Im starting a company manufacturing automotive enthusiast products and I would like some input from the community on...

Im starting a company manufacturing automotive enthusiast products and I would like some input from the community on product suggestions and recommendations. I appreciate any feedback.

My first product will be shifter beads

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make drag pipes that fit the 3rd gen v45 honda magna. Jardine stopped making them, and I can't find any others.

>manufacturing automotive enthusiast products
>shifter beads

Due to your small size, you are best at niche products. There is a niche market for upscale floor mats such as the ones in this thread:

I would pay $125 to $150 for a set of these red/black with fitment for my car. Basically, you would import materials from China and then add the fitment for the USA cars as your value-added process.

God damn that looks gay

It's also overblown to say "manufacturing" or "driving enthusiasts" when talking about a small string of beads that basically causes extra wear on top of the shifter. Even homeless people can string beads on a polyester cord and then superglue the knot.

Beads in the car also says "I'm a closet hippie" or "I'm a closet hard drug user". Beads have nothing to do with being a driving enthusiast. OP might as well have said "I'm making a car window blinds for driving enthusiasts".

You find better things than beads at Michael's or art supply stores anyways.

That sounds like a dumb af idea

Make something useful, like affordable ls1 conversion kits for miatas or something
It'll sell like hot ice cream, I guarantee it

I'm making shifter knobs too

ironic car badges would sell a lot better

something like "Twin Turnsignals" for a BMW or audi

or dumb stuff like "Onii-san"

>My first product will be shifter beads

Put them in your ass instead.

custom shift knobs are always popular

Automatic spring loaded boxing glove to punch cyclists
Pneumatic tyre studs that activate when going over speed bumps so that they eventually break down constantly to the point that they can't sustain repairing them and have to just remove them
An intelligent roof mounted spotlight that senses someone using full beams, incorrectly aligned or generally misusing their lights, it seeks the source and blinds the driver as much as they are blinding other road users.
A random brake light pattern maker, flip a switch when someone is tailgating you and the brake lights will randomly come on for random length s of time to disorient pricks.
A pellet gun that is like the roof mounted spot light, only it will search for foglights on cars when the conditions dictate they they should be off, it targets and takes out the offending lights automatically.
A car flipping attachement so when someone is blocking your entrance or exit from your driveway, it simply tips the incorrectly parked car out of the way and then anonymously calls the police of an abandoned car parked dangerously.

Bracket for a PC and 55 inch lcd screen to display your waifu on that replaces the passenger seat

Looks more like a cockring for your shifter.

These are some great ideas

What is the deal with people putting anal beads around their shifter?

That's because V65 is the only one worth owning.

sell weebshit-related accessories, people love that sort of thing

random pattern brake light is by far the best of those, a genius idea

I really want one of those

Lucky for you, that's the one idea that's actually possible.

A one-page marketing plan

>Who is your target market?
>What is your message to your target market?
>Which media will you use to reach your target market?
>How will you capture leads?
>How will you nurture leads?
>What is your sales conversion strategy?
>How will you deliver a world-class experience?
>How will you increase customer lifetime value?
>How will you orchestrate and stimulate referrals?

vaping, mikky d's workers spending their paycheck on shit like this while people in bentleys and AMG mercs could give less of a shit about aiden's red shifter

Do a character analysis

>What keeps them up at night?
>What are they afraid of?
>What are they angry about? At whom?
>What are their top daily frustrations?
>What trends are occurring and will occur in their business lives?
>What do they secretly, ardently admire most?
>Is their a built-in bias to the way they make decisions?
>Do they have their own jargon or language?
>What publications do they read?
>What websites do they visit?
>What is this person's day like?
>What's the main dominant emotion this market feels?
>What is the ONE THING they crave above all else?

How much less of a shit could they give? Are we talking a few drops of diarrhoea or a sphincter stretching log?

just go to an exhaust shop and have some fabbed you slut

Kek this is true

fuck you faggot I'll run my foglights whenever i damn well please, state says I can have 4 lamps, by rotor jesus I'm going to run all fucking four and I hope your retinas fucking fry.

>aiden's red shifter

Fuck off

>custom shift knobs are always popular
Until a lawsuit happens when it is named as a contributory cause to an accident.

>What is the deal with people putting anal beads around their shifter?
Shifters are going to change in the next few years and become less obtrusive. Perhaps OP shouldn't count on low profit margin beads anyways. I'd be happy if my automatic transmission shifter changed to a rotary dial in order to free up a lot of three-dimensional console space.

Besides those mats, OP should do high-profit-margin products that don't require a lot of expensive capital equipment. For example, custom headliners is another approach. The key is the proper industrial adhesive which normal people cannot get in stores or regular online sellers. That combined with stitching allows for robust headliners with striking designs to be made. Fabrics are sold at various fantasy fabric shops or by ordering at places such as AliExpress.

