Who's actually right in this case?

EE or DeMemero

None you weirdo!

Dougs complaint basically boils down to its FWD and doesn't have enough power so it's a poor comparison to the RS or the WRX STI. I don't really agree with his other complaints like the styling or that it doesn't sound good, because I honestly think it does sound and look pretty good.

Being fwd seems to give it a bad 0-60 in comparison to the RS, but the zero torque steer means a big part of why people don't like FWD is gone. still, if the 0-60 is 5.7 that is quite slow, and I can see why there's criticisms of "it pretends to be fast but isn't" exist. And like Doug said, if you upgrade it at the end of the day it's still fwd, there are better platforms.

Still to say it's a flop is dumb. This car is some pretty top notch engineering.

Both of them.

I have no idea who those people are.

It's also amazing how much faster the Type R is on the track compared to the STI, RS, Golf R, etc etc given that drivetrain and power disadvantage.

Yeah imo it's kind of ugly, but it's an engineering masterpiece.

Why did Honda insist on making it FWD though?
To show off their FWDengineering-penis or to avoid additional drivetrain powerloss?

DeMemero also did the hands off the wheel torque steer test. Cherry picking indictes that you may be a butthurt Honda fanboy looking for validation on an Icelandic horse whispering message board.

>To show off their FWDengineering-penis

100% certain it's this.

>This car is some pretty top notch engineering.
I kind of getting tired of this. Japanese seems hell bent on showing how how great their engineering can be, but it never translates to much in reality. The new NSX has some top notch engineering in it, but the end result is a far cry for what people were expecting. And Toyota is doing the samething with the new Supra. They can't just make a car that people want. They have to be show offs and the result is the cars performances suffers. With how well the type R performs with fwd, it Honda just went with a rwd drive the type R would be a monster within that price range.

FWD penis

aka fwd e peen

Dememero is a faggot, when you drive a civic type-r no one gives a flying fuck about the back seats and if you've got passengers, fuck them

>doesn't have enough power
its faster than the RS and WRX sti because of the torque

Seems like Dememero is rather used to "review" anything non-sporty

Is 5.7 really concidered slow? I figured like 6.5 and up is slow...

So then whats concidered fast? What typed of cars achieve this?

what a disappointing piece of shit :(

Nothing 7 or under is slow, it's just slower off the line than the competition. It's a stupid thing too obsess over when the 0-60 is still pretty good anyways since that demographic will be going to muscle/pony cars over hot hatches anyways.

When has the Civic not been FWD?

Wasn't there that one wago civic that was available with 4x4 or something?

I could totally be hallucinating though.

you're right there was but it was from 1996 IIRC

The type of car that could achieve a faster 0-60 than the type r would be a v6 mustang.

Why is it there are no average looking automotive journalists, just disfigured skinnyfat freaks? Feels almost like cars beyond a to b econoboxes are purchased for the sole purpose of compensating for ones shortcomings?

RWD with torque steer? lul it's not likely

Honda's a shit.

I'm not to lie. I don't like one single car Honda makes. But if they announced a 300hp rwd anything it would catch my attention.

>Cherry picking
where exactly did he the cherry picking?
where did he say EE did the torque steering test first?

Personally I find difficult to buy a hot hatch for the price of a camaro ss or a mustang gt. I dont care how faster they are on a track if they are only mediocre on the street and anyway why would you bring an expansive car on a track most street cars have barely enough cooling for short sessions.

If your primary concern is power per dollar, then yeah, American muscle is so far ahead of everything else it's not even funny.

For me though, the appeal of a hot hatch is that it's small and utilitarian. Plus I just love how they look, like athletic little eggs. But I also like the cheap and relatively good MPG aspects of them too, so I'd be getting something like a Fiat 500 Abarth or Fiesta ST over the Type R or RS.

>The new NSX has some top notch engineering in it, but the end result is a far cry for what people were expecting
People wanted the old NSX with a gorillian horse power

Literally just the CRV's drive train in a Civic. It's a popular swap

>Why do people like different things?

spooky car

spooky c ar andre

Doug basically said it was a good car, he just didn't think it was AS good as its competition was.

>what people were expecting
99% of that is because of what people were expecting though

glad my car does 4 flat.

Do you realize how expensive it is to develop a RWD platform? You're not getting it "within that price range," you're going to pay like $45k+ since you're gonna have an exclusive RWD for one specific type of Civic.

But please, continue.

>turn the engine 90 degrees
>thrown a driveshaft to the rear wheels
was that so hard?

I'm surprised Honda hasn't hired you as their head of engineering.

Do you can do the same at Audi and Volvo too? I'm sure they'd be thrilled that you're smarter than all of their engineers as well.

likewise, you seem very knowledgeable on rwd cars

I actually own a RWD car and don't just spout nonsense on a Vietnamese pottery board.

