Hey guys I'm interested into getting into cars, what is a good first car? I already have a shitbox

Hey guys I'm interested into getting into cars, what is a good first car? I already have a shitbox.
So far I'm thinking about either like A v6 mustang or an rx8 or maybe a 300c or a supra.
What car is good?
I don't know if it matters but I live in Kazakhstan

>I'm interested into getting into cars
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Arn't those expensive?

Older models can be had for a few thousand, even in Puerto Rican infested Florida where a nice quality Civic is like 6k

those are all terrible first cars. not terrible cars, just terrible first cars especially if you had to ask about them.

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I wish I had a shitbox to polish up. I love nothing more than seeing an old Chevy Cavalier from the 80's that looks brand new. You don't have to have a Mustang or whatever to be an enthusiast

Yeah but what about my car guys. Idk who the other guys are.

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A car?

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People say RX8s are slow, but they're plenty fast enough to get you ticketed or killed. Just buy a shitbox to start with.