Smoker's package

>smoker's package
>niggers have audacity to say it was a non-smoker car
>majority of Porsche's have smoker package

What the FUCK is wrong with people smoking in a 100k+ car?


Nor will you ever be able to buy a Porsche...

gas yourself

I love how you have the audacity to shitpost on here about a smoking package out of all things then post your investment portfolio like you're some macho're not worthy of even being behind any Porsche product. Keep on trying to make it look like you're living the lavish life when you're not.

Every used car has been smoked in or grosser things. Every single one. Choke on that.

wow u have 100k in your bank account. you're in the big boy league now. that a lot to you?

Also, if you've have seriously shopped new Porsches (which you haven't with that kiddie pool tier portfolio), you'd know that pretty much everything is an individual option on these cars, down to the material and color of individual trim pieces that you would never even be aware of if the option sheet didn't have them listed. Go richLARP somewhere else aspirational poorfag.

not the person you replied to but I wouldnt necessarily call him a poorfag but I wouldnt call him rich either lol

Can you buy me some asian fart porn?

If that is his entire portfolio...he's not touching the IRA without getting buttfucked on penalties.

The Brokerage account at $115.5k is decent if he's under early 30's, but the thought of liquidating 1/4-1/3 of it for a used porsche is beyond stupid as well as both the historical and contemporary usage of the term, niggerrich.

Most people who do this buy giant diesel bro-trucks.

>Implying that's a lot
If that's your entire investment portfolio you're not in a position to be shopping for new porsches.
Also I would get the smoker package in any car I bought that offered it, because you know what? Cars are supposed to come with ash trays and cigarette lighters. Fuck all this PC nonsense. I don't even smoke, but I don't want to live a world without smokers.

Stay jelly poorfags. You all wish you had money like me. Have fun living in your mother's basement for the rest of your pathetic lives

Op you want a used Porsche that no ones smoked in get a 944.
there's so many you'll find one that there's no smoke in sooner or later
>don't want to live in a world without smokers
I can't think of one good thing smoking brings. care to tell me why you LIKE having these people around? not trying to be a dick or anything im just saying i really want to know.

>I can't think of one good thing smoking brings
cuban cigars. or DR cigars.

Smokers are unpretentious. They know they smell and are paying money to slowly kill themselves. Also they're usually much sluttier.

Porsche fags usually get every option available
Even if they use it or not

>smokers package
Isn't this just an ashtray? There's a thousand uses for an ashtray ither than smoking
I don't even use my Ash tray when smoking in the car

I don't smoke, I detest it in fact but I use the ashtray for coins and the lighter doubles as a power outlet anyway.

ayy same as me almost exactly, little less brokerage little more retirement, just turned 26.

Don't get a porsche 911 though bro, just keep saving and get a used cayman or used corvette.

My investment portfolio is three times yours and I wouldn't even dream of buying a new honda, let alone a porsche.
But I grew up around investing. I've seen what happened to the people who lived modestly, and the people who didn't.
One of the richest guys of my childhood now lives in hundreds of thousands of debt at 60 years old. He had private jets, all the new super cars, houses, vacation homes.
Everything. They couldn't print enough money for that guy. But the guys who drove used shit boxes, a lot of them are now retired multimillionaires vacationing half the year.
The best thing you could do is to take some advice from successful smart people in your life. Your friends can make you rich in your early adult life, but they can't keep you rich into your retirement.

This shitposting is all well and good, but I have a custom ordered Porsche so I know the real reason.

It's because the smoker's package gives you a lid to cover an empty space in the console and you get an extra 12V port. For this reason most people get the smoker's package when ordering a Porsche. I didn't.

Why do you keep trying to talk yourself up here, Ethan? We all know you're a poorfag with a shitty used BMW

This isn't a reason.
sounds like a generalization,typically most smokers i know don't have a high income and i think thats a bigger factor then them smoking can you explain how smoking makes them unpretentious?
>Know that they smell and are paying to kill themselves
Don't know about you but causing health problems for yourself isn't good.. unless you can convince me otherwise
> usually much sluttier
First thing on the list i could even consider good in a way but still another generalization i don't see how smoking increases ones sex drive or change the way the present themselves

>This isn't a reason.
it's not a reason to you, but you probably don't like cigars so nothing anyone said will appeal to your mindframe.

>I wouldn't even dream of buying a new honda, let alone a porsche.
Yes all of my cars are used, and the newest is 18 years old.
I am a poor fag. And op is worse off than me.
Blowing that much money when you're that poor is retarded, ask any financial expert, People don't like to admit it, but the middle class is dead in the united states, debt slavery is real, and the only source of power is money. When you have money you have freedom. Don't give your freedom security away to the big Jew. Don't get talked into spending money you're not secure enough to spend.

MDfag here, enjoy your rotting teeth, sagging skin, and clogged lungs by the time you hit your 30s

And don't even get me started on small cell carcinoma. No, quitting smoking after your diagnosis isn't going to change the fact that you can be dead as soon as a couple weeks

You have good advice, but you're still a poorfag

Faggot for sure

>tfw no asian poot tapes

I'm asking what does smoking benefit the user why do we keep it around? For lung cancer? For second hand smoke? Lung tar? You cant just take the most expensive thing in the smoking world ( to my knowledge) and say this is why smoking is great.

