Hi everyone, i'm new to this board, coming from /tv/. so can someone bring me up to speed with what happens around here...

hi everyone, i'm new to this board, coming from /tv/. so can someone bring me up to speed with what happens around here? what memes, good and shitty tripfags, etc.

The war between manual and Auto transmissions, tripfags are always faggots which can be ignored, million threads of chilling for some various shitboxes. Veeky Forums is full of busriders and benchracers, quality Threads are rare.

And many more shit Threads which you will know very quickly since they are started Every day for new

Also dont be a faggot, Never buy a miata or this shitbox from initial Dick

Very few people here drive cars that cost more than $10k, the Renault Twingo is our official meme / mascot car (pic related) because the front end looks like a happy face, and there are several daily cancer threads regarding which car is better between the Nissan GT-R and the Corvette Z06.

Everything is awful.
Leave while you can.

Imagine /v/ but with cars.

This board is dead and buried at the hands of 3 turboautists. Please send mods.

They should make a board for that.

It doesn't matter because the shitters will stay here. We've tried to make benchracing general but they ignored it and kept shitting up other threads.

Golden rule of the board right here


Right on fucking cue, the shitters arrive.

Report /osg/ as much as you can for advertising, they are cancer

That film is fucking awful

Lap time posting or Jee tee aru vs GM baits


Basically filter out anything that has GT-R, Z06, Twingo or Miata in the thread title. It won't eliminate all the cancer but it will get most of it.

miata guys are some of the few people on this board that actually track their cars and go to autoX, or do any real sporty driving at all. besides them, you have /dbt/ and their handful of guys with zero chicken strips.

4WDMR2 is the most attractive, best driver, coolest trip fag and has all the best threads

>track driving is the only driving worth while.

Ur a faget

Twingo threads are surprisingly productive.
There's a guy who's converted one of his Twingos to a ute and put in a Clio RS engine, and another who's taken his Twingo for a couple of laps around the Nurburgring.

Troll threads started by alphonse (aka musashi) who also uses other names. Sometimes he makes spam floods early in the morning to push the good threads off.

>official meme car
>not the Volvo 240

be prepared for
>corvette vs gtr
>tripfags (mrcummy being the worst)
>ralliart poster (I like him)
>the occasional gt86 spam wave
>buttmad poorfags that will shit talk anything that costs more than $7000

>not frolo

If you drive a practical medium sized pre 2000s pickup and practice good maintenance then you belong here.

>MrCummy is a furfag who can't turn
>GS400guy is a Stancefag
>Alphonse is spam king but has a few good points in his replies
>Iamthebusiness is obsessed with Mitsubishis but barely posts anymore
>Frosty is legendary but (maybe) out of jail
>/ovg/ has a handbag of bench racer tripfags and a few who actually race outside their parents basement
>ralliart poster might as well basement

Aside from them
>Initial D and Super Eurobeat
>LS swap everything memes
>Muh pushrods
>turbo vs supercharger
>gtr vs corvette
>everyone loves the twingo
>brz/86/frs has no power lol
>my honda with a few simple mods

Just lurk for a week, you'll get it

>18 year olds and niggerspics who think you're a pussy if you don't go 50 in a 30

>might as well basement
What the fuck. Meant he might as well be a tripfag

>what happens around here
a poster name prezo gets abused daily by soviet over pic related

>>not the Volvo 240

Hey, it's the guy who spins out at 5mph again

Gtr vs corvette and valvetrain shitposting is cancer, not "memes".

This board is run by poor fags.

Some are respectable masters of making things run forever on a low budget.

Some are nu-males attempting to make themselves feel better for having a 3k civic.

Ford Fiesta ST is overrated as fuck because it's the only 'sports' car poorfags can afford.

Thus if you post your BMW / Audi / Cadi / Porsche you will get abused for not buying a FiST

Hello shitskin

sperg more

/OSG/ and /OVG/ are the places you want to go if you want constant shitstorms, /HG/ is surprisingly the most helpful and peaceful.


subscribe to scotty or fuck off

Can someone explain chicken strips to a cager pls?

>ferrari is for fags, i know because i owned one
>well not me personally, but this guy i know

Unworn strips either side of the tyre due to lack of cornering angle to wear it off.
The assumption is that the rider is too chicken to lean any further/ride faster to wear them down.

Bike tires are round like a torus and car tires are square like a cylinder. Going straight with a car wears the whole face of the tread; going straight with a bike wears the center of the tread only. You have to lean a bike to turn it; you have to lean it more to make the same turn faster. Leaning over and going fast are scary; you're chicken if you don't do this. The faster you go and the more you lean, the thinner the strips of unworn tread at the edges of your tire before the sidewall begins. The truism is that if someone has big chicken strips they are a poor rider.

Of course, this isn't a very accurate gauge of skill because you don't need to hit a track day to get rid of them. You can scrub off your strips by some parking lot hooliganism or by leaning way more than is optimal for stability or speed just for the sake of leaning. And of course on the flip side a skilled rider can have just changed their tires or be on their Texas-highway-commute bike with the track bike at home.

You are subhuman if you think it isnt