Any VW fags around? Considering a GTI but not sure if the mk7 is worth the price over a mk6

Any VW fags around? Considering a GTI but not sure if the mk7 is worth the price over a mk6.


>VW fags
correct, VW is for fags

I own a MK5 golf but I'm not allowed to talk about it on nu/o/ because of memelogic

Personally I think the older you go on GTIs the more fun they get.

I would say a VR6 (possibly swapped) MK1/2, but a tuned MK3-5 can be pretty fun too.

New ones are still very well balanced and refined, but because of that less fun in my opinion.

Thanks for the info. Doesn't help at all though. Had mk3 golf, mk4 gti.

Well, I have driven both MK6 and MK7, although the MK7 was an R not a GTI.

They both felt about the same, really power/drivetrain aside.

The MK7 felt a bit more... Audi like, but it was basically a TT so.

You won't be missing out on anything if you get a MK6 instead of a MK7.

The problem is that the mazdaspeed and the turbo cobalt went complete madmen tier compared to the GTI and the germans completely destroyed their reputations in the last 20 years.

mine is terrible

Just get a civic for 3k or fix your current car.

Honestly I agree and you're not wrong but I just can't post about my car without getting a bunch of memes (read: not facts) about "muh quality", "muh ride quality", "muh reliability" and so on

Have a brostang currently. Runs fine just looking for something with some refinement again.

Post still applies. Don't waste your money on VAGshit.

>Don't waste your money on VAGshit
>his only argument is a literal meme ("dude 3k civic lmao")

Then get a used Lexus ls430.

Weebs and their vippu

owner of mk3 polo with facelift.
i would just go for a mk3 or lower. anything after
mk2 looks like ass

Not bad cars, relatively speaking that is. All new cars have shorter lifespans than cars manufactured 20 years ago. Warranties are for pussies, not to mention the vehicles are purposely designed to be as difficult to work on yourself as possible.

Get an e-golf.

good luck finding any allocation at a dealership. Even if you have a preorder by some miracle you're gonna be caught waiting until 2018 to even see one.


It's a cute though

Get an old golf with low enough KMs on it.
I got a 3k golf 3 GL with the 2.slow with 150 000km a few years ago and I love it.
Mk2 would be even better

Don't buy new shit that'll break once warranty runs out.

i love my 1200 beetle (first car)
and my 1984 camper van even more
i drove my cousin's mk1 gti for a while and it was awesome
i used to fuck around everywhere with high school friends in a 2nd gen passat and that was super comfy
my neighbour lent me his tdi v6 touareg automatic last year and i hated it

>don't buy shit that'll break once warranty runs out
>buy 25 year old VW instead

Mk6 GTI is gud. Mk7 GTI is even better - new chassis, new engine. If you can afford the Mk7, get the Mk7, but the Mk6s are getting really affordable. I'm keeping my eyes on Mk6 Rs right meow

Pretty much what said. The mk7 is pretty in every way over the mk6 except styling in my opinion. I really want to drop my mk6 GTI for a mk6 R. My mk4 R32 has been great so far, though I know mk4 can suffer from electrical issues.

The 25 year old VW will be dirt cheap

and you'll actually be able to fix it yourself

I have a mk4 1,6l golf, how would it feel to switch to gti?

Súper fun

I need help, im thinking of getting an 2005-7 audi A3 for 8k-9k what could you guys say against it?

This is one of my options
>inb4 those rims
I plan to buy originals if I cop it

Nothing, a3's are ugly.

Mk7 is worth the price over the mk6. The mk71.8 tsi is almost as fast as the mk6 gti. All mk7s respond to tuning amazingly. Over 300 wheel hp on stock turbo and 1.8 tsi is over 300whp with gti turbo.


Dude come on, ugly?

It's a slightly fancy mk4 Golf.

but thats good tho