How will Civic fags ever recover?

By buying an older civic and going faster with some simple mods, obviously.

An ep3 can be had for like 5k and it has a 2.0 that could probably be boosted to similar numbers while being a smaller car than a fit.

>that rear though
I didn't know people buy their cars pre-riced

Also 2 wings what the hell

>No happy music segment
He really did dislike it.


That is a bad angle.

Since when does Veeky Forums like Doug?

Every angle on that car is bad.

Veeky Forums likes Doug because his autism is relatable

>loves the NSX
>hates the typeR

Is he being contrarian?

I think this is him begging Honda for more money.

>150k vs 34k


>one meh review in a sea of praise and acclaim

They'll probably recover

Engineering explained seemed to love the car

This. The other reviews I've seen all loved it

For an extra 3 grand, you can have a car that does 0-60 in 4 flat, quarter in 12.3, and corner consistently at a G... Why would anyone buy the civic?

because muh jdm

>306 HP
>5.6s 0-60
It's a fucking turd

>wears the shirt of the car he should have bought instead of the defender

>maintain a g

Who cares about the g-force? That's just your car being heavier and drawing more force from the same turn. It doesn't mean you can take a turn as fast

>That's just your car being heavier and drawing more force from the same turn

Want slalom numbers instead?

They really need to go back to their roots. I agree, it is disappointing that the first Type R they FINALLY sell in the US isn't even close to what a Type R used to be, for the worse. Especially in the styling department. Hell, even the STi is less factory rice than that thing.

He's a miatacuck. Just ignore him. How about we compare slalom times?

>muh front wheel is shit reeeee

That honestly has nothing to do with why people are criticizing thing car. Nobody expecting it to be anything other than fwd.

>he doesn't even know what a vortex generator is
holy shit

>Honda in 2017
>we put on the body kit so you don't have to!

I didn't understand the hype about this until I realised that no Type R shit had been sold stateside before, here in the UK they are cool but no biggie, shame you got this rubbish as an introduction.

Sorry burgers

>this volume slider sucks, even though i loved it in the nsx because the climate control is a dial

>car is so misshapen that they have to do all this aero
>on a 300 HP car
>with fwd
doesn't even look good

>he dislikes the car
>Honda must not be paying him enough

Why people come with these conclusions?


because they have Fetal Alchohal Syndrome

>tfw my Si could have had a six speed, LSD, and a 200+ hp k20

>instead it's none of those things and 160hp because America doesn't need the best apparently

I mean the type R version of my car is twice as expensive and I wouldn't want to pay 10k-12k for a civic let alone 33k but it would still be nice to have nice things.

160 HP?????

you got JUSTED so hard, sorry ameribros

>lmao buttmad fanboys chimping out over our boy doug

the si has 205 bhp

Is still enough to have fun and be faster than most of the pig fat commuter cars and trucks around here but yeah 160hp is pretty sad compared to the extra 40-50hp the better k20 engines get. It's a lukewarm hatch for sure.

EP3 si, but the modern Si is shameful in comparison because the EP3 si could hit ~250 hp with a tarbo and tune while you're stuck with a wimpy 1.5 liter that comes with a turbo with the current version.