Why exactly haven't flatbed vans picked up in the US as work vehicles over trucks...

Why exactly haven't flatbed vans picked up in the US as work vehicles over trucks, considering how popular they are in Europe? You'd think a no-frills vehicle with a massive bed would be a godsend for construction and delivery, but instead I see little interest in it over there.

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Because it looks foreign

Bad offroad capabilities which Americans may or may not need but claim to need on construction sites.

Also muh masculinity, everything's gotta be big and intimidating.

Styleside beds really are a cancer on utility vehicles though.

I don't know but if I had money to throw away I wish I could buy a fucking flatbed car hauler that isn't a giant F650, a 40 year old conversion dually, or a trailer.

I want one of these, but with the tray that slides all the way flat on the ground.

because it is practical and efficient and that is unamerican, gotta have muh big truck and burn lot's of fuel

most "work trucks" don't need the bed space and the ones that do can easily have flatbed or cargo box conversions done

more ground clearance on american trucks, better off-road capabilities. whether or not that's really needed is up for debate.

i know guys who do field work and construction and drive around in $1k craigslist beaters who are still able to get out to sites no problem. especially in construction they usually use heavy equipment to build some kind of "road" to/from and on the site to make access easier.

but in all honesty OP I agree with your sentiment, eurovans and flatbed eurovans seem unquestionably more practical but we're slow to adopt them here in the US

Because it looks like an effeminate pick up truck. What are ya, some kind of fag?

If you could get gas for $2 a gallon and didn't have the cuck tax you'd have a truck too

>yuropoor flatbed vans
>burger trucks

Gas could be for free and those fat pigs still wouldn't fit in my garage or any parking spot around here. And yes, I'm exaggerating about the parking spots, but the difference is pressing enough to make the endeavor not worth it.


no, actually I wouldn't spend money on something that I don't need, I am not an overcompensating amerfat

Careful with that word around Americans, it seems like a trigger.

what in the sweet fuck is that

yeah? watch this

"Americans don't need an automatic assault weapon, they should give up their guns to the government. they should also become more socialist by having apublic healthcare system and more public universities"

Benz W124 with the roof cut off and really not much else apart from a paintjob and the indicators moved into the bumper. Spotted that one in particular in the ads a couple of years ago, still bitter I didn't snatch it. Ute conversions have a niche but long lived history in Europe. Sometimes for practical reasons, sometimes for tax reasons, sometimes just for fun.

Here's a prime example of tax reasons.

>Honey, I'm tired of paying car taxes for my 6.75L Rolls-Royce. Get the sawzall!

The storage capabilities of the flatbed are extremely limited. Why would I buy this when I can buy a dump truck that can store and tow more?

A Rolls Royce suits being converted into a ute though, for some reason the aesthetics just go with it. Blocky and square mercs and beamers, not so much.

that is beautiful

Who said anything about needing big trucks to get work done?

Oh look another "I can't afford a nice truck so I'll talk out of my ass about them" thread.

I use a truck for word daily. Flat beds aren't efficient because you have to strap everything down. I have a tool box on the back for all my shit. I have a back seat (4 door) to take co-workers to/around job sites. Or load the back seat with my clothes, hard hats, inspection books, extra equipment that can't get wet, computer, etc. The interior is quiet so I'm not mentally exhausted on long commutes to job sites 4 hours away. I have better clearance driving all over yards with shit everywhere. My work truck doesn't cost as much as a mercedes meme mobile. It's better on the highway. It has higher sides on the bed so my fucking ladder doesn't bounce out.

Does no one on this board work a real job? I don't do anything with construction. In fact, today I tested sub sea robots. Trucks are a necessity for a lot of these jobs.

The average vehicle here is around 300hp. So 160hp moving along 9000lbs just doesn't work. If we need a flat bed we build one off a truck chassis.

While I agree with everything else you said, Mercedes are fucking cheap in Europe by comparison, both purchase price and running costs.
They only get racked up here in the US because luxury meme tax.

That right there is Down's Syndrome mechanized.

It's amazing how with you get almost all your flatbed facts wrong in such a wall of text. Road noise is the only one I can give you, and then again my brother's Canter is nearing 20 years old. Anything else you can "only" do on your truck I can just as easily.

You're not trying to justify your truck purchase there, are you buddy?

>lies amerifats tell telhemselves to justify buying into ke rugged masculine truck for muh work meme

Neck yourself burgerscum

>average vehicle is 300hp
>thinks HP matters in trucks more than torque

>everyone shitting on truccs
>meanwhile my father in law has a blown LPG f150

god i love florida

>This is the world Veeky Forums wants

Why would he need to justify buying what he wants?
Fucking eurocucks, not even our own governments value us thanks to people like you

For some reason I'm starting to see more of these in NL, not sure why

Because gas is cheap here, and MB makes overpriced piles of garbage. Only filthy yuppies drive them.

Florida really is a like a third world country

Commercial operations usually aim at economy of costs to increase profit, and buying larger work equipment than necessary is therefore mildly retarded.