Would you consider making some good reproduction body parts for old Toyotas and stuff? I'd like to get a zenki Trueno lip for my AE86 but don't want to spend $700 to do so.

>I'd be happy if my automatic transmission shifter changed to a rotary dial in order to free up a lot of three-dimensional console space

Some newer cars just have a series of buttons instead of a shifter, pretty sure that's the way things are headed

I cant find a site that makes a knob that you can overlay pictures on the entirety of it

that fabric almost like rolls-royce starlight headliner...

you know the thumbnail kinda looks like a delicious tart with a ton of whipped cream, chocolate and some sort of fruit juice over it
the beads look like little chocolates
I'm hungry now

The choice of headliner fabric doesn't have to be always thin and smooth material with printed designs. It can also be thick textured fabric from regular fabric stores.

You're right and I hate it. I want a mechanical auto shifter. I have a Grand Cherokee Summit and holy fuck that shifter is so goddamn annoying. I'd like to feel the gears, as opposed to having to cup my hand over the shifter to see if the "P" is lit up and I didn't put it in reverse for the fifth fucking time trying to park.

>My first product will be shifter beads.
What about seat covers (no seat back) that cover just the horizontal part you sit on? Too many people eat in their cars, and this would help protect the seat because it is removable and washable.

Body kits for Fieros.

>shifter beads
Tell me more about those magic rocks.

>whats your name? Elon Musk
we will fuking provide all info you want !!!

>your name user?
fck off

Nobody is going to buy your used anal beads to put around their shifter OP.

Also I just had to verify 8 fucking times, did those faggots in /pol/ convince the mods to make that shit even more fascist and inbred retarded?

>My first product will be shifter beads
How did you check if there was a market for that? And how will you be selling your products?

Is OP even around?

Shift knob with built in vape

>Until a lawsuit happens when it is named as a contributory cause to an accident.

Just put a sticker on it that says "For off road use only" like every other manufacturer does so they can't blame you.

I was thinking about something similar a while ago but with pokemon figures in cast epoxy balls for shift knobs.

or just put anything in the shift knob epoxy cast that normies will want to buy. they're easy to add to your car, just twist off and twist on. and add something 'unique' so normies would go 'omg i want one of those'. but since pokemon go and all that, pokemon was one thing I thought would work. or just substitute for whatever else is a fad

like the pic but instead of a bug something more targets more broader people.
epoxy casting is just making the moulds then pouring it in, then if you wanted to add something just pour a little and leave that to set, then add whatever then pour ontop to the full ball. then cut off the excess of the top and drill/tap there and have a shiftknob


This is my idea -
make my own snow foam with ingredients from china
Add colouring, sparkles and vape juice mix
make an instagram of me vaping and spraying rented cars with my red cherry smell sparkle foam
sell at a massive markup to vapeists

If it's china, you have to worry about things like lead or mercury in colors. They will cut corners to make a profit. Vaping a leaded color is not good. Yeah, yeah, you're not the one vaping, so who cares as long as you make a profit.

already exists senpai

Motorcycles been using them a while to get people to notice when their braking.

Uhh you realize a vape would'nt work with sparkles or foam in its tank right? Theres a reason they only use two glycols as a base, + flavour + nicotine.

Those glycols become water vapor when heated, without plugging coils. Even a sweet flavour will fuck up coils pretty quick, goodluck with fucking sprinkles.

Anybody have the picture of this used for the carpet?

niggas i was talking about snow foam.
>make my own snow foam with ingredients from china
the point is to mix it with vape shit so it smells like the gay vape juice they like.


The way you wrote it made it seem you wanted to vape your product instead of making a snow foam that wasn't white but coloured and had the scent of vape.

I can see it now. user makes up a batch of his colored snow foam with vape juice fragrance. A customer sprays some on his car and the solvent stains his clear coat with some of that chinese color.

................................WHAT IS HAPPENING???

OP is hunting for items to sell to auto-enthusiasts. While people vape in cars, making any vape-related product that makes a mess is bad. Rather than novelty ideas, OP should concentrate on practical ideas.

Novelty products:
stickshift beads
stickshift knobs
vaping foam

Practical products:
Diamond crosshatch floor mats
Customized headliners
Seat top covers

dakimakura seat covers

>Make vapeshit targeted at the most obnoxious vapers that gives you cancer if you use it
I love it honestly

1. make spherical mold
2. fill halfway with clear resin
3. stick pokeyman toy inside when the resin is still liquid, be careful to avoid bubbles
4. let clear part set
5. put top half of sphere mold on, pour red-colored clear resin on
6. paint black lines and the front button on the outside to make it look like pokeball

ignore the people who wish they could get off their fatass and make something of themselves OP

am proud of u for doing something with your life.

gib me custom shit, new shit. gib me matte shift beads