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First for post crashes

what bike should i get if i want cute paintballing gf?

>tfw GoPro was dead when I rektd

Something like a dirtbike or dual sport most likely.

Sumo with stickers on it


You can only post in this thread if you have dual front brakes


(speaking of, I get that symmetry is nice and all, but boy it looks like it'd be a lot easier to work on rear suspensions if they were set up like this than with the usual monoshock design)

Who else gn masterrace?

You are not the boss of me now!
You are not the boss of me now!
And you are not so big (for you).

You should get a real gun maybe a stainless synthetic 10/22 , and an xr125. I have this combo, fucking bunny destroying machine.


Traditional monoshock is actually pretty easy, especially if you have naked.

Where's everybody ridin' this weekend? Thinking of cruising the Fraser Canyon Saturday morning.

>90% chances of thunderstorms
I think I'll just stay inside.

Would love to visit the local curves, especially when the roads around my model year 2017 girlfriend are both curvy and unused, but I'm waiting on a part from China.

Down the beach, get me a delicious possum dinner to eat over the fire.

Savage a shit.

Third world tier

Finally got a bike again after not having one for two years. Managed to pick up a new gsxr600 for a reasonable price. Back in the day I had an old cbr600rr that I rode damn near every day for a few years. Just happy as fuck to be on a bike again.

gud stuff, get a fender eliminator kit, swap exhaust with yoshimura or akraprovic and you're good to go. do a trackway at some point

Just got back from an early morning ride to beat the heat. Pretty day out here


yeah, I'd believe it.

real problem for me right now is lifting the rear up--I don't think I can just go under the engine block, since there's an exhaust there--and of course that would be a problem with exposed shock too.

And one more cuz I'm bored.

Love u all

Yeah I plan on doing all the same basic stuff I did to my old CBR.
And I'd love to do some track days, I there's one an hour away or so.


yes it is easier and cheaper which is why a lot of budget bikes use direct connections between swingarm and frame.

its also a lot worse because it severely restricts suspension travel compared to a link system.

guess who crashed lads
on holiday in corfu (greece) with gf (pic related)
obviously i ride, have a zxr400 back home. rented a 125 scooter and was cruising around, she wanted to have a go, so i let her drive for a bit, me sitting on the back.

fairly chill roads, lightly twisting through a lovely foresty area. was porbably going about 50kph and we came upon a really gentle left hand bend and she obviously panicked and just forgot to turn / lean. I reached over her left shoulder and pushed the handlebar a bit to try and get us round the corner a bit which i think did help to an extent, but we still went into the gutter bit at the side of the road and must've basically just lowsided on loose gravel / bits of tree etc. slid a fairly long way, both of us were just in tee shirts and shorts, silly i know. She had 6 stiches, in her eyebrow and knee, somehow managed to slide on her face. Apparently i had the reflex to put out my hands, so there's a patch on my left palm which was ground down to the fat and my left knee is pretty deeply ground down too but i'll live.

moral of the story here? 1) wear leathers and 2) maybe dont let unlicensed inexperienced people drive your bike.

Successfully extracted stripped oil filter bolt this morning
Glad I could finally replace it and change my oil proper

Ouch, sorry man. Tell qt to get well soon, and ATGATT.

>Letting women drive
The crash also somehow made her fat and ugly.

>yellow ER-6n
what is this sorcery

So dbt how did I do?

Nice baiku. Fender eliminator is definitely a must.

You might want to look into tinting the turn signal cover, it'll look even better.

Shitsux but both of you are retarded.

I have it

Best commuter highway (70mph) sport bike. Go.


Literally any bike can do that.

Less than zero fucks given.

>moral of the story here? 1) wear leathers and 2) maybe dont let unlicensed inexperienced people drive your bike.
You knew this before the crash yet didn't follow your own knowledge/instinct. Also, how is her face all busted up? Either no helmet at all or an open face helmet. If that's the case my care-o-meter has gone to -9000.

Was told a 300cc bike wouldn't last long doing it if it's at 7k rpm of 10.5k redline

Baiku and I are going on our first camping trip together tonight! So how do you guys handle transporting a fishing pole on baiku?

Best commuter: NC
Best sportbike: RSV4

they're as different bikes as they get

tone it down, 9fag

>Italian bike
>best anything

how did that happen?
i've ridden for 15 years and i have yet to drop a bike or crash. (knock on wood)
used to go on 200km journeys on dirt roads with some rivers in between. there is only one simple rule i followed. and that is to never lean when there is any sign of moisture or loose gravel. vid related is a road i used to rode through when i was a teenager.

seriously, they solve all problema

Given how japscrap has been thoroughly btfo for the last 3 gens by the s1k and now the v4 you shouldn't really imply jack shit

I know, I know. nobody wears any sort of protective gear there though, it was 32c and 90% of people didnt even wear helmets. She did have an open face helmet yeah, that was all they offered us at the rental place. Was doubly shit because it came off in the crash anyway. luckily neither of us hit our heads badly

Wet ground, trying to go fast and street tires.

