My girlfriend tried to take her car in for an oil change but they stated that the oil pan screw was stripped and they...

My girlfriend tried to take her car in for an oil change but they stated that the oil pan screw was stripped and they were not able to change her oil.

My question is, does the oil pan have to be completely replaced or can I just removed the stripped bolt and re thread it and buy a new bolt? I wouldn't see why I couldn't just rethread but I'm not too car savvy and I usually come to the board for advice. Thanks all.

If you have to ask, you can't do either.

They probably mean the head was stripped. Buy a new screw, then get the old one out by grinding flats onto it, welding a nut to it, pipe wrench, etc.

You think rethreading an oil pan is the easier of the two options? No. Fuck no.

get a new bolt and just take the old one off with vice grips

Stripped or rounded off there's a difference stripped is probably already leaking slightly and did not want to mess with it if its rounded off yeahl like the others anons said vice grips or fancy 12point universal socket for maximum grip

You can helicoil it but your mileage may vary.

If you've never even attempted a oil change, I wouldn't do anything honestly, just take it to a proper mechanic and not a quick lube place.

>take shitbox to walmart for $20 oil change
>have to change the oil every month so this car is in and out of the walmart lube bay all the time
>14th time I go to get it changed
>"user the drain plug bolt is cross threaded, we can't touch it"
>take it home
>buy supertech shitbox oil and fram filter
>get breaker bar and prepare for the worst
>drain plug comes right out without any trouble
>take car in for oil change the month after that
>they change it without any hassle


get one of these and succ out the top

Why are you not changing you're own oil and having some Mongoloid at wallyworld doing it for you?

They sell oversized oil pan bolts for this exact situation, check a parts store.

question. does this work at all for getting sediment out of the bottom of the pan? I'm guessing the end of that hose would only suck up like 1/50th of the sediment in the pan.

Perhaps he is that mongoloid.

Just get one of these and it's job done.

Helicoil or timesert it

just buy a tap and die set like a not retard

>does the oil pan have to be completely replaced
If it is the dealer, they will never repair it with a bigger screw, a helicoil, or tap & die. They will argue for total replacement with a new oil pan, new oil pan gasket (those are expensive at my dealer), and the labor charge of course. They will also charge for the oil change.

Whatever you do don't attack it with a bar and try to break the bolt off. Modern sumps are made from aluminium and not steel, if the ape working on your car before over tightened the plug then they've stripped the aluminium sump threads, the bolt itself with probably be fine as they're still made from steel alloy. There are only really 3 ways to fix this;

>Dealer option - New sump
>Tap a larger thread for a new bolt
>Use sealant to hold the current bolt in and never touch it again.

I would only recommend the top 2 options but they're not something to do if you've never worked on a car before.

If you get the sump or threads replaced then remember not to tighten the bolt too much, 25 - 30nm max. Best tightened with a stubby wrench to get a good feel for it.

If its an older steel sum (it'll be obvious if it is) then the bolt may well be fucked.

They work fine and are what most dealerships now use, any sediment too large to fit through the tube will be caught by the cars oil filter anyway.

Why are you guys acting like someone with no experience can't tap new threads? It's literally as easy as an oil change. If you can do that you can replace a bolt and threading. OP, tap that shit and put a new bolt in. Shouldn't take you longer than a few minutes once the car is jacked up or on ramps.

The OP says that the screw is stripped. If this is the case, just buy a new screw. Oil drain bolts on Fords destroy themselves all the time. Pic related is from my Crown Vic with 130,000 miles on it.

Is it stripped as in the head turns but didn't come out?
Or as in the head is rounded and they can't put a socket on it

If the heads rounded just get a pair of polygrips and try to get it off then file the head down to fitting a socket

This, or if you're a hard cunt weld another bolt to it and unscrew it.