I thought you owned an electric car

what does art do to benefit the world and why do we keep it around? for mixed opinions? for shitty hobbies? you can't just take the most expensive piece of canvas and not show anyone and say art is great.

because it brings satisfaction to the individual, stop trying to make this a cultural thing. In America, it's not about what is great for everyone around me but personal satisfaction. By banning something like smoking because you don't like it is a very vehement expression of a fascist mindset.

can i have $1000? the engine in my MR2 is dying

Hey retard, do you even know what the Smoker's package is?

It's literally an ashtray and a 12V plug. People get it so they can use the 12V plug and the ash tray as storage for coins in shit

t. rennlist extraordinaire

I'm that retard that bought a Macan Turbo and an S line Q7

Holy shit, you're even sadder than I thought.

>trying this hard

Last time i checked no ones ever died because of art.
Nobody had to sit next to a artiest and had years of their life shaved off.
what you just said was fucking stupid.
Maybe this is why we keep smoking around to get idiots like you out faster.

>Last time i checked no ones ever died because of art.
You must have never checked. Dying for your art is a death to strive for if you're an artist.

for someone who is trying to argue from an intellectual high ground, you are failing to understand your own fallacy.

I am not arguing against art, I am arguing that you are trying to change human nature because of your own concept of "right" and "wrong" which is arbitrarily biased.

Art has destroyed more lives than hard drugs.

Shut your nigger mouth you cuck

>t. doesn't smoke in his vehicle
stop being poor

Is that by welshire golf course?
I look for you everyday senpai.
What is your baiku?

that was off yosemite, right before belleview.

baiku is in the garage, where it is supposed to be when I am not riding.

I'm talking about the art literally killing you. drawing with a pencil or something doesn't put a hole in your neck just ask my google buddy Hampton if the Cuban cigars where worth it
you'd make a fair point though if you wanted to say die by Muslims shooting up charlie hebdo
i Get what you're point is but using art as your example is stupid.
Not to mention you opened up whole new realm of stupid by taking the
>don't worry about the future you'll be too dead to care
This is exactly why we have people they say fuck trying to save the environment
Sure buddy. could i get some of the drugs you're on?

I guess that could be SB Yosemite leaving 225 right before belleview.

I am not saying not to worry about the future, I am saying stop trying to take away an individuals right to their own destiny because it makes you uncomfortable.

that's it. I used to live with a family friend in Greenwood Village but I am now on the denver/aurora border near there.

what car is yours my dude?

If your gonna be niggerrich stop complaining about a smokers package jesus christ man the pomposity is fucking ridiculous.

>have ~ 2.5m in assets
>afraid to spend more than 7k on a car.

Maybe when I'm old I'll buy something nice.

I never said take away your right to fill your body with chemicals
>makes you "uncomfortable"
Pic related
>my overall point
With all the negatives smoking gives where is the positive thats what im asking you

Most people don't, they ash out the window like they human garbage they are. Unfortunately for the rest of us they're only killing themselves slowly.

the positive is up to the individual.

I have already told you I can not explain the positive to you because you refuse to understand this concept of personal choice or preference.

>Kkk gayboy compares smoking to art
Retarded kid doesn't deserve replies

You must live near Walter Peck.
Colorado Veeky Forums meet when?

So what you're telling me is for a few moments of pleasure it makes up for all the negatives?

to them, yes.

otherwise they wouldn't partake.

who knows. if you have a motorcycle, I am trying to ride with cactus. Just got a busa. you don't live off hampden do you?

You have a 928?
Maybe you could help OP pick a Porsche better then the overpriced shit he currently wants.

Easter island,pls

I've been trying to save for a 600 for a little while now.
I don't know if I'll be able to get one this year.
I'll be moving soon so I really gotta sell some wheels, which might be able to cover the cost a bike by themselves though.

buy in winter, they're cheapest then. If you need a truck to move it, I can help probably.

You live on Iliff?


bruh I lived on iliff like 6 years ago before I moved to steamboat. They still do massive meets and cruises on hampden?

I was at the havana cruise last weekend. was p lit. I haven't seen anything lately but you can constantly hear the street racing.

Havana! Thats right! We used to race on cherry creek reservoir after midnight. I'm not sure if thats where they still run or not.

You are taking as if there is some philosophical or any other non physical reason behind smoking other than a nicotine addiction
Theres not

do you drink non-caffeinated soda?

nevermind I reread your comment and realized how autistic you are.

Depends what kind of soda it is. What's your point?

>Smoke smokes
>nicotine high
>get addicted to it and keep smoking
Explain how I'm autistic

>spending your own money
>fucking kek
I borrow more money a year than you earn

Borrowing with interest rates lower than inflation

Trump is fixing that don't worry.

nah too many loopholes to even close.

Who buys a car without a smokers package? I've never smoked but always spec it by default.

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