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>mfw someone thought it would be a good idea to give a class 12 (twelve) ramp cards which also have secondary effects

>giving him any kind of attention

You're part of the problem too.

I hate them tripfags, well said comrade!

Catacomb is cancer.

Probably the worst deck I've played against in my SV history and I've played against Elana/OTK/Seraph/Banner/Aggro Blood.

Paedophilia is wrong!

>Catacomb is cancer.
Yeah, he should be like 4 peepees or have a 2-3 turn cooldown on his condition. Shit's dumb.

If pedophilia is wrong why did the good lord make little girls so cute?

Pedophilia is wrong but paedophilia varies depending on your country.

Oracle is all around GOAT as well as on-cost draw once
Aiela is too slow and understatted
Ethica has an understatted evo
Fervor requires you to be able to absorb the tempo loss
Sibyl means you're playing, stat-wise, an on curve follower instead of a 6/7 drop

If it wasn't for board size and deck size caps you guys would be terrorized by the tier 0 disco flute menace

>T1 Skull Beast
>T2 Spartoi
>T3 Catacomb
>T4 Orthrus
>T5 Cerberus
>T6 Howl

Real kids are fucking disgusting anyway.

>no reaper

Holy shit you're right ramp is so bad, dragon must be unplayable right now!

Sing me the song of your people while posting your deck so I can tell you why a deck that isn't equipped to stop something dies to the thing it's not equipped to stop.

Wow Sibyl is so weak

I didn't say it was unplayable

What deck is equipped to beat shadow? And when they go first?

>he said that while posting huge tattas
What did he mean by this?

Who's Luna?

So what exactly is this thread even good for?
Nobody here can play the game, 90% of the people here are netdeckers that couldn't make a functioning deck on their own if their life depended on it.

Mods, please delet this thread. It's a waste of space.

I'm going to make a deck like this later on. I was using a ghost variant before Tempest hit. I'm having too much fun right now playing a hail merry Vampi deck that either wins or trips.


>buhu netdeckers


Post your deck

Netdecking is the only way to play this game.

>Bephelgor and Beast Dominator will never bully you with their feet

I'm going to save this game one expansion at a time.


Homebrew can't compete with meta decks for the most part. There's just a raw power gap in the cards. Tempo bats is never going to outdo tempo shadow no matter how much you want it to. Support cannon wont slay the dragon.

>tfw Meme Dealer was a garbage lego, and is suddenly playable
>tfw Meme Dealer is on my things to craft list
>tfw I'm hoping to open Meme dealers from my Standard packs

I want to make Luna cum so many times she passes out in a puddle of her own love juice!


The other 10% cry when their "homebrew" shit decks don't work, or just change one card in a netdeck and think that they've made a revolutionary deck.

>tfw no meme peddlers, no beast dominators, 1 belphegor, no queen vampires and no matriarchs but FIVE bloody mary and two maestroms

People with sense told you he was fine, he just didn't have the support cards he needed.

Hey guys, I'm playing this game has less than a week, what's the problem with the blonde little girl? Why do people give up?


>wah netdecking
cringey cunt.

Maybe you need to take a break if you're feeling sad, user.

Because they're wonderful and need to be protected. How else better to persuade us to protect them than make them cute. The good Lord's ways are best protect the lolis

These are woman of good age

Luna's the werewolf on the left, leader of a werewolf tribe in RoB. Her and Vania had an event together. Werewolves and Vampires being hunted by an Apostle wielding the sacred silver weapons

If you could stop banishing my pixie's paradise and titania's sanctuary some time I'd appreciate it.

What causes the namefag to stay in this thread for so long?

Dunno, Vampy is fine.

People like you who talk about him. Just get 4chanx and filter all namefags and since4pass.

Mental illness. He even gets ignored most of the time but even then he will just change his name and reply to as many people as possible with shallow posts to get a reaction.

Its pretty sad desu

to the pedocraft player I popped 2 grails on but didn't kill for like 8 turns straight: I am sorry

>Too retarded to alter game files for private use so every card that summons tokens has Bellringer's Angel's face on it, and the tokens are replaced by Bellringer Angels.

>Not enough necromancy cards and minth never lives beyond her turn
>Sexton's pp cost and the limited board space is prohibitive
>Can't justify crafting ghoul's banquet
>Can't draw from that expansion because I need totg cards and will still need them by the time june rolls around
Spook-craft never. I can't see them ever raising board space or in a way that doesn't make it unplayable.

The same autism that drives them to use a pass flag on an anonymous imageboard instead of leaving to jerk themselves off on the forum or reddit.

Ignoring a tumor doesn't change that it's going to kill you.

If Angels are Neutral.
What is Bishop even supposed to be?

Walfrid + Leo or second Albert + Support cannon?
I kinda need high cost cards

>opened three Minthes and an animated Minthe on day 1
>cutest card in the expansion
Cygames, why

>minth never lives beyond her turn
This is the savior minthe needs.

Her day will come. There will be the day where our foes face down over 30 skeletons and ghosts.

