Where are the tartan interiors?

Is anyone making tartan or houndstooth interiors nowadays?

They are classiest patrician choice.


>mfw saw a nigga walking into Sams club with a black button up shirt that had burberry-pattern shirtcuffs and a burberry pattern belt
What is it with black people and burberry plaid? That shit was fashionable 10 years ago

Smaller the pattern, classier the look.

You gotta be subtle with patterns to get the elegant look, large and loud is for white trash.



Nissan had the classiest interior with the Givenchy edition of the Laurel

VW is the only one that comes to mind.

>tfw I'm not allowed to like VW because Veeky Forums said so



>doesn't like VW because it's overpriced middlingly competent, tending into unreliable with recent models, bad ride and build quality held together only with a badge

>but that seat fabirc will change my mind

are you a woman? no offence intended

Except mine has been reliable and affordable, with better "ride" + build quality than any domestic I've owned? All i said is I'm not allowed to post those facts or like my car on Veeky Forums because of gayboy brandtism autists like you. Are you a woman or a trannygayboy? Id say gayboy since you redditspace and lowercasepost

That looks so cheap and shitty.

>jumbo sized ashtray in center console
>tfw cars don't even come with ash trays anymore

>that subtle brown
Literally GOAT.

Scotsman here. You people don't know what Tartan is clearly.

I hated my maroon interior fc when I had it

now I realized maroon interior is GOAT

That picture of a window sure lets me appreciate the interior of the car

Suede has now taken the place over cloth pattern inserts. Shame really

couldn't find a decent picture on google. For some reason, pics of that car are hard to find

The 50th anniversary 911 has houndstooth seats

Ze germans doing it best, as always.

Crimea river. Tartans have been a fashion thing forever and no one cares if they represent your ancestors honor. You can do more for your family if you stop muslims taking over UK.

I respectfully disagree.

Literally the first result on google images.

Damn that looks like grandpa's chair got stuffed into a car.
I like it.

Seconded. That's a car that might go down as legend, auctioned off at $3M someday

>ywn get to see a brand new FC in person


>Porsche makes you pay 6k over the standard leather if want a cloth interior
>the "cloth" interior is made of plastic
>the most daring color is this

They're trying to discourage cloth plebs

wtc those seats for my yata


i like redditspacing and lowercaseposting

Looks pretty fucking comfy, honestly.


They jumped the shark with the door trim and dash. Seats are nice.