What is the best hatch you can get right now, and why is it the Mazda 3?

What is the best hatch you can get right now, and why is it the Mazda 3?

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>...why is it the Mazda 3.

It isn't.


Nemesis of busriders

What are you paying the extra 6k for?

sounds like my kind of car

Civic hatch as well.

styling, comfort, interior quality

Valid. But why has it gone from a family looking car to a teenage dream? They look pretty gross now


VWs have styling?


Pick one

He was asking what the golf has, not what it lacks.

>a fucking tablet


Why do you ask a question if you already have your own answer?

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Older golf's vs older mazdas, sure, but the Mazda will last longer than new German shit

I'll ask just once... which one of these would a grown-up more likely choose to drive

right one of course


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Yeah, and water is wet, it's not surprising

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Mazda 3 WAS great and had winning designs. Now they look shit even compared to some Toyotas or koreanboxes, let alone Gods best ever created all around hot hatch Golf. So, no, its not good anymore. Mazda3 ended up on first gen. Now its just no more than any other manufacturer. Better buy a Focus for lower price if we talkin about daily usage

nowhere near enough space in the boot IMHO

> 0-60 in 8-9 seconds

>benchracing faggot

A few friends have Mazda 3's. They are a bit older model, but are still pretty nice.
I have a Focus now, but would consider a Mazda for next vehicle.

>literally moving at bench-like speeds

what do you like/dislike about the Ford Tough® Focus™?

It feels like it drives pretty nicely. Goes exactly where I want it to, wheel feedback feels pretty good. Cabin noise very minimal.
Despite complaints about the DCT, it really has only given me grief from stop; usually just giving it more gas / being more deliberate with throttle.
Though its just an SE, I can punch it and still feel it doing something. Though I always long for an ST.
Friends riding in it have never complained about the ride (or room) in it either, so that's a plus.

I guess my only disclaimer is that I haven't driven a whole lot of cars before (especially modern ones). This one still feels kinda fun to drive around despite its low power, and I'm sure that opinion would change should I drive something more powerful.

This is what someone who isn't even old enough to drive says.

>in the market for a hatchback
>not buying a Golf GTI



So, memes?

>needlessly more expensive
>unprofessional look
These aren't memes. They're reality busrider

WRONG youtube.com/watch?v=UTURtQvSvHI

>buying a hot hatch to look professional
Wtf senpai

doug demuro is a jew and a shill that frequents reddit

the fuck was your point

Having to spend $27k on a GTI so you don't get stuck with plaid cloth seats is one of the biggest turn-offs for me.
If they would make leather seats an option on the lower trims, I would buy a GTI in a heartbeat.

Every owns these in Canada, I don't know why nobody gets them in the US. In my course of 13 people, 3 of them own one of these (1 auto sedan, 1 manual sedan, 1 manual 2.5L hatch). The 2L feels super anemic (I drive an ST mind you) but I like the interior.


>$6k more for a car that's gonna need $6k in repairs as soon as the warranty is up


It's still gonna need the $6k in repairs while the Mazda isn't.


Just a small note on this: JD Power includes things like "the voice command system doesn't always recognize what I say" and "the blu-tooth won't sync to my phone sometimes" as part of their dependability rating.

Look at the drivetrain ratings only.

Plus if we're talking cost of maintenance, you have to take into account cost of parts in addition to reliability, and I have a feeling Volkswagen is a bit worse off in that regard

my sister has one and fuck me, no matter what I adjust, I just cant see shit out of it. spoiled by big windowed shitboxes I guess. Only car ive driven where I actually felt I NEEDED the reversing camera

Best hatchback is is the Civic hatch sport. lighter, MORE power, BETTER shifter, BETTER looks (subjective but it really does look good), holds value better, is a LIFTBACK (tailgates are for women, all good cars were liftbacks).

Ford Focus ST

Looks shit on the rear end. Plus overdesigned. Coupe looks shit, hatch looks shit. Interior looks like its been made by chinese ebay sellers. Too childish and too complex car.

New civic is ugly, slow and sounds like a cheap shitbox and there is literally no reason to buy it