Tfw your car is not eternal and is bound to be scrapped

>tfw your car is not eternal and is bound to be scrapped

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Buy a robot car.
Will last more than you, user.

>tfw your mom is not eternal and is going to die if you don't respond to this post

Cars are infinitely rebuildable as long as you don't crash or live where things rust.

>tfw the eventual heat death of the universe will mean an end to my car

Why is he loading an AK 5.45 magazine but firing a pistol?


Even the Mona Lisa's falling apart

But I do live where there's rust
And I have crashed it ):

If you look real close you can also see that the rounds he's loading aren't pistol rounds or rifle rounds at all



Might as well be the person who scraps it by personally wrecking it.

>tfw entropy and decay will destroy all we love and cherish including you

So am I, so that's ok.

>tfw my car deserves to be scrapped
Haven't thought of that vid in a while, kek.

>not just disinheriting your children and setting up a fund to handle the maintenance of your car forever instead

wrong. My shitbox is eternal. It outlived the country that made it, it will outlive me, it will outlive this planet, and it will outlive the heat death on the universe. Eons into the future in another reality, beings beyond our comprehension will happen upon it and come to the conclusion that such a magnificent machine could only be built by gods. The gasoline/oil mix will be considered the nectar of the divine, and the 100 gigs of Eurobeat stored on my phone in the glove compartment will be heard as the music of the spheres. It will be placed on the tallest pedestal, the ancient masterpiece by which all future creations are judged against. Of course, said creations will be found inferior as nothing can hope to compare to the eternal, unfading radiance of the Almighty Shitbox, PBUH. And while my car ushers in a new age of intellectual enlightenment, I'll be chilling in Hell sipping on my Țuică, laughing my ass off as OP was once again proven to be a massive faggot.

>tfw your mom owes you money for the college loans she siphoned off; your sister is kicked out of mom's place for stealing from her, dad takes her in out of the kindness of her heart and then sister steals from him too

most of the times I ignore these posts specifically because I want the sloppy cunt to keel over, I might get my money back finally.


Got 'em.
Your car would actually still be perfectly fine assuming shit didn't erode or irradiate it, it would just exist at a perfect thermal balance with the rest of the universe

Not if Michio Cuckoo's theoretical universe-hopping method works.

tfw it runs but its not really the same car any more

With regular maintenance and detailing, your car will outlive you... if you don't live in the rust belt, and don't crash your car

10/10 post
11/10 A E S T H E T I C S

Fuck you

you arent really the same person after 8 years or so... Even your brain cells get replaced at least once every 8 years.

>trillions of years from now, the universe is a sea of decaying subatomic matter, swirling around supermassive conglomerations of Volvo 240s and Trabants

>Not owning the immortal Trabant 1100


why do I still have debilitating mental health conditions then?

It's like "fixing" a domestic car, you may replace all the components after 8 years but it's still a heap of shit made from subpar components.

fucking kek

>user loves and cherishes me

I'll definitely die before my car will so I don't really care.

it's a good post because it's true

>tfw if someone took all particles of your body and reassmbled them somewhere else you wouldn't even notice and just keep living