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Opinions on the Honda CB500F?


too slow, most average lower cc bikes outpace it.

whats better then the CB500F that's in the same price bracket?

how shit would an Irom 883 be for someone who lices in south east asia?
got a relatively decent deal on one.

im looking for a bike to replace my vespa as a dd to college
but im not enturely sure the iron would do well for dd so it might be a weekend toy

i can borrow a shitbox pretty much anytime too

repost since the thread died shortly after i think

While riding home I came across this

Wait, really? This is the first I'm hearing of it being slower than its displacement would indicate. I'm definitely not looking for a literbike in a CB500. Is it going to be so slow it's awkward on the freeway?

you're the cunt asking if you should have a free iron or a free ducati, free from gramps or some shit

What's the real story you cunt?

It's a 50 hp scooter engine, what do you expect?

Just be mindful. I rock the cb250 nighthawk up and down I5. Keep out of people's blindspots, keep people from chilling in yours.
These people are pussies.

Otherwise, great engine, poor electrics, huge aftermarket, broad powerband in all 4 configurations (even thr cbr500r).
And it gets 89 mpg.

If you get it, then meme yourself into supersport jealousy, you're not hitting the canyon hard enough.

Also: check this guise:

How do i get in the dbt map?

Read the sidebar, but in short
You mail [email protected] and whine

I'm really not looking for a super speed demon. CB500 seems like a nice compromise between cheap insurance/startup costs, freeway capability, and minor cargo capacity(enough for a trunk and maybe 30lbs maximum). SEems like it does just fine.

Closest other thing I've seen is a SV650, which is a contender. Still on the fence about it.

>Is it going to be so slow it's awkward on the freeway?

Nah mate.
My friend rides a CB500X and he sometimes finds himself cruising at 150km/h without noticing.
Its a good motor and a good bike.

Why does anyone want to be on that dumb ass map?

ghey secs

I hit a deer last week

>be riding home on the interstate
>around 11pm
>going through construction
>construction ends, so I start speeding up
>probably 65mph
>deer bolts out in front of me
if it had kept running, I would have missed it, but no
>stops for a split second
>smash into it
>still upright, trying to slow down
>panic grab front brake
>lay the bike down, slide into the ditch
>sit up, thank God I'm alive
>call ambulance

one week later and I possibly tore my left ACL, otherwise fine.

Damage to the bike was the headlight, footpegs, speedo, and exhaust. And I already have another parts bike I was picking from.

and the deer



>dried blood
absolutely metal user. Good to hear you're otherwise ok too

Fucking stupid animal

Damn man, glad you are okay. You fucked that deer up big time

Best new liter bikes?

Any test riders give review?

thanks m8s. so glad I had my visor down

CB500x or Versys-x 300?
looking for my 2nd Bike. I live in a city. Only 1% of my driving will be on a freeway or highway. Opinions?

I own a Symba right now.

I'm guessing that the yellowish thing is what was in it's guts.. so basically shit?

How bad is it to wash it all off?


yep. not bad, I just used a paper towel

did you eat it?

Honda. Especially if you're considering starting on trails.
I literally have no idea what Kawasaki is doing with that tiny-ass dual sport. They've entered the market in an inferior position, instead of taking advantage of their stable brand---to try something extraordinary---they put out a reskin. Fucking brilliant.

It is a Suzuki...

skins make money though. If they started selling hats for Motorcycles I'd be broke.

sadly no. when I came back to get the bike, it was gone

Fellow magna bro here. Glad you are ok. Good thing you have a parts bike as some of that stuff can be hard to find.

Great idea, that's a free meal right there..

Lets say you're travelling a speed and doing an S shaped corner. You do the first part fine but you are too off course for the next part of the corner.
Would slamming on the throttle get the rear wheel free spinning so you could basically drift the bike into the new corner?

No, stop it
Go shill your shitty writing on 9fag

I want to know!

What is meant by someone calling a motorcycle engine 'twin'


A 2 cylinder bike, usually with multiple cylinder banks

Could someone offer some suggestions for a light, cheap and reliable dualsport/sumo that's still capable of highway speeds? Cheers

even a 250 can do highway speed

like this is a v twin


Or dr650 if you want even less maintainance, and are ok with a bit heavier of a bike thats a bit better on the highway.

>R1 290 km/h

dr650 are not really that good, even a WR250x is better.

Reposting since I didn't realize there was a new thread:

Thinking about picking up a cheap little shitbike for hooning and general fun/fuckery, these two are really the only ones that aren't straight dirtbikes in my area, what does /dbt/ think?

