Will they do it again?

Will they do it again?

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no, but ford will

Didn't Porsche change the engine configuration on their GTE car? Isn't it MR instead of RR now?

I still think the Ford GT takes it- it's aero looks like an LMP car for the street, and the ECO in EcoBoost should carry them through.

It will be decided by the BOP changes the day before the race however. Remember, they put max boost restrictions over 6,000RPMs on the Ford's last year so they were dogs in the straights.


Fucking FiST faggots are delusional.

Aston Martin or the new midengine 911 will take GTE

>porsh got BTFO so hard last time they had to copy the Ford GT if they wanted to stand a chance

>this delusion
The race will end with Ferrari or Ford crossing the finish line first.



Probably Ferrari because Ford is getting raped with ballast/boost restrictions while Ferrari is getting what it wants (as always)

>ferrari know they can't beat the Ford GT
>so they use their influence to get the Ford GT nerfed by BoP restrictions

So fucking pumped, goose bumps from that lap.


>$50k corvette beats $500k ford gt at lemans


Perro caca

As of qualifying 2


Just going over qualifying 2 standings. I'm not sure if it changed yet

>porsh copied the Ford GT in an attempt to stay competitive
>STILL qualify last

Qualifying 3 They're picking up the pace.

Now it's
>corvette behind by .01 seconds

>STILL getting BTFO by Ford

BoP is so much more fair this year. Almost all GTE cars at running less than 3:53 with all cars running neck and neck. Pole swapped number of times

What is this about Porsche copying Ford? How do you copy a car?

They moved to a mid-engine layout to make room for lots of rear aero, like the Ford GT has

I don't really follow motorsports, but why is Porsche so slow in GTE when they're so good with LMP's?


gm btfo
lol say goodnight gm fangirls

Because the racing 911s are road car designs adapted for the race track, whereas the Ford GT is basically a race car converted for road use

Idk what Porsche is doing but they're really flying now. They had pole and lost it to the corvette and now one of the GTs

It's been like that for the passed 30 min. Corvette is in second behind .1 seconds.

Calm ur shit. All gte cars are running between .1 to .5 seconds between eachother.

This race won't be a total shit show like last year.

They were. The latest 911 RSR is fucking MR. They honestly should've made it a Cayman.

lol, can't wait to see Prezo sperg

Pretty much. The GT has a roll cage and harness mounts built into the chassis, and there is basically no trimming/luxuries/soundproofing inside. It's the modern F40.

>mfw ameriturds keep on sperging and fighting for their shitty fatcars while the Aston sets the lap record

I still think it's way too expensive for what it is.

At 200k it'd be the best street racecar, but as is you can build a faster literal racecar or buy a faster street supercar.

Ford are absolute cunts, they did the same in 2005 manufacturing only a handful of what could have been one of the most iconic supercars ever made

Are DPi's eligible to run in WEC? Mazda's prototype looks fucking amazing

I've got faith in the Corvettes this year. Its gonna be like 2015, not 2016. Seriously, were all the drivers hungover last year?

>not even keeping your memes up to date

This is how I know you benchracers don't even watch motorsports. Here's a new webm.

They somehow qualified first. Like wat.

That was incredible, did he even brake?

>3.9G turn

Holy fuck

He took almost double that in F1, it'll be nothing to him.

Did you see the GTE-AM Corvette last year? It looked like a Gran Turismo car with collision damage turned off!

Porsche won the entire series you fucking retard

aston and ferrari gonna btfo everyone

Yeah. Eventually they'll run out of stupid people to put in charge of things. Afterall, they've done it before.

Nissan could surprise.

They are weird cars with a weird configuration.

Most of the time they're in the top but all the wins they get are usually related to strategy and planning, not to performance of the cars.

911s are still some of the most popular GT cars in use.

>having faith in modern Nissan doing anything right


Ferrari will probably win, they're always tryhards.

