Tell me why I shouldn't do it

>tell me why I shouldn't do it

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>Super clean title

so you can whip out thousands of $ whenever a bulb fails?

I have the money, I really want something new right now

Then what are you asking on here for?

new to you 3k civic

because you could buy a piece of land and a 5 bay garage with that money.

I was looking into the R8 earlier this year but kind changed my mind, I'm looking for something really fun and mind blowing

Not to impressive chicks, just something for me

Good choice if I want to get a grocery getter and I could use one, but not interested in civics unless its a clean title eg hatch and I can throw 100k at it and build a nice drift car

Then don't waste it on a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD ITALIAN SUPERCAR. Surely there must be other, newer cars with better reputations in the same price range

My fucking god.. how much was this car new?

C6 Z06s were like 70k new and depreciated down to 35k give or take. weren't these 200k new? now they go for around 90k?

Shit, yea thats on the plans for next year I don't want property right now since I'm on a long term contract at my current place. Next year I'm shopping for property

I can't stand the Chevy's and my interest in Ford muscle cars are gone

Not a fan of Dodge

The only other thing that I really liked when I joined a local meetup was a Jag F type. These are really, really nice

Driving a used richman car gets you probably more shitfaces than driving a new really well equipped "luxury" sedan.

Everyone will see the car is kind of old but not a classic car yet, so everyone will see you didn't have enough money but want to look like you're a rich faggot.

If you get a new car that fits your budget, you will look actually like you have some monies.

you don't have to live in it you stooge. its a storage/shop/fuck around property.

You sound like my brother, he has been trying to get me to invest in property..

>so everyone will see you didn't have enough money but want to look like you're a rich faggot

Not really about money is it, just really want something fun right now. I have a fast car, but could really use something new since I don't have a family and just work all the time....

the fact it is not 150000+ means it has the notoriously faulty f1 gearbox and will continue to depreciate until the day Ferrari stops making v8s. for that money you can buy a modern faster car with possibly a warranty and faster.


go for it if all you care if about muh brand prestige and if all you want is a garage queen.

>You sound like my brother, he has been trying to get me to invest in property..

your brother is a smart man

>I have a fast car, but could really use something new since I don't have a family and just work all the time...

yeah. buy a goddamn shop for yourself. no matter what happens with the cars, you will never get tired of having a shop where you can go and fuck off, wrench on shit, or just look at your collection.

Get a manual 16/17 Chevy ss

Buy snek.

gt350 nuff said

he washed it with antibacterial soap

i like this thread

why shouldn't i buy a 911?

>83k on a 14 year old supercar
no thank you

Because the IMS will shit itself and you'll be stuck with a $15K repair bill.

can't you replace them though?

Cheaper if you replace the IMS/RMS before they go bad

Yeah, they can be done when you do a clutch job. But even if you avoid that, there's a raft of other garbage that can go wrong with the 996, along with a generally cruddy interior, build quality, etc. It's not well-regarded for a good reason.

>buying something extremely painful to drive legally on all public roads in the United States

What fast car do you already have? Will you sell it to make room for said Fezza?

This. All snek will increase in value in 2yrs. Good investment while having "fun"/shitting yourself

>OP wants a ferrari
>Buy this turd instead

whats your investment portfolio like? personally i wouldnt buy a car like this unless i could afford it solely off my investment income but thats just me. im up 10% this week alone and that 80k could have made me 8k. still hard to choose a ferrari over that.

If you can't afford 2 Italian supercars, you can't afford 1. Get a slightly used 911 Carrera or a Cayman GTS instead.

Yea its increasing this year, by a lot and I'm sitting on cash right now
This would be my fun money, I still have investments that don;t get touched and they grow in other ways

I want to enjoy myself a little bit

> investment portfolio

Do you use a professional service, you do it yourself or your company helps set it up?

You're scared faggot you will never buy a car that badass

>im up 10% this week alone
Across the board? No you're not. I don't know what metric you think you're measuring weekly growth, but you're not making 10% every 7 days.

If you are, get a loan and enjoy being a billionaire in a few years.

430s aren't too bad on maintenance, timing chain instead of belt so major service is much lighter. That one is for sure an F1 so you will eventually have a clutch failure, F1 actuators go out a lot, convertible top mechanism failures, sticky interior, other than that they are solid cars.

well i have a 401k with my company, but all my own shit is in robinhood. pretty diversified port but the bulk is in tesla which is up 70% in the last 6 months alone. holding that for long term though to retire off of.

see tesla is making me rich atm. also holding some nice ETFs and high dividend stocks and about 50% in other markets to prevent me from going broke worst case. dumping about 2k into tesla every month as i earn it and laughing all the way to the bank.

