Car makes a weird noise

>car makes a weird noise
>run over a pot hole
>noise stops

Pot fell off into hole

>driving a shitbox
> not caring enough to the point where you spend 4 hours with a flashlight knocking and pushing every little trim piece.

>dash interior rattling like fucking crazy
>put on dubstep
>go about day

Good work fixing your car yourself.

Interior rattling drives me nuts too. Just when I get it pinned down, a different rattle starts. The solution is the stereo.

>interior starts to rattle and creak when going faster than 60 mph
>it only adds more excitement

>Massive dip in road at freeway speed
>Hardtop cries for help as chassis twists
>Clamps pop off

Time for seam welding.

>buy Focus ST
>interior rattles and creaks like a Kia
>fit louder exhaust

>car is fine
>run over pot hole
>sounds like a fat bitch being fucked on a squeaky mattress

Wrenched apart my entire dash to settle no less than three different squeaks and rattles.

>Foot well ventilation hose bracket had two screws loose.
>Metal retainer plate (knee plate) behind and under steering column all four screws loose.
>Bracket holding OBD plug had two loose screws.

This on a 3 year old Silverado with 32k miles. Damn you GM for having completely laughable build quality while also having absolutely lovely small block v8s. Why cant I quit you GM? Why do you package the engine of the Gods with 1 ton of squeaky plastic trim that needs hours of sorting every 6 months just to get a quiet and solid ride.

All I want is a v8 burgertruck and big tires to spin.

>Hear screaming
>Hit something
>Noise stops

Problem solved.


>own E34 525
>LCD display on dash died years ago
>hit bump on motorway at around 90mph
>display comes back to life

turns out it was a lose connection.

>interior rattles at low rev
>at high, it doesn't

>see speedbump
>go over it
>it wasn't a speed bump, the road just buckled and was never fixed
>loud "thunk" from suspension
>drive anxiously for remainder of trip

>car making a weird noise
>chunk of metal flies off at highway speeds and cartwheels down the road behind you
>noise stops
>tfw your debris probably gave somebody else a weird noise
>curse successfully transferred

>at 75-85 mph car rattles so much that the dash shakes and rearview its blurry
>any other speed it's smooth
My solution is just to go 90.

>start to exit my neighborhood
>hear something horrible coming from car
>turn down eurobeat
>worst ear rape that's ever come out of my car
>drive back home
>inspect brakes
>remove single piece of hay from brake rotors
>sound completely gone

better check those tie rods and that alignment to be sure

>start to hear unsettling noise while cruising
>start repositioning things like water btls etc
>noise gets louder
>roll down window, noise much louder
>tap brakes, no different
>check steering, no different
>minor panic
>then notice shitty shitbox ahead
>pass shitbox, noise stops

thank him later

>turn car off
>wipers still wiping


>change timing belt for the first time
>start it up
>holy shit it works
>hearing what sounds like piston knock
>oh fuck oh fuck
>goes away after minute or two of idle
? ? ? ?

Yeah like the others said. Tie rods, alignment, and it could even just be unbalanced tires.

>Hood has a factory scoop on it
>meant to draw cooler air in
>It now only releases smoke from burning oil from mystery leak

Can't wait till it starts shooting flames out of it, it's gonna look siiiick

>car makes coin jingling sound from the front
>nothing visibly loose under inspection of suspension components

how do i get those coins

>normally car pulls 9-12 PSI boost
>run real hard on highway to get to dying grandfather, 95-100 mph for 55 miles in 70° weather
>Ever since that day, car pulls 22 pounds of boost and is much more powerful

I don't know what happened, but it's been a year since then and it's still running like that... not that I'm complaining.

>map sensor fucky
>replace it
>doesn't fix, still fucky readings
>replace o2 sensor because 135
>doesn't fix 135, but suddenly the map sensor works

>on highway
>hit hill, press throttle more
>nothing, rpm goes down
>press throttle down more
>GRRRRRRRRRRR, rpm jumps the fuck up
but why

Wastegate stuck closed?

>underpowered autotragic

but it's a manual and i'm pretty sure this is an actual problem and not just shitty design, it's a '97 prelude

I actually enjoy this feel

Its probably either stuck closed, or somehow got adjusted to a higher pressure.
Either way, check that shit out.

>Be stopped at red light
>speedometer jumps to over 120mph

you're giving me some hardcore nostalgia
>tach broke on old shitbox
>knew approx which rpm I was at by which part of my dash was rattling, under 2k was the vents, 2k-3k was the stereo faceplate, 3k+ was the rearview mirror

>i see "speed limit 130 km/h" on dash
>in reverse, in an parking lot, the highest allowed speed in my country is 120

>shitbox makes noises
>install better radio

>tfw Every time I brake I think my truck is ripping itself apart
>tfw you have Leaf-springs when youre not hauling stuff

>have vibration in right front for 3 years
>decide to actually do something about it
>two days away from buying parts (suspected it to be tie rod end bushing)
>vibration goes away
>has stayed away ever since

Wouldn't bad alignment cause car to pull to one side or the other at speed? My car's always rock steady, so I assume things are still in alignment.

