>there's literally no car and especially no mod with stigma to it

I guess at this point it's best to just don't fucking care what others think

*without stigma

I love being called a ricer for liking these.

You're right.

Every fucking benchracing faggot who learns that I drive a SW20 goes ape shit about le snap oversteer

>pic semi related, mine looks essentially exactly like this

I love to talk about how my Fiesta is dangerous with its snap UNDERSTEER and got some empathic nodding on several occasions.
Made me lol afterwards.


>stigma of being driven by the most boring people who always play save and have given up long ago

It took you HOW long to realize this?

My first and only car is a Hyundai from the early 2000s with the wrong color hood.

Trust me, I never cared, and it's always made my life easier.

God damn that is a good looking car.

>be me
>drive RX-8

Yeah, pretty much user.

Wow it's almost like you should have listened to your parents and should go through your whole life without caring about what others think. Glad you only figured this out at 25.

Your problem was caring in the first place.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter.

when stock they are fucking beautiful

That's why you don't give a shit about what other people think. Just drive whatever you want.

But how many times did you?

>Obligatory fire joke

I rather associate bodkits with these

Not once in the last 13 years.


>hurr hurr lesbians
Not funny. Grow up.

did it come with free cocaine?

because that's a colombian shitbox

>lol gay
>lol girl car
>couldn't afford a 911, huh?
But what if I like mid-engined sports cars that can be used every day?

it's romanian

Someone's fee fees got hurt

and french

and japanese

Not each time individually, but it gets fucking old when I can't post my car without someone cracking a lesbian """""joke""""". It's like making an "it must be free" joke with a cashier when your item won't scan. Just fuck off already.

Is there a reason you can't use a 911 everyday? I see a boxster and assume badgewhore.

Snap understeer would be pretty terrifying tbqh

a guy in my neighborhood drives a late 90's 911 and it has ALL emblems and lettering removed. no porsche, no carrera, no nothing, completely blank on front and back.

the car is also usually semi-dirty on the outside and it seems he uses it as DDwhore.
odd but I kinda like it.

Wow you were that hurt over jokes?

I mean, that kind of is the point of this thread.

I drove one of these and someone told me only girls drive them. He had this huge grin on his face and i had no idea what he was talking about since i had never heard that before.

It wasn't till months later that a friend told me that came from The Office.

I only remember that image that said
>Take care of the car
>And it will still snap oversteer and kill you
I found it funny so I remember it. I know nothing about the cars driving characteristics beyond that image

>I guess at this point it's best to just don't fucking care what others think

welcome to true enlightenment

Milan, endless retirement and old person jokes. Situation isn't helped by the fact I actually have a senior center card on my keychain

>ITT: caring what other people think
be like you car and have a hard exterior

Only people on the spectrum care about what others drive. Explains a lot about this board actually.

Does she vape too?

You could always just drive a Stigma.

>that pic

>drive a Genesis
>guy I know rambles on about how they copy Mercedes styling and that anyone who drives the Hyundai has bad taste
>start to argue because I bought it for the value and didn't know it looked like another car
>he keeps trashing it even though I ask him not to

We don't speak anymore, needless to say.


why would i want to drive an ex-earth?

The Sigma is probably one of the few without any stigma

>t. Toyobaru owner on Veeky Forums

I'm unfazed.

>lol are you gay or something?
>your car is so small, why don't you get a truck?
>pasta car lol, buy Japanese
>you mean it hasn't rusted away yet?
>why is it so loud?
>it only has 160 hp?
>my truck has 231 hp

In Germany we say "Fehler in allen Teilen"
That means "Errors in all parts"

I love type-r sedans. Unfortunately most of the time they do get riced to hell but luckily I haven't seen anyone commit that atrocity in my city.

>that pic
>I'm surprised a lot of them haven't done that

>"you can't turn XDDD"
>especially if they keep repeating over and over
This was some autist at a touge meet

Is there no car that Veeky Forums universally likes?

We'll just have to make a car that all of Veeky Forums can like.


Some contrarian asshole will "prove" you otherwise real soon. If nothing else, the price.

Pics, faggot

Shitting on the Twingo is done solely to balance out the threads. Everybody loves the Twingo.

Also Geo Metro.

I actually don't love the twingo. It was a terrible shitbox, thank god I managed to ged rid of that piece of shit before it completely failed.
That thing didn't like cold temperatures at all

I checked, he isn't on the parking lot right now but it looks pretty much like this only that it has the original black paint and the dullness in the paint isn't faggy wrap, it's actual dust and dirt