This one I saw him post before asking $1800 but I could probably offer $1500 at the start

I could probably open with the same offer for this I'd imagine

Felt the tire slip for the first time today. I wasn't even going fast, just turning at an intersection and there was some gravel on the read. I'm never leaning again.

There's a (New) bike in the color I want a while away from me. Nowhere anywhere near me has the color I want. I tried looking it up but couldn't find much in the ways of buying specifically new and not used long distance. How in the hell would I go about this? Anyone do this before?

Im a newb so I might not be correct but if you can practice drifting you may be able to recover from slips like that with ease.

My friend used to be a car nut, did tracks days and his own builds all the time. But here's a lil story involving him:

>messing about one day
>narrow road with dodgable obstacles
>going really fast trying to dodge said obstacles
>car loses control
>hes experienced racer so keeps the car on the track
>recover with a few fast turns of the wheel
>tire marks on the ground

Scared me and I was angry at him but I didn't realise at the time his skill in racing meant we would of never crashed, ever!

Close throttle SLOWLY. Step on the rear brake. The front end sucks in, bike stands up, re-lean, and open throttle smoothly.
Too much on any of these will send you wide, into the guardrail. Or a bus.

But what if I want to do the exact opposite and speed into it?

Honda just redid the crf250l, if you're looking for a first. The 450 is pretty fast around a corner, too.

Think control, not memes.

You die.

They don't let you take the meat for some dumb reason. I hit a moose on the freeway a couple years back, totaled my car, and the moose instantly died. Police showed up and wouldn't let me take it.

Next day I drove by and somebody had cut off the hind quarters. Dead of winter in northern Canada so it was all frozen by then.

Are there any indian chief anons here?

Went for a nice chill.ride with my dad today. Where did you ride today DBT?

that's fucking hardcore - good 2 hear you're alive

To the last final of the year, then the Honda dealership. They're looking for a shop assistant, and seemed impressed when I rolled up in this rainstorm.

140 miles to have lunch with my biker aunt I haven't seen in like 17 years.

About a 100 miles around farmlands, smelled like shit but I found some neat roads.

From the garage to my friends place after I got it inspected

because they don't want people to basically hunt deer with a beater truck and a huge bull bar on the front.

So are there any decent touring bikes out there that you can put together with luggage and all for less then $15k?

Victories dude. At the dealership today they were all $6k off. Considered one myself

>$6k off
That´s quite a big chunk off, makes me a little suspicious

There are, but you'd be way better off buying used.

there's somebody near where I live building a bike around a pic related.
why do people do this?

I thought Victory was dead and buried? Dealers are just clearing remaining stock.

That's a waste of an excellent engine.


then that really only begs the question further.

does it actually make a bike as fast as expected or just a death machine?

No idea. Have another.
(that rear tyre)


so if I drink 25 cups of green tea a day I'll never crash my motorcycle?

I talked to one last night, actually got one today. Wanted to ask where the key went since it's keyless, but I just found out it's a steering lock

whats the FASTEST FUCKING BIKE on the market

You'll crash. Just won't die. Split in two horizontally, begging for more green tea

suzuki ninja h2r
suzuki gsx-r 1300 hayabusa

the Vmax

>suzuki ninja h2r
kawasaki ninja h2r
I have brought shame upon my famiry

Lol. Congrats. Did they show you the trick to starting it without the fob?

You're a brave man with the flat black. If be worried about every lil scratch showing

I thought the kawabusa was faster than the actual busa

No they didn't show me that wtf could you walk up to any chief and just ride off? Yeah I already had to dust it off and I rode home in the rain for 30 minutes

Except I think this is neat as fuck

Obviously the speed is insane, but, how do these things handle?

i drove a hondamatic today

very strange. would not buy

From what I've read, once people get used to not pulling the clutch they prefer them

I mean, with the Millyard it really doesn't look overly long, I'd imagine the rub would be in the seat placement and ergonomics. Dunno if the yuge pistons and crank moving would mess with handling either. Would love to try it someday, though that'll probably never happen. Honestly I'd just love to have a bike that sounds similar a legit radial warbird.

>radial warbird
Yes please


Aircraft engine on two wheels when??

Who here B A N D I T

ive been found!

yeah either of the two

i said decent deal cause guys on Veeky Forums hate it whe peoe get shit from theyre parents for free for whatever rraspm

Lol, nah. Thers a code to put in. Call um and have um explain it.

Congrats and can't wait to hear your review on it

390 Duke a good bike?

>whatever rraspm
fucking gooks

Superior fz is superior.

i could not get used to not pulling the clutch!

and not engine braking was pretty weird too

ew what the fuck is that bike on the left?

that headlight just gave me AIDS