Is it worth it to rice a V6?

I just got a mint 2001 Ford Mustang with 28,000 miles on it
Went down to drag strip and did pretty well
Talked to my father who said it would be a better idea to save up and buy another mustang with a V8 rather than add to the V6
However I've read that there's centrifugal superchargers that can add on another 170-200 whp
That and you add a intake and a few other bits and you got a car that can beat V8 mustangs easily

I feel personally that it would be cheaper to buy the mods and mod the V6 rather than buying a whole new goddamn car but I want Veeky Forums's opinion

Pic related it's the mustang


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Adding performance mods to a V6 is not ricing it, as long as it actually goes faster.

But seriously you should just get another car first and tune that one. Even a v8 version of your car is like 4k

It'll cost you more to upgrade the v6 and it won't make nearly as much power as a stock v8

if you want more than 8 psi youre going to need forged internals.

you can spend very little money and get a 2005 GT that has about 305hp. Just do that....

Drop a 460 in it

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the 4.6 is fucking garbage and the v6 is fucking garbage, just buy a 5.0 if you want a drag car.

You'd be better off with a V8. A 2V v8 mustang could be had for around $5k in decent shape and is a lot more fun and also has a much bigger aftermarket.

If he just got a 17 year old car, he isn't getting a new 5.0 anytime soon. A 4.6 is probably a pretty good alternative for him

ford put the 5.0 in a lot of cars, not just new mustangs. 4.6 is literal shit tier.

Thank you! Someone here gets it
I also forgot to mention this is is my daily driver so I needed low miles and good insurance prices also I'm not looking to win any competitions just to be able to give some Subarus a run for their money
And no this isn't b8

>buy pile of shit instead of fucking garbage!

>junkyard twin turbo on the V6
>track it
>wreck it
>buy another V6 Mustang for $1k and transfer the turbo parts over
>repeat until you can afford a Corvette

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OP just buy the damn v8. The v6 is gutless in those even with boost AND the rest of your drivetrain and brakes are still shit. And i hope you know it has 128000 miles, not 28000.
You're not even going to give N/A Subaru a hard time. You could have a had a v8 that gets practically the same gas mileage and practically the same insurance rates but you were an idiot and didn't do any research.

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Okay so apperently everyone wants me to get the V8
I can't
I'm a broke college bound faggot so this car was the closest I was getting to a fun time at the drag strip
So instead of adding mods what does Veeky Forums think I should do to my car
Ground rules
>I can't trade it in/sell it to buy a V8
>only car at my disposal so inb4 bring it to the fucking junkyard
>actual answers would be nice but I know that's a lot to ask from you faggots

Good idea however I'm not too keen on taking parts from junkyards as they usually do not have a track record for being structurally sound

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The 4.6 is the best v8

Seriously just drive it as it is. I bought one of those for $1,000 once and it was hardly worth 1k. It's going to get a head gasket leak, I promise.

That generation had 6 digit odometers. If it says 28k, it's 28k. The digital odometer on New Edge cars drops the tenths digit when they reach 100k.

My opinion is that you're retarded.
1. You can only mod so much before your internals blow the fuck up.
2.That mustang is fat as fuck and has what a 2400 curb weight?
3. 5.0 or not at all (New v6s excluded. evause who doesnt want a 400hp v6?)
Your father is a smart man, just buy a fox body or newer gut it and smash it with mods. You dont want a daily driver project car.

Leave it stock and save your money.

Alright you guys seem keen on me keeping it stock so I'll keep it stock except I'll add an intake and straight pipe it to give it a low growl and keep it within legal decibles
Now before you get butthurt on straight piping you should know resale value in my town/surrounding towns is great for straightpiped cars because most of these towns are full of wannabe fast and the furious fags in college looking for something to make them feel like they're not gonna drown in student loans when they get out of college with a business degree so it's a good idea
As for the intake throttle response is increased which is nice for me as a personal preference kind of thing

>throttle response increased
>straight pipe ever increasing value
>straight pipe v6 mustang not sounding like complete shit
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>Legal Decibles
Plz stop my sides hurt.
Adding a cold air and straight piping it is also dumb, literally keep it a fucking a to b car... and who the fuck told you it increses throttle response? Because they're wrong...

Yeah I figured as much for the throttle response thing well then never mind the intake

>straightpipe mustang V6 not sounding like comeplete shit
It is possible just don't add a fart can and it should be okay I would think..

Also by increasing resale value I don't mean trading it in at a dealership they always screw you anyway
I'm saying if I straightpipe it use it to 100k miles then I can sell it to some poor collegefag who wants something to make people think he's got a muscle car

I put a new intake on my Camry and it sounds a lot less shitty. If all you want is sound it's probably still worth it.

The 3.8 V6 makes like 140 rwhp you aren't going to make over double hp with that piece of shit supercharged

That is literally the mustang that's slower than civics.

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