So you're just retarded. nevermind.

Volatility is a thing, you should probably look into it and do some of that math you told your teacher you were never going to use.

sure. this week was an outlier because i bought huge on the dip late monday morning. but ive seen crazy steady growth this year. im banking on tesla being the next google. i might be wrong, but if im not ill be stinking rich by 40.

>pretty diversified
>70% into a newer electric car manufacturer who loses money on each car sold

It all checks out, no problems here

70% of my port isnt in tesla, tesla is up 70% over the last 6 months. reading will help you out in life, you should learn how to do it.

>14 year old Ferrari for $30k more
>better than a brand new car that's so simple there's nothing that can go wrong
The Ferrari is gonna need service in the thousands of dollars every year. For the cost of the ferrari he could have a Chevy SS, a supercharger kit, and enough money to keep the car running for the rest of his life. All the SS is gonna a need is 8 quarts of oil and a filter every 5k miles, rear tires depending on how you drive it, and gas.

Sounds a lot better to me than a high strung, fragile exotic car that costs more than it's worth in maintenance every few years.

Fuck I cashed out all my rh and atarted investing in crypto (stupid gains) but feel like Tesla will be worth thousands in the future about to start using that as a extra little savings account

$83k is steep for a car that's been farted in for 15 years, especially an ugly one like the f430

A brand new C7 grand sport costs less and is better in every way.

>wanting a (((Ferrari)))

do you use anything for crypto investing or are you literally just buying and selling the currency itself?

dont take my advice cause i could be wrong but im fully expecting tesla to take over the world and im in for the ride. too many times ive said 'damn i should have bought bitcoins' or 'damn i should have bought apple/google/amazon'. sick of playing the shoulda/coulda/woulda game and im going with my gut on tesla.

I don't want to go the Chevy route

Why no love for the R8 or the F-type?

>punch it
>go into limp mode


>not diversifying your portfolio

stay poor faggot

Why not save yourself the maintenance headaches and go with an F-Type instead?

gtxi, atvi, ea, spy, luv, t, main, bep, sdiv are my non-tech holdings making up 50% of my port. oh, and of course some rad for dem lotto ticket merger riches.

r8 is $150 last time I checked
f-type is lame-o compared to the vette.

the unforeseen maintenance required on an old ferarri should offset any illusion of a bargain

The r8 is really nice and worth the money

Have an interesting story about it so that's why I'm interested in them

And this is why I hate automotive commentators on the Internet. Nearly every auto site I go to is just filled with fucking poorfags, stancefags, and drivefags who don't understand anything about what a car actually is. A car is a fashion statement. You buy a car because it's desirable and you want to be seen as desirable.

You're not buying a goddamn DODGE. You're not buying a shitty fucking NISSAN. You're not looking to get a BMW like every other half-successful human being on the planet. You want le Ferrari.

OP, buy that damn Ferrari. Drive it every week. If you're worried about maintenance, learn how to pamper it and make sure you never take it to the local Wal-Mart.

Do it, you can't do much better than this if that is all the case. This will be the experience of a lifetime

>He drives a chevy
>He drives a ferrari

Its a no brainer

The f430 is a great car


IF you're buying an old Ferrari you are signing up for extremely high running costs, dont think you can just pay ~80k and be on your way.

Secondly, the F430 is in a crappy spot right now. Too young to be classic like the 355 and anything older, too cheap and entry level to be considered a super rich person's car like a 488 (and still 458).

it's not even a supercar, it's the basic bitch V8 Ferrari convertible.

You can put Holden badges on it. Which it should have been in the first place, really.

Oh wow, a holden, why can't cringelords like you understand the reason why ferraris are desireable?

You can get a Gee Tee Aru for the same price

>better in every way
C'mon man.
It's a Chevy, ffs

Because Ferraris are objectively garbage to own. They're eye candy and hurrdurrring machines only.

Buy it. Then bring it back with bread pics for us to see.

Don't be a poor. Show us what you can swing, bigshot.

I will but, it wont be a Ferrari and you won't know who I am but it will be a high ticket item

night fellas, I know my options

So a porsche without the smoker's package?

Stop being a retarded GM fangirl, GM fangirl

Opinion discarded

Curious as to why you would want one.

Like, how is your life going to be different as a Ferrari owner? What does owning one mean to you?

>They're eye candy and hurrdurrring machines only
A guy who drove a Ferrari banged your gf?

