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Opinions on these vents on black 5.0?

Deciding between these and carbon fiber ones shaped like the OEM hood vents.

Is ghost cam tune bad for the engine?

Its not damaging to the engine
why tune for no power and shit mpg to sound like something you arent
in my opinion
if you want to sound like you have cams
go buy 4 of them and put them in the car


How much hp can I squeeze out of the coyote with bolt ons? Intake, tune, exhaust (h-pipe and muffler delete), headers, whatever else.

this is my 2012 with all those mods
boss302 manifold
airraid intake
kooks headers
o/r x pipe
dyno tune

cams and ported heads are too expensive for the gains made on coyote

so anything past this is gonna be boost

one day it will have it but for now even my 295s cant handle any first gear fun. 400 whp is a pretty good amount imo, not too much not too little.

At a meet. Mach 1 is my brother's.
Only thing I've done to it is buy some cheap h pipes from AM because stock exhaust sounded like a kitten.

those look perfect together, even though we drive basically a better version on the mach 1s 4v 4.6 ive always wanted to drive one idk why.

Yeah it's a cool little car. I like the shaker hood. The guy that owned it before my brother did a whole bunch of shit to it. Cold air intake, aluminum driveshaft, lowered racing suspension, short gear and muffler delete. It's loud as shit and goes "pop pop pop" when he downshifts or stops giving it gas. Louder than mine.

yeah i swapped 3.73 into mine and x pipes so i can just slowly get up to 3k in 2nd let off and its machine gun fire haha i love it

im curious to how you do a cai on a ram air design

Love the Mach 1, I had a 2004 V6 so the New Edge holds a special place in my heart.

Muffler deletes are great.

Quick question. My 5.0 is automatic, do the manuals have automatic rev matching on the downshifts similar to the paddles?

i do not believe so, only one of the big three i know that does that is camoro

Tbh I'm glad I went with auto, stick is fun but I love the paddles, it's faster by a little, and dealing with Long Island traffic saves me some headache.

I don't think it does. Or at least I haven't figured out how to turn it on.

i mean yeah really no need for the mustang only manual stigma here.
all our cars are great to us and unless you honestly dont like something about it there should be no shame.
i have a junk yard miata for all my manual fun, and my mustang is my drag project one day it will make 707 wheel i swear.

Get the CF OEM vents. The ones in the picture make it look like cheap plastic.

i assume these are the same person
but if not still
i like your weeb air fresheners

2015 premium with performance pack. Only mods I've done is the air raid intake and roush axle back

You guys have problems with your batteries?
Twice already the dealer has tested a bad battery. I was reading online that the infotainment system is the problem. That you have to manually turn off the radio first before turning off the car.

Never had this issue, and I'm running a 600w kicker amp with a 12" sub and a dashcam system with battery pack

No problem here. I've had the rear camera bug out on me a few times on a hot day but that's it really

hey so im this guy i was just wondering my car hits 40~ in first gear and just about everytime i try to do a pull in first i light up the tyres
i have 295 pss as ive mentioned
rear sway bar
and pan hard bar

i can get it to hook ive im very particular about acceleration but past the mods i know of that i havent put like rear lower control arms and becoming a better driver do yall have any suggestions?

I own a '65 but here's a pic with it granddaughter

What kind of tires?

My friend's dad has an M6 with pilot super sports and it always kicks loose. Sometimes it's just how it is. But that car makes like 560hp. If you have shit tires that could be why.

thinking about getting a 2015 with the premium package for those comfy leather seats, how is the infotainment? I've heard bad things about myfordtouch before

Sync 2 kinda sucked, look for a 2016 with sync 3 it's amazing. I have a 2017 and it came with apple car play. I love it

i mean pilot super sport k1s

Will 18" wheels clear the Perf Pack brembos? For winter tire purposes of course

Also does anyone have the Ford Racing power/handling packs? Keeping warranty is nice