Dirty Jersey 2/o/17

New thread, a little over a week left. It's time for the Mid-Atlantic Veeky Forums meet, all kinds of shitboxes are welcome

June 25th (Sunday) at 12pm

Menage a trois at the Sonic in Edison, NJ. From there we'll drive to Island Dragway and do some racing. Possibility of going somewhere for food afterwards

The route shown is not final, just a general idea of where we'll be going. Any cars are welcome as there's usually a wide variety that show up. So far we have about 20-25 people confirmed

bump. There have been some great cars there over time.

And no crashes yet

Only socal meets do that shit

More reasons to come to east coast meets instead of socal.
Shouldn't have this problem this time.

I was told to come say hi

Englishtown is overrated anyway, that's why we head to Island now.

I fucking missed didn't see any threads last year and missed the meet.


Dump pics from previous meets.

2015, the infamous "Free Supra." My friend's 1981 Celica Supra lines up for a run. 18.037. Solid.

Was that the race against the turd gen to see who was slower?


While it's my friend's car, I put it up against a 3-speed automatic Camry the year before...

...and lost. Now, mind you, I can give you the racer's excuses of a really poor launch and going for 3rd and missing completely, but in the end, I lost.

(and I can't find the youtube video at the moment.)



Added bump.

Apparently when I eat a hotdog I'm horrifying.

You'd think that'd be an easy thing to maintain, BUT...

I might be buying a 4C on Saturday, in which case I'll bring that instead of the S2000.


Oh now I'm coming for sure. I'd love to see that.

Now that would be a crazy race against all the junk we bring to the meets.

bump. it can almost fit.

Why is our thread so much more dead than the s/o/calfags' thread?

Just booked the flight, so HAPPENING. 10 hour drive back home though (I'm getting the car in South Carolina).

Good question, they used to be much more lively however many years ago. Maybe we've lost too many active NJ posters