I just had to stop by and say you are absolutely fucking retarded betting so much on Tesla especially after little baby Musk got his panties pissed on by us pulling out of the Paris accord. You better reconsider your portfolio before he loses his MASSIVE government subsidies that are the only thing keeping Tesla as a company.

>how is your life going to be different as a Ferrari owner?
Well, you wind up driving a fuckton more.
I took mine out every day for months after I got it.


Nah, he isn't.
Unless he means garbage in the sense that you're basically agreeing to get raped on parts and service, which you are if you buy one.
The combination of brand prestige (earned or not) along with restricted supply ensures they can pretty much charge whatever they want.
If I owned the brand, I imagine I'd do something similar.

I suppose I can understand driving for the sake of driving.

I don't know anyone who drives an extreme status symbol car. I just kind of assumed it was more of a "look at me I own a Ferrari" kind of silliness.

Not that having people envy you isn't fun (I enjoyed it on my Ducati), it just isn't something I would spend that much for alone.

That's the beauty of the world getting spammed with supercars.

The depreciation on McLarens is shocking too.

>extreme status symbol car
Where are you drawing the line on something like this?
When a car crosses a certain price it becomes a status symbol, and then a higher price turns it into an "extreme" one?

A Mercedes or Beemer is a status symbol car.

Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc are the extreme.

Tell me, why do you buy a Ferrari?
>is it comfortable to drive?
No. typically i can't even hear myself think even when you're near one
>Reliable? Affordable?
No and no. you'll probably spend more time under the hood then behind the wheel.
>Name one Ferrari you can drive in the snow
You're basically paying for a car (that unless you live somewhere without snow) you can only use for 6 months at best
>don't forget meme tax because the car wasn't expensive enough to start
No Seriously you buy a Ferrari for one reason and one reason only
>to show off.

>is it comfortable to drive?
model dependent, like most manufacturers.
as mentioned, no.
>Name one Ferrari you can drive in the snow
It's like there are whole parts of this country where it never snows. crazy huh

FF did pretty well in the snow senpai

Comfortable if you like loud things.
Stupid people like loud things by the way..
>It's like there are whole parts of this country where it never snows. crazy huh
guess you just decided that things inside parenthesis don't need to be read.

There's no such thing as a 2003 F430 Spider.

The first F430s were 2005 model years.

Also the other two photos are of completely different cars.

>loud things
it's really only obnoxiously loud if you change the exhaust to make it that way purposely.
>(unless you live somewhere without snow)
what kind of half ass argument is that?
"that convertible top works great, unless you live somewhere it rains?"

Like streets don't get plowed too.


I question if you read my post at all
i'm saying that the snow argument only works if you live somewhere with snow. and is void if you don't live somewhere with snow.

i read it, just pointing out that an argument that doesn't apply to a gigantic percentage of people isn't much of an argument.
why include it? without it you've still got a layman's opinion on reliability and comfort, plus an observation that they're expensive, which is stipulated by everyone.

You can buy low mileage 2015 porsche 911 for less money



drift car

pick one you autismo

>tell me why I shouldn't do it
You'll be the center of attention everywhere you go in it. That may be something you're looking for, but it would annoy the hell out of me. People will approach everywhere and ask what you do for a living.

I'd at least get one in black or grey, Ferraris look a lot better when they're understated (if that even possible).

>want something new
>buying an old Ferrari

Don't come here for exotic car advice. Ask people who actually know what they're talking about. 95% of the people here are poor idiots.

Why shouldn't you do it? There are so many components on any Ferrari that are prone to fail and because it's a Ferrari, it's going to be extraordinarily expensive to fix and for no good reason other than because Ferrari. Just because you can buy one doesn't mean to can afford to own one. If you can afford to own one and the idea of potentially spending 5 figures on repairs won't keep you up at night, then go for it.

Also prepare for people to drive dangerously around you. Every 18 year old will want to drive along side you and record your car with their cell phone.

Well, holy shit.
Everything in this post is true, which tells you that it's a car suited for very few people.

>You'll be the center of attention everywhere you go in it

Already the center of attention with my current vehicle and not rally a fan of the unneeded attention however I try not to pay attention to them and keep driving/in my own zone.

Also I can upgrade and throw some money at my own car but it would be a lot tougher to balance everything, I was thinking of bringing up the HP/tq to 500+ but that causes other issues if your suspension/drive train isnt built to handle that much hp

I'd like to just settle for something newish and fun

Old luxury screams "I can't really afford luxury" you'll look like a poser as well.