which transmission. some of them are just like the +/- on slow slushboxes

Depends on the transmission. My mom has a Acura RDX Turbo, and the trans fucking constantly lugs the engine.
10% throttle, max boost
20-40% drops down one gear, max boost
50-80% finds the right gear and maxboost
It all comes down to how the trans is geared, with my moms RDX """Sport""" mode is almost nessicary to get all the passing power you need

for actual racing its better than manual
if you want to have control over your gears and dont feel like the work of manual or you bave trouble learning, its better than manual
most good dct trannies faster than manual too
the only argument people put up against dct is "muh fun"

It's a great option for people who have to commute in traffic every day but have fun on the weekends.

Pretty useful when your retarded ASG transmission won't detect you need to enter the next gear and you have to manually put it in.

I'm surprised it made it to a meh car like the Fox.

Maybe if we're gonna discuss paddle shifters you should post a better example. IS 250/350 paddles are fucking shit and don't really do anything useful.
>IS 350 owner

I drive an auto for LA commute and I have to say, yes, they're a fucking gimmick and nuisance.

They're just in the damn way and is quite pointless. I used to own a MT V6 Accord and shifting it always felt better than using fucking pads like a wuss.



Paddles feel just as disconnected from the power train as any automatic. But its fun to be able to down shift when you want to.



They were great when they were elite. Now that normies can use them Veeky Forumstists will act like they are superior for using a stick.

The fact is that some cars like BMW and audi the paddle shifters are better. IN Suburus and Fords they are inferior

meme on slushbox transmissions, varying degrees of usefulness on automated clutch gearboxes.

It's really fucking irritating, and I hate how brands like Lexus think it's OK to not offer manual transmission in their faster models.


If you think this, fucking neck yourself.

I don't understand how to downshift to a stop using paddle shifters. I usually just shift down to 2nd if I'm in a manual. Am I supposed to just downshift through each gear since I can't block shift or just use the brakes and let it downshift on its own?

I want them but at the same time in my G37 I like slapping the gears...I do have the 7 speed auto. I like the option of lazy ass driving or changing my gears.

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Useless if they're "asking" a slushbox to shift and have a delay, Which most do. Every time somebody says "flappy paddles" I want to punch a kitten in the face.

Nothing beats an actual sequential 6 speed for sport driving.

You can keep your pigfat luxury transmissions to the bench races. Can you even swap out ratios in those over complicated pieces of aluminum? Last I checked they aren't even designed for simple clutch replacements. It's a "lifetime" item on a DCT.

if they arnt mounted on the sterring columb they are crap

if you dont pull the knob towards you to upshift its shit