You can't honestly think that it doesn't cost hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a brand new, RWD platform...especially for a brand that has never had one outside of the original NSX supercar. Subsidizing those costs would be impossible for a company like Honda, especially since they decided to make Acura a "premium brand" like Volvo and Buick instead of a full bore luxury brand like Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW.

>You can't honestly think that it doesn't cost hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a brand new, RWD platform
it costs the same amount to make a fwd platform. or an awd platform. dumbfuck. now if you're talking about production costs, yes fwd is cheaper


>Got a degree in engineering
>Worked at a fork lift manufacturing plant for a few months and designed a cooling system
>Quit to become a YouTuber who does technical explanations about cars and more recently does car reviews

Doug DeMuro
>Degree in economics
>Worked for Ferrari as a service tech
>Worked as an allocations specialist for Porsche
>Promoted to management at Porsche
>Quit to become an automotive journalist, though he's really just a glorified car reviewer

>Quit to become an automotive journalist
mistakes were made

Sub 3 seconds is when you start getting into some real speed, but for the most part that's supercars, teslas, and motorcycles.

hi doug

who could be behind this post...

I'm a real journalist. I don't write/talk about shit like how it bugs me that a top trim line would have blank buttons.

>Technical explanations
>openly admits he just googles shit 10 or so times then paraphrases it into a video

Literally does not do real research at all. Even RCR has more credibility than this talentless hack.

>try to make the best FWD of all time
>mcpherson in the front instead of double wish bone but bother enough to go with multi link on the rear
>3 exhaust tips just to make it look cool
>shit just to make it look cool. Function over form
>removed sensors and shit that helps with driving "to make it feel more sporty"
>fucking pigfat as fuck
>the turbo is fine but the VTEC is set to low RPM to reduce carbon print instead of performance
>literally has to have a throttle blip when downshifting to help with retards that cant into proper heel-toe

This on top of what doug said, the car being marketed through its pricetag instead of performance, having blank button slots for no reason, having just a slightly better stock civic interior, etc.

Honda wants to show everyone how to make a good FWD car while everyone realized that AWD tech has advanced far enough to make FWD obsolete in all fucking forms.

Honda is the new boomer now. Refusing to make a good RWD car, and having the new NSX be a ghost of what it used to be just to compete with the GTR.

everything you know about cars is from Veeky Forums and youtube isnt it lmao

If they made it RWD it would be admitting that RWD is superior and would leave their entire fanbase in shambles, they are basically in FWD jail, caused only by their refusal to accept RWD in the past.

What about the LFA and GT-R?

Honda was, is, and will always be FWD-biased. Especially on a Civic Type-R.
The NSX is (mostly) RWD and s2000 as well. They're not complete snobs.

who cares what the jew shill demuro thinks

Yeah fourth gen Shuttle wagons had 4WD, not all of them were as high/had the bullbars of this trim but I thought this pic was neat/cute.

3rd gens as well.

Is that a bad thing? He can't know everything. He can't remember everything. But he can understand it enough to explain it to us layman.

I work in IT and it's the same thing. Can't remember fuck all but give me 5 seconds and I'll find the answer and know exactly what it is I have to do.

Because AWD will turn it into a pigfat hatchback?

dang what a qt

It goes something like this, power per dollar:
>Murican muscle
>Hot hatches
>Miata, BRZ, Corvette, Viper - yes you pay quite a bit for the Hp you get in a Miata. Power per dollar, it's on par with a Vette.
>Traditional sports cars - Porsche, etc.

Don't believe me? Do the math yourself.

>hundreds of millions

I had to giggle a little when I saw that bullbar on that civic.

EE - whiteboard jockey
DeMuro - Gawkerbot

EE is a normal guy with a degree in engineering that eventually managed to get his hands on a few baseline sports cars. His opinion is pretty much the one someone with a "normal" income, that thus can't afford event to rent a supercar, would have. The fact he has a degree in engineering means he can understand technical details on a far deeper level. This doesn't mean he is an authority in the car industry tho.

DeMuro is a rich fuck that can afford to travel around the States to make his show on stupidly expensive cars. He has no technical background, but has been inside a shitload of exotic cars.

This means that EE is obviously going to enjoy whatever is faster than a regular city car, and Doug DeMeme is obviously going to shit on whatever doesn't cost at least a hundred grands.

im a mechanic but ok.

Uneducated faggot

>point and laugh

The fact he doesn't know that shit beforehand doesn't mean he can't understand it. He can google and translate it into a video exactly because he understands what he researches and talks about.

doug is right

the back end is hideous and FWD is disappointing compared to its AWD competition

Demuro was an engineer for Porsche, and he knows a lot more than EE.

Doug reviews the cars, EE is obviously a fucking shill these days.

Just watch EE's reviews on Lexus cars. They scream he's reading off a fucking script.

No, you need a motorcycle. Power per dollar beats anything else all day every day.

Power to weight per dollar, not raw HP per dollar.

>Demuro was an engineer for Porsche
DeMuro has a degree in economics, not engineering. He worked in inventory allocation for Porsche.