Obviously there's advantages to purchasing a vehicle as depicted by OP, however justifying getting something else is hardly necessary. Company image, comfort, terrain, towing, parts availability would all suffer for the sake of muh mpg and bed dimensions. Some companies will lose more profit by having a cuckbed truck than they could ever save in fuel.

>literally only need a truck for MUH IMAGE

Lmao, burgerclaps are actually this retarded

Keep sucking that corporate dick ameriscum

One, that's not a "flatbed" in american lingo. It has fold-down sides. Our flatbeds are just a big plank over the rear axel.

Two, it's because our trucks are based on the image of the ford model T, which had body panels and a tailgate instead of folding sides. Folding sides are actually useless if your truck is so big that anything too wide for it would require a special permit to carry on public roads.

Lived in Florida for a year
Can confrim

You just can't park for shit. Modern trucks with front and rear camera's are easy as fuck to park, even with trailers.

>Something I don't need
You don't need a car, cellphone or internet access. Yet you probably have at least two of these.

Because people in the US buy chassis cab HD pickups and put flatbeds on them. Now you have lots of payload space, payload capacity, and towing capacity.
>t. Electrician who sees delivery drivers bring these onto jobsites daily

just man up and admit that you don't like large, slow vehicles

what, are you insecure about being a gofast speedracer? maybe because you suck?

Because of the grey license loophole.

Basically, if your company buys a truck that'll fit a standard EU-size pallet in the back, they don't have to pay BTW (VAT) and BPM (CO2 purchase tax). On a V8 Mustang for example, those two add up to about 80-90K euros. Since regular cars still have to pay those two taxes, a Ram 1500 or F-150 ends up being cheaper to buy than a new BMW 320. That same truck has two or three times the power, can pull anything your car license will allow, and they're more luxurious and comft than a similarly priced German luxury car.

Also, grey license means you only pay a fraction of road tax - and that fraction isn't dependant on what kind of fuel you use. Normally , you pay extra road tax for a diesel car, and a whole lot extra for LPG. This is offset by diesel fuel being cheaper to buy, and LPG being the cheapest. Now, with a grey license vehicle, you pay about as much road tax as an Aygo, but you can use the cheapest fuel (LPG). Most of these new trucks already come pre-converted from the dealer (most of them done by Prins). My friend's Ram 1500 uses 6.7km/l of fuel, and he rags on it a lot. Factor in the price of LPG though, and he's paying for a vehicle that has a fuel consumption of more than 15km/l.

Bottom line, new pickup trucks here are cheap to buy, cheap to run, and will do anything you need.

ITT: yurocucks bragging about how poor they are

yeah but can you pretend to be japanese?

t. Triggered amerinigger

>Bad offroad capabilities
Not at all, just spec the offroad options and they will go toe to toe with any standard US pickup.

>being a faggot

*drives under you*

thanks for relieving congestion bro

>Flat beds aren't efficient because you have to strap everything down. I have a tool box on the back for all my shit.
You don't have to strap anything down in the back of a flatbed you wouldn't need to in a pickup, you just have more space and better access.

>I have a back seat (4 door) to take co-workers to/around job sites.
Then get a crew cab flatbed and have a back seat and 4 doors,

> The interior is quiet
NVH is a major consideration for vans and flatbeds.

>I have better clearance driving all over yards with shit everywhere.
Doubtfull see > My work truck doesn't cost as much as a mercedes meme mobile
*ding *ding *ding Now we get to the real problem yo are poor and that's why flatbeds sell better in the first world like Europe than to americucks.

Ah the good ol "jobs that require my favorite thing are the only real jobs" shitpost

Reminds me of /g/, where all the real computer jobs either need windows and anything else is an unpaid internship at google, or all the real computer jobs need linux and anything else is writing spaghetti++ antivirus scams at pajeet inc.

>creates a thread to autistically screech about how people drive real vehicles instead of cucked sheet metal golf carts
>calls other people triggered

Complains about other's not being able to afford a "nice" truck, bitches about how the more practical flatbed is more expensive. Sperge more.

>burgercuck already sperging

Lmao, he ACTUALLY voted for drumpf!
Watch as the cuck spergs harder now

More hp doesn't mean more power you dunce
Shit a midrange Massey Ferguson just barely scrapes over 100hp

>More hp doesn't mean more power

Someone dox this idiot so we can permaban him from life.

Why does Mercedez use their brand on that ugly POS?

Because only americucks dedicate their entire life to creating an image of themselves and trying to impress other people.

Actually, a Unimog will definitely beat any factory US truck with it's protal axles.

Because Mercedes has been producing this kind of work vehicles since WW2. They don't even try to hide that in Europe, but they do in the US, giving more credit to their whole ''German luxury'' schtick.

Yes but Mogs are basically tractors not trucks (you can register them as tractors in most places bypassing the need to pay road and fuel tax), it's why they are popular shunting vehicles in the rial industry, but they are bloody heavy for what you get space wise.

>all those taxes
jesus christ, this is why the US rebelled against the brits

>doesn't know what a Unimog is

It makes it all the more satisfying to dodge them (Get it? Dodge?).