Why people think carbs are hard to clean? The jets on my VFR were clogged with dirt, so I took out my jets, soaked them in isopropyl alcohol for an hour or so, and put them back in. I was thinking it would be a nightmare.Carbs essentially work like toilets.

The hardest part was getting to the actual carburetors themselves. Or dealing with stripped screws.


Carbs being terrible is just a meme, most of dbt have never even owned a bike with them

What tires?

How strange. I can see how balancing them would be a pain in the ass, but mine have been treating me just fine.

>I can see how balancing them would be a pain in the ass, but mine have been treating me just fine.
balancing is literally a 2 hour job. It is pretty damn easy.

>2 hour job

>2 hour job

That's why people don't like it.

You're right, I just don't have a carbtune and RC36.1 viffers, the carbs don't have the vacuum take offs built into them, unlike the RC36.2.

This is just stuff I remember from when I was dreading doing this kind of stuff. The facelift of my bike was easier to work on and sportier.

how is that not easy. You dont even have to dismount the carbs on most bikes. Try adjusting the valve clearances or change the cam chain. Now those are shitty jobs.


balancing tires is a 30min job
what are you doing 2 hours?

that isnt even a sentence.

>Try adjusting the valve clearances
Takes like an hour for all.

>break blinker on muh dr
>$50 to replace a piece of plastic with a lightbulb
alright, when are we going to round up all the shifty heebs and hook-nosed kikes and stop this profane usury?


I'm pretty sure I paid less for my BMW blinker.

My 250 does 120 @5-6k ish/10k in 5th

its funny because my new aluminum handlebars were only $45

really sous-vides my filet mignon

if that takes you an hour, then syncing carbs takes even less, maybe half an hour, mr superman.

hey im sure you already know this, but you are incredibly lucky to be alive, do not take it for granted

you can die from standing straight up if you hit your head on the ground. next time if they have shit helmets, dont fucking ride. if you dont have gear, dont fucking ride. if you are letting an unprepared novice rider take a bike for a spin with somebody riding bitch, DONT FUCKING RIDE

you are the reason people call them donorcycles. let some stupid bitch control the bike with a passenger, no gear, barely any helmet on that detaches in a low speed crash to a ditch. what if there was a chunk of asphault in the ditch and it smashed your skull open, grasshoppers and ants eating your brain as they scoop you into a bag

>The hardest part was getting to the actual carburetors themselves. Or dealing with stripped screws.
apart from that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play?

>got midsy'd
>foot hurts
Wear boots guys

This. Don't be a nog.

I don't think boots increase visibility.

Does wearing matching gear make you a fag?

literally the bike i had at driving school

a tryhard with to much money yes.

especially embarrassing if you are a beginner with 2 inch wide chicken strips

Literally me. I'd buy it if it wasn't $900

A Honda will.
Anything less will blow up prematurely.

>too much money
So you get mad that other people have more money than you?

nope, i just reserve the right to judge if it's spent frivolously to compensate.

>to compensate
Maybe I just like it

Does help if the bike decides to house your foot as a cushion tho

hey i have one of those! it's on my porch till i can get it fixed...

Any tips on rebuilding an engine for the first time?
I already got it out of the frame, and need to have it bored, figure Ill do a top end rebuild in the meantime.


Dude, it's a 100 dollar premium to put a billboard on your head.

You could just as easily buy a tricolor, lime, or whatever-shade-blue and everybody would recognize instantly.
Or a fucking sticker.

dude, motorcycle chaika has a tight little bod

not a gs500/10

I suppose there are actual official anime mascots for some chinese and japanese brands

can someone provide some pictures?

I don't think they've fallen that low yet.

why is it so popular in asia-land?

why are there a metric fuckton of youtube videos on this thing?

i thought it was just REALLY DURABLE

really? you think?
Even Microsoft and other companies that aren't even asian have anime mascots for the faggots

Motorcycles are for bad boyz though. Anime is for fags.

Yamaha-chan a best

ayy lmao

you like it because it helps you compensate

thats pretty cool

Yamaha doesnt have an anime mascot

they do have an (cgi) anime though

>more storage space in my bike than my shitbox glove compartment