Hey guys, looking to get my first car

Hey guys, looking to get my first car.

I've been looking at the Fiat Punto diesel, and they seem quick and sporty for a diesel, let me know if there's any better choices, this Fiat seems too good to be true. Also, I'm from Ukraine if that changes anything.

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I'm derailing the thread, but I have a 2004 Chevy cavalier with body damage that'd cost around 1400 to fix or so I'm told, but I found a cavalier of the same color on craigslist for 600 with a blown head gasket but pristine body. Is it worth my time to learn how to transplant an engine if possible to save the money? My engine has 30000 miles, so it's pretty low. Pic related is the car I'm looking at, not mine

Something something Fiero body kit


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>Fiat Punto diesel
Just get the Fiat Punto Pop