Brake Thread

Talking about brakes
What's the best manufacturer for your model?
Are cheap rotors better than cheap pads or vice-versa??
Who's your favorite brake fluid maker?
coated or non-coated, slotted or non-slotted, drilled or solid???

>OPs dilemma
I have a sweet set of textar rotors and pads
I got them to get a handle on what I think is rotor warp
BUT i just came up on some zimmerman rotors for ultra cheap
I like the idea of using the textars as a set but they have better packaging than the zimmermans in terms of storage
however i also came up on a set of Jurid by honeywell pads at the same time as the rotors
so i was thinking about using them, but IDK anything about Jurid quality

tl;dr- how does Veeky Forums feel about mixing pads and rotors? Has anyone heard of Jurid brake parts?

Solid coated rotors with ceramic pads

Slotted/drilled rotors are stupid. Solid ones vent more heat because more surface area.

why coated?
does it do anything besides prevent corrosion?
do I even care if I replace my rotors every 3-4 years?

The ones i bought were coated, they are still beginning to rust about 2 weeks later. They were the cheapest set on rockauto (centrics), just happened to be coated. Looks cool but I don't think the coating matters or helps.

Every time I scroll past that thumbnail, for a fraction of a second I think its a crab.

this kills the brake pad

Pretty sure Jurid was one of the OE suppliers for BMW.
Mixing pads and rotors is fine.
>Nobody will say "eww he used X brand brake pads on Y brand rotors"

If the rotors aren't coated you might think about painting the hats and around the outside edge with a high temp paint
>They will all rust eventually.


I just replaced all four rotors and pad sets. OEM everything.
I shouldn't have to do any of this again for the life of the vehicle.

saved, thank you for your toil in the shoop mines

>he didn't change the brake lines
>he doesn't know avg. brake component life is 5 years
you may squeeze another use out of the rotors with a resurfacing, but it isn't much cheaper than new ones
lel you're gonna do it again br/o/
sometimes they say lifetime warranty, but that doesn't mean what you think it does
>wear life of the part, not your life
>once it hits minimum thiccness it's trash

I'm not too bothered about brakes for my truck; as long as I keep them functioning and serviced they do more than fine

I have had drilled rotors on motorcycles, and can't say I'm a fan as they have a tendency to start cracking in the holes after a while

And also; thats my old brake pad from the Mercedes

How little do you drive your car?

>oh my god becky, look at his rotors
lel nah i was more worried about using an inferior pad/other weird shit
just looking at both sets of pads the edges are beveled at different angles
and honestly the jurid ones look like a drunk guy did it
>brake rattle clips aren't as impressive as the textars
>shallower bevel
>didn't even knock the burrs off
but maybe that's a feature...
>listed at a higher price
yah probably a feature

both sets of rotors I have are coated,
but these are the first "good" ones I've ever bought
using centric pads and resurfaced mystery OE rotors that came with car currently
I'm usually too cheap to go for coated so no exp.
also zimmerman supposedly is also a BMW OE supplier
so that knowledge combined with know about the jurids makes me feel better about mixing them
thanks for advice an/o/n

>brakes that work are the tits
noted, ebin pr/o/tip my man
but what kind of manufacturers do you have access to in scandia?
is there a shit tier you won't touch?
>example: in burgerstan it's URO parts (with an umlaut over the u)

>saved as the_horror.jpg

same, they were the ones available for my vehicle
I usually use uncoated cheap ones and it works fine for me since nosalt

Eh, I suppose you can get whatever you need - Brembo, OEM, cheap chink shit. Its all about where you buy and what you wanna pay

A lot of people hate on the cheap shit.. I've used it on a few different cars and never had anything to complain about. Sure, wouldn't put'em on a track car or something like that, but for a DD its just fine

As long as they are TÜV-certified they're good to go

I didn't resurface, I replaced.
It's 175000 miles and I will probably be selling it within 5 years at the most.

>TUV certified
we don't get nice things like that here
we focus on brands and reputations
so when cost cutting happens we can be the cannon fodder
>capitalism intensifies
the zimmermans say "see catalog for complete applications"
so I am guessing no cert.
the textars are EAC marked
so they are blyat rated?

>he didn't read my post
tsk tsk
>you may squeeze another use out of the rotors with a resurfacing
this is true, and i never implied you had resurfaced
>It's 175000 miles and I will probably be selling it within 5 years at the most.
>thinks one pad and rotor change will get him to 225k miles
>thinks after that many miles the brake lines aren't shot
you are mistaken friend