Also there are more ferraris than any other car

Well for starters, they're not GM.
Coming from a fan of the old GM.

imo they became greedy and stupid

The Fast and Furious movies together with the JDM faggotry on the internet popularized the GTR and thus Nissan became big again to the normies, so they normalized the NISMO brand and now every plastic shitbox with above standard features is branded with that name.

Hence also why they make all those crazy shitcars that should have stayed as concepts.

t. GM fangirl

>Japan wins Indy 500
>Japan sets LeMans lap record

Nippon uprising?

Narrowly avoiding meme status

One Porsche is fucked so Toyota might win

Also a chinese team leads the lmp2 category and Jackie Chan is third

Gooks are going to dominate this year

the aston is 10 years old and beats pseudoprototype cars like the porsche and the ford, bop is pure faggotry

Same with Ferrari.

Came second and most GTam teams use them.

the ferrari is a year old not 10

Why does Ferrari have to deal with BOP? Just because they are Ferrari?

It will live up to 10

Should have called it Cayman GT or whatever nomenclature dictates. We all know what they are doing. I agree protect the 911 but is anyone going to be mad if there is a 718 up there too?

>another ford winning

What, fail to make the top 20?
Lap slower than a V6 Nissan?

Looks like once again, if you aren't a manufacturer team you better buy British if you want to compete.

What do you mean finish the race?

Or italian

There is zero ford in that Aston and never has been.


Remember the cheating of Ford last year? Fucking burger-cunt.

The current Aston Martin V12 is essentially two Ford Duratec V6 engines slapped together, and the V8 they use is a derivative of Jaguar's AJ V8, which was also used in some Fords and Lincolns.

From plebbit:

In GTE, the organisers try to balance out the different cars to ensure an even competition. They call this Balance of Performance (BoP). They do this by adding ballast, retstricting turbo pressure or other measures. They generally do this based on how teams perform at the test days ahead of time. Ford pretended to be slow last year, so that they'd get an advantage on the BoP relative to the other teams.
In 2016, they magically found 5 seconds a lap when it came to qualifying day. In 2017, they've been whining that BoP hurts them, and that their car is very slow and they need a break. Again, when qualy comes around, their car somehow finds multiple seconds.
Ford have a beautiful and fast racecar. It could have been a glorious battle, but instead it was a cynical manipulation of the rules by a marketing department.

>Ferrari british

Fucking Ford. This protest last year against Risi was one of the most fucked up things I've ever seen in motorsports.
Screw them.

They didn't find 5 seconds dumbass. The temperature dropped by 20 degrees and they ran on low fuel. Back to red.dit

>Coming from a fan of the old GM

This makes no sense since Corvette Racing has won many times in recent years and Nissan has failed to finish several times in recent years.


Frankly I'm insulted that you're using year-old bait. Git gud or lurk more.

Has it been a year already? Damn, seems like it was only yesterday that Porsche took gold and Toyota committed group suicide in their pit after blowing out in the last 6 minutes.

Thanks for the info, Matt Farah, you may go now.

>tfw no F1 team signs the current best racecar driver alive


says increasingly nervous toyota fanboy for the 4th year

The CHOKE-mobile

Also Aston Martin Racing's GTEs are the fastest GT cars on the track, the Ford vs GM dick measuring is an irrelevant meme.

>Nissan has failed to finish several times in recent years.

too bad Nissan dominated LMP2 as an engine supplier for years, so much for GM being good at making engines

>>$50k corvette
full retard

The shitposting is building up to a fever pitch. Get your bets in boys, and stock up on the booze, because its just hours until the start of 24 Hours of France Being Relevant!

You now remember the Aston Martin AMR-One

I now remember that open cockpit is a thing

i know you are

gm won half of every lemans ever

>Wishful thinking


When does it start? How to watch it?

>sperging queer

Tomorrow, and there's always streams here. Occasionally its on sports stations.

>one never even started
>the other did 4 laps and blew up

Holy shit the Nismo LMP can't even compete

>Projecting his status after GM loses this weekend


>It's the fastest!