Attainable dream car thread

Attainable dream car thread

What's your next car, Veeky Forums?

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a nsx that has seen some shit

Sorry for no pic, using app :/

you can pick up an Rx8 for $3k

not joking.

You must be ridic poor

or underaged

Id like to get a 405 T16 someday...

>405 T16


Read the post again dipshit

Not a good RX8 at that price, it'll need a $2k minimum engine rebuild. Its not that I can't afford one, it's that my current car is fine and I'm happy with it. Just that if anything happens to it, an RX8 is my first choice.

>Attainable dream car thread
>What's your next car, Veeky Forums?
Are you implying these two sentences must have the same answer?

It was for me, I guess you can pick two or just answer one.

There are no chavs where I live.
I dont think a chav could afford one here.

next your going to say that some pewgoz are ok and are even worth owning/ spending real money on

cayman gt4 or lotus evora 400/410

Sorry sempai, its just that I saw that Vattanen clip and thought that they were cool cars ;_;

MR2 SW20 Turbo (aka the best car ever made)

I dunno. I've been thinking about this question for years now.

One that drives. Any one.

Mazda speed miata or mr2 turbo
Mr2 is better but I dont have a garagr to fix shit
Miata isnt as good but stock will probably last quite some time before major maintenance
I also like detailing about as much as driving and finding a non beat to shit sw20 turbo would be HELL
What does Veeky Forums think? 10k park open to any forced indiction awd / rwd car

>$3k + $2.5k for dorito rebuild
that honestly doesn't seem too bad, the hard part is finding someone to do the rebuild or becoming competent enough to do it yourself. There's a few RX-8s for sale by me but most of them are at least $7k and of questionable quality.

Figure this would be an improvement over the C-body I drive now. How cheap are these to maintain?

>MR2 SW20

man did you ever set the bar low.

Tesla model s 75. Why not right

shits mint

Actual question, what more could you possible want off the track?

The entire purpose of the car is to be fun, and it is. It looks dope, it handles really well, and it sounds great.

Also if you have shit throttle control you will fucking die.


Pristine 2.5RS
16/17 SS


1963 VW Beetle

>dream car
What the actual fuck....
Literally the worst rotary car in every aspect

e92 M3
Fell in love when I heard the exhaust note.

I've owned an 88 Town Car and an 81 Mark VI- they're super simple and cheap to maintain because the engine and transmission are virtually identical to Crown Victorias/cop cars/Bronco/etc of the time. Most expensive thing I had done was to my Town Car, a $3000 transmission rebuild, but that was at like 230k miles

Also, get a battery with as high cold cranking amps as you can, cause those motors are big and when it's cold outside, well... they were meant to be garaged anyway

I got your back

some day...


Decently attainable.

wow that thing is gay as fuck lmao

Can be had for 30k. S54 straight sex.

>top fetish
What the actual fuck...
Literally the worst fetish in every aspect

doesn't change the fact that car is total fuckin shit loooool

You're dumb

i just want a car

i bet you think miatas are gay too

Can you not read? It's ATTAINABLE dream car. Go to the other dream car thread if you want to ogle all the supercars you'll never afford.

It's the best rotary for a daily. The RX7s are all now too old, too finicky, and too uncomfortable. They're toy cars. If you either premix, add a sohn adapter, or both, an RX8 is better. It's newer, comfortable, safer, has amenities, and will be less broken just due to age.

yea sure rx8 is great for the first 30k miles until it starts having problems

I still want an SL65 AMG.

Like owning a Hellcat...but much, much better than owning a Hellcat.

I have an FD, but this is my true dream.

>he believes the normie "rx8s are unreliable" meme

Maybe this board isn't for you...

But I already own my dream car...

Nice Levin

>go to Craigslist
>Cars and trucks
>Max year 1990
>8 cylinder
>Select all car body styles to avoid big list of old trucks
>Set your price range or zip code and distance
>Cum buckets at all the amazing cars you could own in your vicinity

I just want a fucking car Veeky Forums, that's my dream car
my car got wrecked and I won't be getting another one for a long time

What's stopping you from buying a

I've been on my parents insurance while attending high school and community college and I've had a blast learning about and taking care of the old shitbox. Unfortunately school is out and I'm moving to a college where they make owning a car really difficult (fees, etc). I planned on leaving my car at home and picking it up when my first year is up, but just as I'm about to leave some dumb bitch runs into it and fucks up the frame. Bad luck I guess. This time next year I'll be on the lookout for something off CL.

Dad used to own one back in the day.
Roomy and comfy as fuck.
I know that the price of parts will be a murder tough.

