In your opinion which would be better in the long term

In your opinion which would be better in the long term.

A. $1000 1995 chevy corsica with 122,000 miles,working ac/heat newer tires


B. an early 2000s ford focus for around $1000 with approx 150,000 miles. Not necessarily babied.

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i'd say the focus though i'd rather own the chevy due to nostalgia

trying to convince my friend to go with an older well maintained vehicle.

my argument is the cost of maintenance is lower on the corsica. Around here parts, the trannies and engines for these are a dime a dozen.

Don't buy any car and save until you can afford a civic for 2500.

Whichever one will take $600

corsica for sure

Which one was better maintained? Go with that one.

man chevy corsica. mine was a fucking shitbox. make sure to check for rust if you go for it.

Is the Corsica your buying same as the one in pic related? For 1995, that one looks factory new

AC is expensive to fix, if it doesn't work on the focus I'd go for the corsica just for the working ac. Pretty much everything else I can do myself, but I don't have a $3k ac machine.

I've owned a v6 Corsica and loved it.

That being said newer cars can sometimes be more reliable, but it honestly depends on the owner. I've owned 20 year cars that were taken care of and were loved and I've had friends buy 10 year old cars that were already falling apart.

When looking at the cars check these things
>Check oil, make sure its not gunky or watery
>Check out panels under hood and trunk to make sure it wasn't hit. They usually do a bad job on painting on previously wrecked cars
>Run the transmission hard, I always accelerate hard in test drives to make sure the trans is fucked. People don't like you doing that btw when test driving so thats your call.
>Test drive with windows down too, you can hear more about the car while coasting by a curb


I wish, but it is in very good shape for its age

I own a 94 ciera with the 3100 v6. great car and its cheap as hell to repair.

Maybe I'm biased towards older cars but for $1000 it seems like a lot better deal than a less than perfect focus

Damn that car is clean.

I always loved the crushed fabric seats in those

ay, I just pulled that off of google. mines pretty mint tho too

What engine does the Ford have?
If it's a 2.3 DOHC Duratec it's really good. Basically a licensed Mazda L engine.
If it's a 2.0 DOHC Zetec it's pretty good. Reasonable power for efficiency.
If it's a 2.0 SOHC those are shitty late 90s Escort engines. 120hp, so not horrendous but a little underpowered. Notorious for dropping valve seats.

The Focus is also going to have much better safety due to crumple zones and airbags. It's also going to handle much better due to the independent rear suspension and lighter weight. Also, since the engines are more modern it's virtually guaranteed to get better mileage and with the Zetec or Duratec engines better performance as well.

Also since it's more modern there will be better dealer support. In fact the Duratec is still being manufactured. On top of that insurance might be cheaper due to the Ford's better safety measures.

Overall I'd recommend the Ford unless it's in bad condition, has the shitty escort engine and the Chevy is indeed in much better shape.

Only downside I know of is that Focii usually use chipped keys so making spares is expensive. Also less interior space because it's a compact where the Chevy is more of a midsize.

This is really good info, I appreciate it.

My bias towards older cars is clearly at play here.

My whole thought process though is that a 2005 car for $1200, is $1200 for a reason. It hasnt had the best care and it needs a few small fixes. Something that some of these older babied cars dont need. for the same price or less.

It was more of a general question about the focus btw.

There is quite a few options around here for around $1500 or less.

I drive an 03 SE focus with a Californicated 2.3 PZEV rated Ecotec so I felt like weighing in.

It's a great car. Bought it from a dealer for 1900 with 130k miles. Clean title. No rust. Paint is faded, central locking doesn't want to work and the stereo sucks. Otherwise it's fantastic. Really zippy. I can get that sucker up to 90 coming down a highway onramp and it handles great in the scenic California hills.

It lost 5hp for the whole PZEV thing but I don't miss em. It's geared well and very willing with the power it has unlike my Subaru Forester which has no power between 2-3k rpm.

I'm not op but can someone who speaks craigslist translate this for me

no back fees

X2 on this guys info.
SOHCs are underpowered and drop valve seats around the mileage you said.
If the PO didn't have any head work done, look at putting in another grand when the engine shits itself