The perfect vehicle doesn't exi-

>the perfect vehicle doesn't exi-

That's not a Toyota Hilux.

Wonder how does a vg30dett performs in that

Because the hilux is inferior


You misspelled tacoma

clown car trucks suck. Honeslty half ton is the smallest anyone should go.



Mitsubishi a shit

But mini truck a best

You can get a Hilux fixed in any back alley the world over.That counts for a lot.

st. It probably rusted away.

Same with the hardbody


>he's too poor for a clean hilux/yota pickup
What's wrong, all the day labor mexicans bought them all up?
Try moving out of cali.

>Wanting a more expensive, inferior product

Umm try again skunkfucker

My truck has been jumped a few times and it's still straight
>hardbody has no solid axle
Weak desu

>Idk what I'm talking about
>better start memeing
Chad.. please

I've traveled all around the whole and there are Hiluxes EVERYWHERE. It has to be the most ubiquitous vehicle ever. Nothing else comes close.

>nothing in cheap in shithole cuckfornia anyway

>Look mommy I am a real offroader in my Solid axle

How pathetic

Tacomas DO have a weak frame


solid axles are better in literally every category other than comfort, the one category that "mommy" cares about.
Hence why nissan is so cucked, they appeal to moms more than actual truck users.

How do you spin a car out at 20mph?

>soviet triggered the dogfucker again
lel, dis gunna be gud

>tacoma has over 200k miles
>live at the oceanfront
>ride on beach many many times
>no frame issues

Don't forget niggers, niggers love Nissan.

reported for violation of gr3.

No one cares about your "rock crawling" furfag. Like do you think everyone needs to go deep into the forest or the desert searching for a new canine to capture and sodomise???

Cool story chad!
So how's highschool btw?

Is there a sniper in he-

Oh shit take co-

ITT: unnecessary fuel cost for faggits who don't even need a ute

>Not a Ford Ranger

These need to be legal in America.
I would INSTANTLY buy one and STI swap it.

You misspelled courier.

tfw they are all over canada

No he was right, 2000 ford ranger, had her since 2002 love that truck, only had one real problem with her all these years. And we daily driver her as our work truck.

I see these in my state a lot, gardeners and landscapers use them

Leant how to cars America, are you cunts still salty about pearl harbour?

>tfw every, and I do mean every, Nissan Hardbody has been modified into a slammed beaner mobile where I live, that or a dedicated lawnmower hauler

They are? I've only ever seen one or two at most and I've driven across Canada in the summer

Not at all. We're just cringing to death over your abysmal grammar.

try again

lowlux or bust

>neko para

Reee mitsi

This thread is now a tray ute thread. Only post flat tops from now on.

>no one remembers the ML Triton.

>Pic related, it's my RalliUte.

Piss off perthfag nis

Check mate gay cunts.

Older version for those who prefer it

I am actually looking for one for my guys to use instead of the current half ton.


Are you a weeb trying to talk shit to the U.S.? Can't quite tell because of the grammar disaster you have going on.

Either way, considering the nukes, I'd say the U.S. beat the weebs pretty hard.

A SHIT!!!!!!


I know exactly why I have this boner



step up your game

that's not a dodge ram m8


rate this boomer mobile

silvester seat cover kinda killed it for me otherwise perfect

A qt

>calling someone a furry
>while posting nekopara

And you didn't even post the good one.

nekopara is not furry

>box frames can't rot

Doesn't change the fact you posted the worst one.

it's owned by my grandfather and it's a v6 swap out of an astrovan or something. i did the black accents and clear light housings

there's also a harley davidson sticker on the back window

>Tfw my ram had its chassis welded back together

It's a pretty good weld though. Can hardly fucking tell. That's how it fooled me

both nekoparas are the best


Aren't usually dudes wearing those?

a hole is a hole

You say that like my frame's rotting or something

Toyota frames have a habit of rotting from the inside out.

Ask me how I know.

Ocean salt and road salt in winter with 30 degree temperature swings are completely different things. Toyota's only last in desert shitholes and such. Bring them to a normal place and they rust in half.

Trust me i know, but just because I have a Tacoma doesn't mean it's rotting like a Jack-o-Lantern in December.

>ctrl+f brat
>0 hits

can't tow shit, why does it exist?