I already own it.

This or a 91 Miata honestly. A lot of these cars go for 1000 to 1700 dollars here. The only other thing I saw which peeked me was a 79 Rx-7 for 2700. Looked very clean. Someone bought it before me though. I fucking hate myself.

congrats on getting out of community college.

i went to community college, and a lot of my friends got stuck in it cause they chose to fuck around instead of focusing on their transferable GPA. thankfully i didnt and was able to get out after 3 semesters.

and sorry to hear about your car.

lol I remember running into a dude at a car meet saying his rotary truck had 400k miles on it and that rotaries last longer than people say, then I hear him tell another dude that the engine has had 4 (four) rebuilds done to it, meanwhile my friend's tacoma is at 400k miles and my volvo 240 has 450k miles on it, both with no rebuilds or major engine work short of water pumps or timing belts.
Rotards are pathetic.

Ofc it doesn't need rebuilds when you don't know how to take care of it, same goes for driving it


Audi RS3

t. RCR

My dream car would be a M3 E46 non jee tee aru

So the guy who rebuilt it 4 times didn't know to add oil to gas?
The guy at a rotary car convention who rebuilt his engine 4 times didn't know to add oil to a rotary?
How can rotards be so fucking full of dissonance it's mind boggling.

How can furries be so fucking full of dissonance its clop boggling.

Foxbody, preferably a hatch 5.0 manual

>implying the 405 T16 isn't godlike
>implying the 205 T16 isn't godlike
>implying the 106 GTi isn't fun as fuck
>implying the 205 GTi isn't fun as fuck
Come on, man.

These cost fuck all where I live. As in you can pick one up for about 1k if you're lucky.
It's ridiculous how cheap they've gotten.

All the ones I find are either rusted to shit for in decent condition and the owner wants 10k because they "know that they got"

I love foxbodies, but they handle like shit so I'm not completely torn up about it

e92 m3, almost there

Handling fix is super cheap and easy, because the rear is literally a bolt-on with any other mustang model until 2009

Also, reinforcing rods and steering gear mods are super cheap and easy to install. The point of a Foxbody is to make your own perfect vision of what the car should be. Check out Matt Farah's Foxbody for a great handling car

R.I.P in spaghetti, nerevar forghetti

My college budget doesn't really allow me to dream any further for now. Should be amazing compared to driving 75hp fwd shitbox every day though.

This or cheap BMW. e34 or e36, e30 sounds amazing, but i'll never be able to get it in good condition with miata money. BMWs have advantage of being practical - large trunk, rear seats, meanwhile mx-5 has the advantage of being small and awesome. I guess i'll get whatever i'll be able to find next year, i can't stand my shitbox anymore.

Saab 99 EMS

>most of them are at least $7k and of questionable quality
This is almost always the case with RX8s. Most of the sellers didn't do the correct maintenance for the car. When I bought my RX8 I had to drive to El Paso Texas, I live in AZ, but the seller was a RX8 forum member that knew what he was doing. 6 years later the car has great compression still, apex seals are still in good condition, and I'm sitting at 170k miles.

Atm it's a saab 9-5 aero from '01

I wouldn't dare compare amg to dodge crap and I hate mercedes

can't afford a GT4 so the S will have to do

I'd like to pick one of these up someday. Hopefully someone will figure out some kind of nutty engine swap for it that doesn't cost too much.

>not even $45k

a rotary rebuild is a lot easier and cheaper than a rebuild on a normal engine

starting to get harder to find one thats not beat to absolute shit. also wouldnt mind an xjr.

an LS-swapped 240 wagon with zero exterior indication of the amount of power it really has

if I decided to save the cash for a novelty, I'd try to find an 80s-era Espirit that wouldn't need much to be drivable

it's hard being way into synthwave/retrowave and not having a car to go with it all, and those fags aren't building new DMC-12s yet

Sex spec bro.

You sure?
I rebuilt my 22r for 1000 dollars, including machining, new pistons, new head, new cam, polished crank and surfaced deck

Mah niggas


rx8 is my current daily.

Only if you don't need new housings or rotors.

That adds another $500 - $700 to the cost.

One of these.

I actually saw one out in the wild for the first time yesterday.

What? Why would you want that hideous pigfat blob?

attainable dreamcar - 2020 zl1 (man i really hope it has the LT5 in it by then)
current car, 2016 camaro ss m6.

Dahm g where you get the hook up for low prices

why would you willingly give it downs

Those guys would make more monez if they got into the 4age 16v game too oh well