SuperShit oil


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Why pay $18 for that shit when you can get Rotella T6 for $3 more?

rotella is only 1gal (4qt), that's a 5qt jug

Why pay $18 when the conventional 5-qt jug is $11?

Because it's not better. Supertech is almost as good as Rotella. If you're going to spend the money go Valvoline or Mobile 1.

I can't find it anymore but some guy did a bearing wear test and oil viscosity after use test with a shit ton of different motor oils.
If I remember correctly the big surprises were that Royal Purple was utter shit, and Valvoline Full Synthetic was one of the best.
The expected Mobile 1 was at the top of the list and Redline was at the top of the list.

Ever since I read that, I've purchased Valvoline "Synpower" (Full Synthetic) for all of my car's as it received high scores and has a decent price.

Check out various oil tests at the 540RAT Oil Database website and blog.

Neat link.
thnx babe

Nice guy, but he doesn't test Supertech.

>synthetic oil

>being so fucking broke that you cheap out on motor oil

Negro, Pennzoil Platinum is the best shit out there and its like $25 at Walmart. Go pan handle a little bit more, Jamal.

don't be a retrad just get motor craft

yeah I'm going to pay twice as much to put fancy oil in my $500 360k mile shitbox

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It's made by mobil, and even if it wasn't, any oil that passes the SAE tests and gets their stamp is a good oil.

I mean, it's better than nothing, but Mobil1 and Castrol Edge are only a few dollars more.

I stick with OEM everything if I can help if. Motorcraft all the way yeeeewww

>tfw free oil and filters from work

>thieving nog

I'm not stealing.

I wouldn't trust it to lubricate a hot turbo, but for an engine its fine.

lol i know that feel bro

worked in a body shop we had literal drums and drums of oil just laying around.

this is how shops can afford to do fucking 15$ oil changes sometimes