>Shadow will get an "Assassin"
>But it wont work with Minthe
It's coming, we've drawn its attention

>not changing every sound effect to ding dong

Because spirit cycle conspires against you.

>destroy an allied follower. return it at the end of your opponent's turn.

The evil part is pretty easy, Satanism/Nihilism. The good guy part is the people who worship the faith that the angels serve, along with magical animals I guess.

>here's your song
John Henry said to his captain
A man ain't nothin' but a man
Before I let your steel drill beat me down
I will die with a hammer in my hand
Yes I'll will die with a hammer in my hand
I will die with a hammer in my hand my Lord
Die with a hammer in my hand~


>Completely missing the point
My midshadow is entirely netdecked and my aggro has been the same since the start of the meta. Doesn't mean i can't explore other builds and crafts.

These responses really reflect the shitter mentality. I guess according to this shitcircle of a thread i should just netdeck a aegis deck that doesn't fucking work and then cry ENDLESSLY about how shitty it is instead of using my fucking braincells to contribute something to the deck.

I'd rather splice it in with existing lines.

>I guard DINGDONG-hime
>DINGDONGS prepare for battle!

>Never get to have a board with 3 grave desecration, spirit cycle, 3 ghoul's banquet with a partial board up to play a ghostly rider into sexton, howl, catacomb for ~18 skellytons
Why live in this cruel world?

>tfw 0 cards in hand/play and you topdeck albert to win
Eat shit dragoniggers

>Homebrew can't compete with meta decks for the most part.
I'm a pioneer, I'm an explorer
I'm a homebrewer, and I'm coming!
I'm animated, I'm alive, my deck's big!
It's got hot combos, playing through it fast.
I like to fight too!
I like to win! I like to have win streaks!
I'm here! I've got a high score!
This is a homebrewer, this is what we look like!
This is what we act like! This what everybody was like before us.
This is what I am, I'm a throwback. I'm here!
I've got the fire of human creativity! I'm playing memes everywhere!
And homebrewers are turning on everywhere!

Actually now that I think about it. If we had unlimited board space, you could pretty reliably get 2 ghoul's banquet around turn 6 or so with a decent stack of shadows. Then howl would give you 3 ghosts for each shadow for probably around 30 something ghosts. With a sexton that lets you exponentially run away with it on top of catacomb turning them into skeletons. Which would all die to themis/bahamut/revelation/calamitous/lightning blast anyway

I just hate so much that you can't flood with hellflame dragons, bats, faeries, ghosts/skeleton/zombies

delete this

Friendly reminder that Daria is still alive.

Why the fuck are gobu and feena neutral not forest cards. Forest doesn't have a good 5pp follower and they are mostly used by forest anyway.

Fuck I am brainwashed by gobu's pikapika voice line everytime I play her. Whenever I see forest I expect pikapika meta shita gobu.

>forest doesn't have a good 5pp follower

I just had this curve, it was for my win 2 ranked mission. Felt good finishing it in under 10min.

She's 7pp and you know it.

Running the mammoth dream team?

Reaper, assassin/maid leader, dragonnewt/mushussu/zell, vania/dmg on follower guy, dwarf alchemist, Kel off the top of my head

They have Tia, robin hood, pegasus elf, jungle warden

Jungle Albert too

EPM is played for a reason


>check missions yesterday
>3x 20g quests after reroll
>get this today
Th-thanks, Cygames

Is it better to buy a pack or an Arena run?



Is she though? Is she?

if you need non-standard packs then just buy them, unless you can get four wins

Just buy packs, the end goal is to open packs anyway.


What do you guys think, any room for Mangroves in here?

I went 4-1 the last two times but I usually end up at 3-2. I guess just buying the Tempest packs is a better use of the gold then. Thanks.

arena only ever gives standard for ~30 min. I don't bother if I don't have a ticket. all the good shits in other packs.

Mammoth is fun


i would really appreciate a non-concede match before bed!


>try this retarded meme card opening technique
>get ouroboros
ok, I guess I will try this retarded meme card opening technique again.

>gameai doesn't list it
>it's not viable
okay buddy

Non-standard for silvers then Arena and just craft what you want.


I'd love to hear your alternative

It's confirmation bias. Like the A/B/AB mash/hold/press once pokemon thing in pokemon Red/Blue/Green.



good night anons

Something that's happened 100% of the time for me is that if you flip the rightmost card first, it'll be a silver, I don't know if it goes up in rarity though.

>take two

>2 ToG packs

pick one

if you mash b you're literally hitler

>turn 3
>waiting for opponent
Come on bro

We need more of these

>I can read it
Learning Japanese is worthless they said.

>reddit user edited his post to apologize for being overly critical and emotional
>also sucks the NGE staff's cock
you fucking pussy. can't believe I stood up for you even knowing you were a redditor scum that couldn't stop using reddit spacing even on Veeky Forums.
i'll never defend a redditor again. they really are all faggots

>He can read katakana
Holy shit user!