You do know that all taxes claimed by the crown had been officially waved for the american colony apart from the one on tea. The colonists were paying 1/26th of those living in the motherland significantly less than after the terrorist separatists got into power. Slavery was also illegal prior to the revolution so like with Trump the turkeys voted for Christmas when the black population was a major force in the uprising.

what's that engine in the back?

>everybody on board is overweight


Reeee stop calling specific range fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is L/100km. km/L is specific range (or simply said fuel economy).

It powers the pneumatic tools.

>Why exactly haven't flatbed vans picked up in the US as work vehicles over trucks
because we have trucks.

>carrying loads of soil and stone in a flatbed truck and/or a van

Haha good one m8

That's what the folding bedsides are for, you genius. Enjoy scraping your precious painted bed bodywork to shit and only being able to unload in one direction.

> 3 way tippers
> Lasting


>Enjoy scraping your precious painted bed bodywork to shit and only being able to unload in one direction.

are you implying that I haul soil in a regular pickup that doesn't have a dump body? Top lel what kind of pussy ass has a work truck that isn't equipped with a dump body you fucking inefficient nigger

Your manufacturers even suggest it.

big truk

The only other post I made was , and even that was still hilarious

>Vans are shit because X
>But what you said about vans isn't true
>Fuck you I buy what I want

Ok then buddy

Because our trucks look much better.

Not even bad, all it needs now is a flatbed with folding sides.

Americans dont work anymore
>muh millennial microaggression trigger warning socialist gibb culture

How did I miss this thread? Own a Suzuki Carry, its better off-road then you'd think, certainly enough for most forestry roads and muddy paddocks. Best possible hunting ute imo, if the terrains to rough for it, then its probably quicker walking anyway.

Every day I see multiple coworkers leave the building, climb into their obviously financed, jacked up, 6k lb pickup trucks, and it kind of disgusts me. All that shit just to move one person around, and not even exceptionally fast or anything.

They live in suburb houses/apartments, and work IT, but have muh big trucks for all the big truck things they do, like commuting to work and dropping off kids at school.

It's a total image thing, since most families would do just fine with a sedan/crossover, but hey gotta drive that big ol truck for the one time that you're gonna haul johnny's bicycle home from the store.

Are we back to not having what we like but just what we need? Such is the way of the cuck

I see logic isn't in your acumen

>It's a total image thing
And that is enough reason for most.

If you can afford something nice, why wouldn't you?
Bill of rights, not bill of needs, land of the free, etc.

>mommy said i was important and special and better than everyone else
>im going to buy a big truck and ruin everything for everyone because im special and the only one that matters, meeeeeee

t. tragedy of the commons

I think my issue lies more in the fact they they're buying trucks to appease some manufactured sense of manhood, rather than they actually appreciate the vehicle for what it is. I don't think that driving a 3 ton, slow, boat handling monstrosity up and down the highway is "nice", but idk, maybe there's something I'm missing in the experience.

Also, it's just my opinion. Nowhere did I say or imply that they should not be able to do so, just that I think it's disgusting.

You know what I don't understand, Jeepfags. Why spend so much for something that's shit for a daily and also will be outperformed by some $3000 hilux or some $1000 samurai. As a general rule expensive off-road SUVs need to stop existing, we need to go back to the days of surfs and escudos.

I agree. However my opinion is that we should support their right to drive what they want to drive.

From what I've seen with people buying jeeps:

It's usually at least partially due to image. Jeep has worked hard to build that image of a outdoorsy, fun person, always looking for an adventure. Everyone considers themselves to be "adventurous" and "spontaneous", nobody (except those of us who struggle with depression and image issues) says "yeah, I'm a boring average Joe that commutes to work and the grocery store".

There's also often a perceived need for them, especially around here in CO. People freak out about the snow and are willing to blow stupid amounts of money on a 4x4 vehicle, when in reality they should just spend a few hundred and get a set of wheels with good snow tires.

Also, they really are the best offroading car. Solid front and rear axle, decently powerful engines, space for massive tires, locking diffs, etc. Most of them probably won't see anything beyond a grass parking lot, though.

I support your right to drive whatever you want, but I also support the right to say whatever I want about what you drive.
If they're insecure about it, that's their problem.

I have an unmodded Civic Si. Mustang owners have called me a "ricer" before, but I don't give a fuck because I'm much more satisfied with my car that I would be with a Mustang.

>flatbed van

Isn't that a truck?

I get 40 mpg driving my company's pic related.

Give me one reason I should drive some retarded huge pickup other than needing to look "masculine" to compensate for my dicklet?

Good, I like you

Another carry owner on Veeky Forums, holy crap.

Where you from dude?
Yours the 4x4 model?

Now that's a facebook I get get behind.

Technically yes, but the matter of discussion is the execution of it. The first half of the argument is that van based flatbed trucks offer both a larger and a more uninterrupted and accessible load surface than dedicated pickup truck platforms. The second half of the argument is that the offroad capability offered by pickup trucks isn't actually needed in most cases, and that in part they sell on image alone.

>amerifats are actually getting mad because some people decide not to buy useless pick up trucks