I thought the same thing. Everything is still where it was before, and I have checked to make sure the wastegate isn't sticking (it's not). #justChryslerThings

You neglect to say if you downshift. You DO downshift on a hill, right?

Usually, but unballanced tires might not do much except for vibrate the fuck out of your car.

>buy shitbox with a window that's off its track
>do donuts in a snow covered parking lot
>hit buried curb hard enough to knock window back into the track

>car makes ringing sound like a literal old fashioned alarm clock with the bells
>only happens when I'm at a complete stop
>traffic light is red for what feels like 5 minutes


>door pops when I open it
>pop it open and a bolt falls on the ground
>no more pop

>seatbelt off ringing goes off even when my seatbelt is on
>only doesn't make noise when my seatbelt is off between 33 and 49 mph

>pull engine
>put in better truck


Hydraulic lifters?

>4th gear @ 3000 RPM

>22 pounds of boost
Your wastegate is stuck and your engine is a grenade with the pin pulled.

>slightly run off two-lane road with no sidewalks
>car starts pulling to the right for the next three minutes

>SOHC, solid lifters, 6 injectors
>sounds like a sack of crabs fucking to a metronome
>valve clearance adjustment
>it gets louder
>car runs better

Stage two clutch?

>car starts making weird noise
>seconds later the noise turns into rolling an oil drum full of bricks down a hill
>car stops moving

>AC stops working half hour into a 4 hour drive

>turn on car, autotragic
>starts revving itself when in Park or Neutral
>stops if I shift into Drive or Reverse
I'm going to try cleaning the MAF sensor but I dont know shit about how to reset the idle on my shitbox

Idle usually is reset by unplugging the battery, letting it sit for a while (30 minutes or so), then plugging the battery back in, starting the car, and leaving it in park without touching the accelerator or brake for about 10 minutes. After which, it will start revving and making weird noises, which is the recalibration process.

>hear power steering whine and serpentine belt screech when I take off from a light
>I don't have either of those parts on my car
>but the minivan next to me did

>no serpentine belt
How do you connect to the alternator?

V-belt, and it's it's got a generator

>dubstep in 2017
t. underage

>Start up car
>Clicking comes from it
>Drive car for a little
>It goes away
>Only comes back after it has sat for a while.

>1.8L Nissan Sentra
>every hollow plastic part in the car gets Parkinson's when I hit the highway for the first time
>insane interior rattling 24/7 after that

But it's not stuck. It functions properly.
I've tracked the car 4 times since then, no issues.

>drive shitbox with shot tie rods and a cracked CV joint
>whines and moans if you move the wheel any direction
>shakes like a motherfucker going above 40 mph or below 30 mph
>on the highway there's a rotational whirring that gets so loud you can't drown it with the radio
>been driving it this way for 2 years with no issue

>buy Fiesta ST
>precisely one barely-audible rattle, somewhere, at any given time

It's infuriating. If the whole car rattled and squeaked there would be nothing I can do about it. But once I notice something, I can't ignore and HAVE to find it.

oh, did you swap it out, or did it come that way?

stock, it's just an older shitbox than some

>Break a piece of the plastic engine tray on shitbox
>for 2 weeks is sounds like a jetfighter is being raped under my car when i hit 50 mph
>Hit the most terrible pothole I've ever hit in my life
>noise is gone and all wheels are still round

>driving to work on hot day
>notice AC slowly getting warmer
>oh shit did my ac dead?
>notice engine not revving over 3500rpm
>oh shit...
>notice temp gauge maxed out
>manage to pull into parking spot at the exact moment the car dies
Upper radiator hose burst, pic related. I felt like a true American fixing my car in the Cabelas parking lot

>turn car on, start driving
>haven't gone over 20mph and the radiator fans already sound like a jet intake

>driving in rain
>drive through puddle
>ABS light comes on
>car does not have ABS

>driving on flat highway at 55mph
>want to pass semi
>accelerate to 75
>pass semi, begin to coast back to 55mph
>TCS light comes on
>car does not have TCS
>message window says "4x4 MODE ENGAGED"
>car is FWD and was never available with 4x4



>tracking a fucking pt cruiser

What? Why would I bother?

It's a PT GT. 14.21s 1/4 mile. It's not slow, especially for $500.
Handles really well for what it is.

Also I don't DD that one. I have a base model 2008 that I posted about in That's right. 2 PT cruisers.

That spookes me for some reason like I think my car is overeating. Even worse when the AC fans are on, sounds like a plane lol